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Registration on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange

The “Registration” button is located on the first page of the crypto exchange Binance. On the page that opens you will first need to specify your country of residence. This is an important point, because the registration process differs from country to country. We are considering the option for Russia.

Personal and corporate account registration

In the browser, on the page that opens, click on “Create a personal account”. On the next page in the form enter email, password, confirm agreement with the “Terms of Service” (if the user agrees, of course). The user can confirm that he wants to receive Binance newsletters or not, it does not affect the registration.

On the next page you need to send a six-digit code to the email specified, then confirm it. In the letter from the exchange, you should pay attention to security rules, in particular, you should ignore all attempts to contact people who introduce themselves as employees crypto exchanges. Each stage of confirmation involves passing a primitive captcha – a puzzle or a choice of two figures.

After confirming the email, on the next page you must enter the phone number, send the code to this number and confirm it. The code may not come at the first attempt, then you need to try again in 10 minutes. If the code still does not appear, the exchange will provide a certificate with a list of possible problems to be solved.

A forgotten password can be easily recovered via email or phone, but there will be no withdrawals from the platform for 24 hours. If the creation of an account is successfully completed, the exchange will offer to enter funds in fiat or cryptocurrency on the welcome page. The registration process on Binance is generally the same as on most other exchanges, among the differences, for example, the fact that Binance offers to link the account to Twitter.

Desktop and mobile app

A desktop application can be downloaded from Binance’s website. Its installation and launching takes about 5 minutes. The application opens immediately as a trading terminal. If the user is not registered, he is offered to go through this process and it is completely similar to creating an account in the browser version. But if there is already an account, the registration data are entered, then the login is confirmed by a code from email or phone “from a new device”.

The mobile app is downloaded by QR code. In the mobile app, you can create an account for both your phone number and email. The interface of the mobile version, in general, is the same as the browser version, the type of captcha is the same, codes and numbers are entered using a virtual keyboard. In the registration process there will be a stage “Verification of account”, but it is not a confirmation of documents, it is receiving and entering a code. If the code in the form of SMS does not pass, you can request it again in the same way or by voice message.

But after the initial registration, Binance will immediately require verification in the sense of confirming the identity of the new user. As for the corporate account, its registration begins with the “Create Organization Account” button. On the next page you enter your email address or phone number, on the welcome page you can immediately follow the appropriate link to the control panel and proceed with verification.

As soon as you register

Almost immediately, Binance offers to verify, set a two-factor verification and top up the account balance. In the cryptocurrency community there is still a discussion, is it possible to trade on the Binance site after registration before verification? The correct answer: it is impossible for new users to trade on the exchange without verification.

For those who registered on the platform before August 2021, trading is available, but with such restrictions that they still have to be verified. There are two types of verification: simple verification and “verification plus”, which differ in limits. After registration the user formally gets VIP 0 status and is charged with such commissions:

  • at spot trading: maker 0.0750%, taker 0.1000%; discount when using BNB 25% tokens discount;
  • at futures trading USDⓈ-M: maker 0.0200%; taker 0.0400%; discount on BNB 10%;
  • to trade COIN-M futures: 0.0100% maker; 0.0500% taker.

However, any form of trading for beginners is available only if you pass at least an intermediate account verification, and after passing it the limits and commissions will be changed. Before sending documents for verification, it is recommended that you increase the security level of your account by downloading and installing two-factor authentication. You can install a hardware security key such as Yubikey, but the platform itself recommends Binance/Google Authenticator.

The code installation process starts right in your account, you just need to follow the instructions by clicking “Next”. The peculiarity of Binance crypto-exchange is that it offers to install anti-phishing code, which is a set of characters that prevents you from entering a phishing site copying the exchange. To install it, you need to follow the instructions on the site. And it is better not to ignore this possibility, because Binance is a popular exchange and there is a non-zero chance of encountering a fake version.

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