Social Trading in Futures Contracts

Published: 26 December 2018 Updated: April 21, 2023

The active development and popularization of online trading among private investors has led to the emergence of new approaches to profit. Today we can operate in the derivatives market with the help of a wide a variety of strategies The most important thing is that you can make money on your own or with the help of partners, both well-known and innovative. This allows you to create the most convenient and comfortable mode of earning. We offer to understand the intricacies of such a concept as social trading on the futures market, where we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to trading, as well as outline the range of recommendations that can increase the profitability of private investors.

So, what social trading describes is very simple - it is the work of an investor involving the knowledge, experience and technical resources of other traders. Simply put, living in the society, we can use the common experience in a certain area. Why not use the experience of other investors? Social trading is perfect for beginners who have minimal knowledge in technical trading processes, financial laws and market laws. Every investor coming to the market is an inexperienced beginner and therefore often fails, social trading can remedy this situation.

Social Trading in Futures Contracts

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Analyzing social trading as a phenomenon of online trading, one can clearly see its active evolution. At the moment, trading in this mode has several main directions, which allow to create an optimal mode of work for the investor:

  • Work with a personal analyst - this partnership is actively offered online today. Any investor in the derivatives market can use the free services of a personal analyst on their trading platform - to do this, open a trading account (opened an account with PocketOption or in Stars Binary) with a high status. Or another option - work with a paid analyst. Work in this mode allows you not only to improve your trading indicators due to experience and professionalism of your partner, but also to get your own necessary skills in trading. To put it simply, working with the analyst you not only earn, but also you learn.
  • Online trading signals - is an actively developing area of social trading. Today there is a huge number of specialized services and single blogs on the web, which provide investors with both paid and free signals for executing contracts. Such trading mode saves the investor from having to make complex calculations to forecast the asset market.
  • Copying trading positions of successful investors (is at the broker Just2Trade) is a classic social trading technique. In this mode, you use as signals for trading opening transactions of another investor, who has a high level of efficiency of work in the market, thus, you get money at the expense of his analytical developments
  • Co-investment - in this case you place your investment funds at the disposal of a more professional trader, he manages them in the process of trading, and the profit is shared in certain proportions.

As you can see, social trading offers quite a wide range of income-generating techniques. But not everything is as simple and attractive as it seems. There are also a number of problems that can lead to very unfortunate results.

Social trading binary options

The main problem with social trading is the high level of fraud - this is often seen in co-investing. Many people have probably met stories of PAMM account managers stealing money! The second problem is the lack of public information about the trader's work: everything is built on trust - you simply cannot effectively assess the work of the trader, whose signals or positions you copy. And the third problem is purely technical - futures trading is very dynamic, so until you process information about a trade or a third-party signal to trade, you can simply miss the best moment to execute a position and, as a result, get a losing contract.

Therefore, when you start social trading, follow these recommendations, which will help you avoid the main problematic moments of this mode of operation in the market:

  • Use only verified services
  • Cooperate with online resources, where the processes of providing signals and information are automated as much as possible
  • Before buying signals, study the statistics of the trader's performance
  • Use only traders who openly provide information about their trading
  • Take information from different sources and analyze

Note that the recommendations are quite logical and simple. But at the same time their application in social trading allows to avoid problems and leads to maximum results even for traders without knowledge and experience in the processes of futures trading.

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