Options Strategy for 15 Minutes "Purse"

Published: 24 August 2017 Updated: February 15, 2022

We offer you a highly effective technical method of forming forecasts for trading bets with 15 minutes expiration time. The trading system "Purse" is a workable, universal strategy, the efficiency of which is 86%. Along with the high performance, the system is characterized by an extremely simple operating algorithm, and is able to assess the market of any financial asset in absolutely all modes of charting. Such versatility makes it possible for traders to work effectively on the binary market and get the highest growth rates of the operating account.


The Purse trading system - the optimal platform for trading

In order for the system to work in the most optimal and efficient mode, you will need a service for binary options tradingwhich will offer the following functionality and trading conditions:

  • Toolkit for building a trading system template
  • Access to high payout trading contracts
  • Options with an expiration time of 15 minutes
  • A diverse and large selection of assets
  • Minimum requirements for access to trading

Optimal in these respects trading terminal in this case is the platform Binarium. The broker's terminal has high-end equipment, is characterized by security for partners' investments and allows the following functionality:

  • Set of standard indicators market assessments
  • Contracts with maximum payout level 90%
  • Trading rates with redemption from 60 seconds
  • Large selection of various financial instruments - 130+ items
  • Starting terms of trading - account from 5 USD, option amount from 1 USD


Options strategy for 15 minutes "Purse" - technical pattern

To determine the trend trends of the market we will need a set of standard algorithms for assessing trading quotes. To create the necessary technical markup, apply the following tools to the chart of an asset with a high level of volatility:

  • Alligator Indicator, set the following 50/40/30 periods for the muwings, technical shifts leave the standard ones. This tool is necessary to determine the medium-term ranges and directions of market movement, the processing of indicators of the main technical trend of the trend.
  • EMA indicators with a range of settings of muwings 15 and 20. The set of these algorithms in the system is used as a tool for assessing narrow market ranges and direct generation of signals for contracts.
  • RSI indicator the period of the technical line is 10, on the scale set the median level of 50. The technical indicator in this case acts as a tool to filter signals of the system.

After installing the working layout on the trading chart, the following picture will be formed on it:
Options Strategy for 15 Minutes "Purse"


Rules of the trade

When the following combination of technical combinations is generated on the trading chart signals strategy Drawing up the contract upwards:

  • Technical lines of the EMA indicators crossed the Alligator multi-window bundle upwards
  • The RSI indicator line builds the trend above the median of the technical scale

Options strategy for 15 minutes "Purse" - technical pattern

When generating the following combination of technical signals on the trading chart Contracting DOWN:

  • Technical lines of the EMA indicators have crossed the Alligator multi-window bundle downwards
  • The RSI indicator line builds the trend below the median of the technical scale

Options strategy for 15 minutes "Purse" - trading rules


Expiration options

For the demonstration, we used the optimal M1 chart mode. At these settings, the optimal expiry period is the range of 15 minutes. However, the versatility of the system allows to estimate any period of the asset chart, so the expiry of contracts may vary in the range from 5 minutes To 30 minutes.


Money Management

The system has a maximum level of efficiency, but does not allow you to work in the mode of no financial losses. Therefore, we recommend using contracts of no more than 5% of the investor's trading funds to obtain stable results and capital security. If you use trading strategy on the initial amount of trading funds, use bets of 1 USD.

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