Trading System Binary Options 5 Minutes "Brook"

Published: 28 August 2017 Updated: April 8, 2022

In-depth system analysis of trade quotes underlying assets for binary trading with the help of special technical means allowed us to create a high-end forecasting system "Brook". This trading strategy allows to steadily obtain up to 88% trading contracts with a positive result, which puts this method of work on the options market in the category of effective systems. In addition to the best possible performance indicators, the system is simple and easy to understand technique forecast generationwhich will be understandable to any private investor. The system is universal and does not require any additional technical means to use, a standard indicator sets.


Setting up system tools

Before installing and configuring the indicators of the strategy, let's pay attention to the conditions that are necessary for the effective work of the system. In this case, we will need a terminal that will offer the following tools, functionality and financial conditions for operations:

  • Direct access to standard indicators
  • Options with increased profitability
  • Contracts with redemption in 5 minutes
  • Fast order processing mode
  • A good selection of assets
  • Minimum requirements for initial investment capital and cost of options
  • Technical mode of non-stop trading

As a basic version of the platform with the necessary services and tools we offer the terminal PocketOption broker. This options operator offers its partners the most technologically advanced and technically advanced platform, which has the following equipment:

  • Professional Indicator Set
  • Contracts with payments over 90%
  • Option rates with redemption in the range from 1 minute to a day
  • Processing orders in 1.7 ms
  • Over 80 different assets to trade
  • Financial requirements with these figures - the minimum investment account 50 USD, the amount of bets from 1 USD

So, let's start the formation of the trading strategy template "Brook". To do this, using the forecasting tools of the Pocket Option platform (register a demo account), set up such algorithms for evaluating quotes:

  • Triangular MA 75/85 indicators
  • Exponential MA 25/35 indicators
  • MACD indicator, in which use the standard setting period

After applying this set of tools to the chart, we get a markup system of this kind:

Trading System Binary Options 5 Minutes "Brook"


Rules of the trade

UP bets are used in trading in the formation of the following signals of the analysis tools of the strategy:

  • The EMA indicator moving average broke through the levels of the TMA indicator upwards
  • On the MACD filter the oscillator muwings move above the level of the median of the technical scale

Rules of trading by strategy

DOWN bets are used in trading in the formation of the following signals of the means of analysis strategy:

  • The EMA indicator's moving average broke through the TMA indicator's downward levels
  • On the MACD filter the oscillator muwings move below the median of the technical scale

Rules of the trade

As you can see, the system is characterized by well identifiable signals, and the settings of the analysis tools allow you to assess the market of absolutely all financial instruments of trading in any time perspective of the trading chart construction.


Expiration trade bets

To determine the maturity range of options, you need to refer to the 5-candle rule - this mode of calculating expirations allows you to set the optimal expiry period for an option on any timeframe of the chart. It's simple - set the expirations in such a way that at the time of expiry there are 5 candles of quotes on the chart. So, on the 1-minute frame of the chart the expiry time will be 5 minutes.


Money Management

The system is quite effective, so the level of risk here has minimal values. However it doesn't mean, that the trader can use bets with overestimated values. The optimum mode of risk management in this case will be the use of bets with a volume no higher than 5% of the available operating capital or contracts with the minimum value.

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