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Published: January 18, 2016 Updated: April 23, 2023

Free Trading Signals The recommendations for binary options can be found on any portal devoted to options trading. SMS, emails, special tables with signals - there are a lot of ways to send traders recommendations for making deals. But not always these trading signals for binary options are profitable, and now we will try to find out why.


How trading signals for binary options work

In reality binary options signals - are simple trading recommendations, which in one form or another come to the trader and "advise" to make a deal on a certain asset, in a certain direction, with a certain expiry date. In some cases, they work and bring profit. And in some cases they are losing. And they bring losses for the following reasons:

  • The difference in quotes. We all perceive the financial market as a single environment, where asset quotes are the same for all brokers and liquidity providers. In fact, this is far from being the case. The financial market consists of hundreds of currency and commodity exchanges. And one and the same asset, for example - the currency pair EURUSD, is quoted at currency exchanges in New York, London, Sydney, etc., where different number of market participants with different volumes of transactions trade. And that is why the quotes of the same asset at different financial markets may differ by several points. And here is the most important point. brokerage firmsThe company, from which binary options are traded, takes quotes from different liquidity providers, which are located in different parts of the world. Accordingly, the following picture is obtained - you trade on trading signals for binary options with a broker who receives a quote from Thomson Reuters from London, while the company, on the basis of which the free trading signals for binary options are generated, works with quotes from LMAX from New York. What's the result? The trading signals don't match reality, which is especially noticeable to traders who trade with minimum expiry times on turbo options. Hence, there are losses of traders who blindly use trading signals for binary options and a lot of accusations of brokers that their quotes differ from the quotes of other brokers. Although, in fact, it's nobody's fault.

  • Delayed delivery time of a trading signal for binary options. In 1 second on a volatile market, asset quotes can change by 1-10 pips. This means that the trading signal that you received in the mail, read and finally decided to apply in trading is far from being true. As a result - you conclude a trade, which in most cases brings losses.


Where can I find real binary options signals?

Of course, with the right application of trading signals, binary options will bring you profit. But it is necessary to consider the issue of finding and applying trading signals in a much broader way. Often broker companies offer a technical analysis, which colorfully explains the future direction of the movement of quotations. All that remains is to take it and apply it to trading.

As an example, let's take the broker's tehanalysis Binomowhich visually depicts the future price dynamics, and as practice shows - quite accurately (the forecast made by experts of the broker is confirmed in reality not less than 70% cases):

Also note the investment ideas on the broker's website BinomoThe main idea of the program is to use the "The Money" tool, which explains in detail which asset to choose for trading in order to get almost guaranteed profits:

This too can be compared to a trading signal for binary options, and notice - with a profitability of almost 100%. In other words - real signals for binary options can be completely different, and there are those whose profitability does not depend on liquidity providers and other factors. The main thing is to make the right choice!

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  • I’m not against the signals to trade as I myself am not very good at making predictions, to determine the likely movement, etc., the only problem is that you can not always trust those who supply signals, whether they are paid or free.

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