Boss is a Notorious Indicator for Binary Options

Published:27 May 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

We are pleased to present to the traders’ community the “BOSS” indicator, created especially for operations with binary options. We suggest that you forget everything you knew about such indicators, as well as notorious signal providers. This product already has everything you need to work with binary options. The only action you need to take is to open a position at just the right moment.


Boss” indicator data

1) Platform: “Metatrader 4“.
2) Currency pairs: “EURUSD”.
3) Timeframe: H1-H4.
4) Duration: 15 minutes.
5) Trading hours: around the clock.
6) Recommended brokers: “24option“and brokers allowing to trade on Metatrader 4 – “Grand Capital” и “InstaForex


Installing the “Boss” indicator

The procedure of installation of this indicator does not have any differences from other indicators intended for use with the terminal “Metatrader 4”. If your personal broker does not support operations in MT4, maybe you should think about replacing it?


The basis of the indicator

The events began with two PhDs in engineering, specialists in, oddly enough, military robotics. They came up with the idea of testing the capabilities of the efficient machine learning algorithms they had developed already in the field of binary options transactions.
Scientists approached the study of the new topic on a large scale. In this process, they have checked and analyzed all technical indicators known today in this area. All even theoretically possible parameters on each indicator have been considered for each 15-minute bar of the ten-year history of deals at “EURUSD”. Then we used the machine learning algorithms described above. Their task was to find in a huge array of source data various recurring patterns and relationships that could reliably predict the currency movements within a single bar. The result was positive – the developers were able to create a single mathematical equation yielding the value of the probability of bar closing in a particular direction. As a result, we have a unique probability indicator created specifically for use in binary options trading. It does not re-draw and works in real time. The indicator can be used practically on all currency pairs and timeframes. However, the developers recommend the Eurodollar and the frame equal to 15 minutes. In fact, this indicator acts as your own signal provider. The difference with the usual one is essential – the risks here are set by you personally.


Using the “Boss” indicator

At the opening of new candles, the indicator determines in what position relative to the opening price the candle will close and what is the probability of this event. When the signal “CALL” should immediately buy a CALL option with an expiration time of 15 minutes. The signal lasts only for one bar, being late with the opening is not recommended. The important thing in this case is the possibility to buy an option at your broker, so it is advisable to check whether it is available beforehand. If you use a different time frame, you must remember to set an appropriate expiry time for your situation.

When a trade is successful, it is marked by a special symbol, made in the form of a smiley. The table reflects a very useful feature – the index characterizing the success of your trading operations, it is very important for testing on the history.

The signal is received at the moment when the probability value specified in “AlertPercentage” is exceeded. The calculation of the minimum probability threshold is extremely simple.

To clarify the above. Since profit trades give you a fixed percentage on the option, mostly less than one hundred percent of the bet (in our particular example – 85 percent), and the percentage of losing trades – one hundred percent of the bet, therefore, the number of trades for a break-even trade cannot be 51 percent, it has to be larger. This number is calculated according to the formula shown in the previous figure.


Money Management

It is quite obvious that the higher the probability, the lower the risk of an unsuccessful transaction. For this purpose, the indicator has a specialized advanced money-management mode, enabled by the “AdvancedMode” parameter. Its essence lies in the presence of certain risks on the position for all values of the probability:

1. For 55%- 60% – 1% from deposit.
2. For 60%- 65% – 2% from deposit.
3. For 65% and above- 5% from deposit.

For correct calculations in the money management, when setting the input parameters, you should specify:

1. “ReturnITM” – % of payments on the option;
2. “Balance” – the size of your current deposit.

This mode allows you to evaluate the work of the indicator over large periods of history.

Of course, it is possible to ignore transactions with a probability of less than 65 percent. In this case the percentage of successful trades will be much higher. However, as you cut off more signals, the transactions will be carried out less frequently. And if you are not a supporter of active trading, it will be rational to set up a proper notification of new signals.

1. “SendAlerts”- enables notifications in the terminal;
2. “SendEmails” – enables sending notifications to email;
3. “SendPhoneNotifications” – if you install the mobile version of MT, you will be able to receive “PUSH” notifications directly to your phone. In this case it is possible to make transactions regardless of your location.



If you have the “BOSS” indicator at your disposal, there is no need to search for an entry point, as well as to independently predict the movement of currencies. All you have to do is to determine the desired frequency of signals according to your risk level and open positions in time. An advanced notification system will help you not to miss an important signal. Besides, the indicator demonstrates some truly unique features. “BOSS is the first binary options indicator with a built-in money management function. Therefore, you get exact position sizes to open at the same time as the signal comes in. Some will want to call such trading “trading for lazybones”, but it is an accurate and correct tool for binary options actions.

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  • how to remove the BOSS indicator – it cannot be removed using conventional methods

    Reply to a review
    • Zverz 24 April 2020 at 02:37

      Moron? Remove a really useful turkey.

  • Boss worked in the plus. 8 hours, 22 + and 11-. However, I had to beat the signals out of it to give him more. he does not like it when you go to another site or watch e-mail. true, all on the demo (greed presses) in real life only 2 but in +. I will be realistic in the morning, he gives more signals before 10 Moscow time.

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    • Griša Petrenko 1 September 2016 at 08:05

      How are you doing? What version of the indicator do you use?

  • Really tried to change the settings to 100 dollars does not want to go back why?

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  • Tested in the morning for an hour 8+ and 2- so far impressive. 15 pairs for 15 minutes and 1 hour.Let’s see what happens during the day.

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  • And how long does it take to learn to quickly determine the desired signal frequency? How to determine it as accurately as possible with a minimum amount of time?

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  • If you trade without indicators at all, then trading will turn into a lottery or an ordinary game of chance. Here, in order to make money properly, you need a little different action and rules. It’s good when intuition works, but often it is not an option to rely on it either.

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  • It’s cool that now there are so many different indicators that make trading even more interesting and effective. I didn’t use any indicators before.

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