Tradologic and Binomo - overview of trading terminals

Published: 22 August 2016 Updated: 12 May 2023

Progress and the high dynamics of the binary market has led to the emergence of various kinds of trading platformsSome of them emphasize a variety of assets, while others are better equipped technically. Some of them emphasize a variety of assets, others are technically better equipped. But few trading terminals offer the optimal ratio of technical and functional equipment of platforms for professional trading, which puts traders before the difficult choice. Against this background we want to make a comparative Tradologic terminal overview - market pioneer binary options and the broker's trading platform Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate) - the most progressive terminal on the binary market. Here we will define the main pros and cons of the platform and establish the most professional platform.


The Tradologic platform

The Tradologic trading terminal was at the origins of binary trading and was offered about 5 years ago by almost half of the brokers on our market. The platform has always been distinguished by its simple design and clear interface, and attracted many newcomers. Everything here is simple - a few trading buttons and a chart of the underlying asset. But in the realities of the modern binary market this terminal lags far behind in functionality and analysis tools, so the effectiveness of traders using this terminal leaves much to be desired.

The Tradologic platform

The main advantages of the Tradologic trading platform are:

  • Large selection of different types of contracts - 8 titles
  • An incredibly large selection of assets for binary trading - more than 500 items
  • High liquidity of option transactions
  • Information support for trade

Quite a small list of technical equipment does not allow effective analysis of the market, which leads to a decrease in profitability binary trading. Against this background, such a terminal today cannot be called a professional tool. Let's move on to a more advanced product.


Binomo broker trading platform

The appearance of this terminal more than a year ago literally shook up the binary market. The platform became a real pioneer in the Russian market. This development is considered the first specialized platform for the binary market, created directly by the broker. When creating the terminal, Binomo broker took into account many of the requirements and wishes of its customers. As a result, Binomo traders have received an excellent product and claim an increase in the profitability of binary trading.

Binomo broker trading platform

The main advantages of the trading platform broker Binomo are:

  • Large chart format of the underlying asset, which is quite convenient for analysis and trading
  • Functions of scaling the chart, viewing the history, changing the display of quotes allows you to expand the capabilities of the participant of the market
  • Function of changing the backlight of the trading chart
  • Indicator set and graphical tools service provides an opportunity to use the most effective trading systems in trading
  • Optimal selection of assets - more than 80 items of different types
  • High order processing speed of 1.7 ms
  • The most profitable and popular types of options - simple binary, turbo
  • The most optimal range for trading Expiration 60 seconds - 24 hours
  • Options with initial value from 1 USD
  • Statistical indicator
  • Optimal for error analysis trade history format
  • Simple interface in terms of usability

A set of trading and technical tools of the Binomo broker platform(see the platform) is really impressive. All necessary tools and analysis tools for highly profitable binary trading are collected here in a very simple and clear design. This trading terminal with its functionality can increase the effectiveness of binary trading on average by 30%, and this index is not calculated theoretically, but obtained by the company's clients in practice, as evidenced by their reviews of the terminal. Thus, choosing the trading platform of the broker Binomo, you get the most professional tool.

As a summary of the review there is a simple conclusion - progressive tools with innovative approaches to trading are inexorably replacing the old trading platforms, which allows the market and the individual trader constantly evolving towards professionalism and high performance trading.

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