Charts of Trading Quotes in Binary Trading

Published:8 May 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

In investment activity on the binary market, there are no secondary indicators for investors in terms of getting high results – here, a seemingly insignificant service or market situation can have a very critical impact on the final statistics of the trader’s trade. Today we’ll talk about such technical aspect options trading as a display format asset schedule. The forms and formats of price charts open up a variety of possibilities for the trader, both in the matter of forecasting and in increasing the effectiveness of trading statistics.

So, to analyze the effectiveness of different forms of charting, let’s take the trading terminal as a basis Binomo brokerThe main list of technical modes of displaying the price of an asset includes the following list of approaches:: “The price of the asset”, “The price of the asset”, “The price of the asset”. The main list of technical modes of the asset price display includes the following list of approaches:

Charts of Trading Quotes in Binary Trading

Each of the charting modes allows working with the maximum level of efficiency on the binary market. Besides there is a certain list of trading systems based exactly on regularities of this or that type of trading quotations. Let’s understand it in details.


Graph of trade quotes in the “Mountain” format

In this case we get the construction mode of the price in the form of a dynamic line, which reacts most correctly to changes in the value of the financial instrument. The main advantage of this mode of displaying the price is excellent conditions for the identification of local market extremums, which are used in the construction of trend levels, as well as a clear mode of determining the wave patterns of the financial instrument market. Thus, the main technical method of working on a clean chart is – trading at trend levels and wave patterns of fluctuations in the value of the asset. For example, by drawing a line on the chart connecting the price tops, we get trend resistance from which the price performs legitimate reversals, which is a highly accurate trading signal in binary trading:

Graph of trade quotes in the "Mountain" format

Applying the quotes chart in this format and a simple technical strategy, any binary options investor can easily get up to 90% productive trading contracts, which will allow you to quickly and dynamically make a profit in stable mode.


Trade quotes in “Candlesticks” and “Bars” format

We have deliberately included these charting formats in one section of our material, because in fact they differ only directly in the technical mode of construction, without any critical differences in market valuation data. So, the Japanese Candlesticks and Bar charts take into account the following parameters: the initial value of the asset in a certain period, the final value, the range of the asset’s value change for the period being estimated. Thus, the chart of the asset itself provides a lot of technical information for the investor, which allows you to determine the reversal of market trends. The basic techniques of trading on bars and Japanese candlesticks are patterns of trading quotations – patterns that have a cyclical nature and act as trading signals for traders. For example, the classic technique of determining trend reversals based on the pattern of Japanese candlesticks “Absorption”:

Trade quotes in "Candlesticks" and "Bars" format

The formation of a situation on the chart of a trading asset when a candle overlaps the previous one with its body against the main trend movement of the market is a signal of price reversal for correction or construction of a new trend. The effectiveness level of such a signal is more than 87%, which allows you to steadily make a profit on the options market.


Chart of trade quotations in “Line” format

This mode of constructing trading charts appeared in binary trading relatively recently. It became a kind of derivative between a simple line chart with a dynamic muving and an indicator moving averagewhere the main indicator is the average value of the asset in a certain market range. As a result, when displaying the price on this chart format, we can see a large amount of technical information – the level of price deviation from its average indicators (determined by the dynamic line) and directly the average values of asset values:

Chart of trade quotations in "Line" format

In this way we got a graph, which is a separate trading strategy with highly cyclic, accurate signals. The most effective and simple technical signal for placing a bet on this chart format is the crossing in a certain direction by the dynamic muving of the chart of the line of average indicators of the value of the asset:

Average asset value lines

So you can easily get more than 85% productive contracts in binary trading, and the technical prediction process itself will have the simplest mode.

As you can see, the use of different modes and formats of constructing quotes can give additional opportunities for investors to stable income.

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