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Published: 11 May 2016 Updated: 12 May 2023

The increased speed of development of the binary market has created a situation where new broker companies are "born" in the network almost every day. That's why traders have long been facing the problem of choosing a suitable partner for trading. binary options trading. Despite the huge information field, full of brokers' offers and advertising slogans, the main factor in the process of choosing a brokerage company The customer feedbacks of these companies remain. Customer reviews describe all the basic terminal functionality and company performance in a more unbiased way, that's why they are the most informative method for finding the truthful information about a binary options trading company. Based on the reviews on the net about Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate) to make a realistic picture of the company's activity and the main properties of its terminal. As a base we decided to consider reviews of exchange players, which are placed on popular thematic resources, dedicated to trading binary options.

The bulk Binomo broker reviews is devoted to the technical perfection of the terminal and how stably it works. Positive reviews clearly prevail, making up the bulk of their total number. Those exchange players who work on the exchange with the broker Binomo, say that the new terminal of the company is characterized by a fairly wide range of technical tools for analysis, comfortable conditions for trading, it is also possible to scroll through the quotes in time and change the format of their display. All the main options that are associated with binary options trading and analytics - here work smoothly. Of course, among the reviews about the broker, we found negative reviews in which mainly users mentioned the freezing of the trading platform, but users of the terminal themselves noted that this fact may not be associated with the company Binomo itself, and in the case of such hitches, all quickly resolved when the trader contacted the support service.

Next, let's discuss the second block of reviews about the broker - here we discuss the benefits of the company's training courses. In this subsection, we observe only satisfied traders, who all, as one, speak positively about the level of the training block of the trading platform. The company provides high quality tutorials and the grateful traders never tire of praising the accessibility and quality of the materials in their reviews. In fact, the knowledge acquired in the beginning of the career is the factor that influences the level of a trader's earnings. By the way, the high level of training shows that the brokerage company is reliable and has a strong position at the exchange.

And the main characteristic received by a broker through reviews is devoted to its trading conditions. And in this respect, opinions differ to some extent. If you visit the site Binomo, you will see that Binomo offers the lowest bar of trading conditions, suggesting the possibility of trading on the most loyal conditions among the competitors. After all minimum deposit on the Binomo trading platform is set at only $10, and the starting price of a binary transaction is $1. Some traders believe that such sizes of trading units will not give them the opportunity to quickly increase the volume of the trading account, and trading itself will be associated with a high level of market risk. There is no doubt - the risks are in fact somewhat overestimated on condition of trading with a small deposit, but other exchange company players claim that with correct capital management and effective trading techniques, the results can't help but rejoice! As many people - as many opinions, there's nothing to be done! However, after looking at the trading conditions, you can safely say that Bimono is not aimed at capturing your capital, and only opens to all traders without exception an opportunity to trade on the binary options exchange and creates an environment which allows you to reduce trading risks to a minimum.

After discussing the broker's terms and other parameters of the partnership agreement, Binomo traders also talk a lot about the withdrawal of funds from the deposit account. It should be noted separately that all the reviews testify to Binomo's high responsibility to its clients. Withdrawals are made in 3-4 hours, and we have not come across any other negative feedback. Among other things, the company's clients note the absence of additional requirements for the withdrawal of funds, the absence of commission fees and a large number of popular payment means of input and output.

Our analysis has highlighted only the main directions of this broker's activity, which concern traders most of all, and those that exchange players discuss on forums most of all. However, even such a narrow range of reviews about the company can show a general trend in opinions - the broker Binomo - is a reliable partner with all the necessary for profitable trading services and technical equipment. Many exchange players in their reviews advise newcomers to the company Binomo, which in our opinion - is an indisputable advantage in the characteristics of the broker.

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