Binary options without cheating - reality or myth?

Published: 12 July 2017 Updated: April 23, 2023

The Internet is overflowing with material on the subject of cheating in binary trading and scammers (list of scammers at InvestMagnates®) who use this tool as an illegal means. But most of these articles do not tie them to specific companies or situations, but consider binary options as a general industry. In our opinion - this is completely wrong! Let's find out together whether binary options without cheating really exist?

Trading is a hoax - who promotes this opinion?

Analyzing the reviews of network users, we can say at once that there are several categories of citizens who put forward two main theories about the illegality of options. The first one, binary trading is a scam - for the adherents of freebies, who want to get the maximum profit, very quickly, and without making any effort.

If we consider the first category of potential investors, then, yes, when working in the market in the casino and trading at random, it is impossible to achieve any results. Even taking into account the principle of operation of a binary contract, in which the format of gambling bets is really laid, this direction of financial activity cannot be attributed to gambling in any way. The reason for this is quite simple, gambling strategies do not work here, and, on the contrary, scientific and instrumental approaches to market analysis are very effective.

If you work in the market using only intuition, and forecasting on a hunch, Binary Options Broker will not be blamed for the loss of funds - you will do very well on your own! And this is despite the fact that all the prerequisites for professional and effective market forecasting are created for you.

The second category of opponents of trading are all kinds of homegrown "specialists". Usually these are users who have minimal knowledge of trading, often based on unsuccessful experience on the Forexor "investors" who have never worked on the binary market themselves.

Opponents of binary options and their misconceptions

In this regard, there are three hardened misconceptions that option haters use as evidence of their correctness. Let us analyze them.

1. The profits on the contracts are always less than the investment. Yes, indeed, the payout on the option is always 25-30% lower than the rate, and this is reality. But such a condition does not mean that the trader necessarily will sell out the account. Just a question - do you know a super business, where for every dollar invested there was 100% of profit?

Such indicators of options profitability are quite enough for earning, here the key point will be not the profitability of trading position, but the total statistics of profitable contracts. By correctly forecasting the market and getting 60% trading positions with positive expiration, you will achieve a steady growth of funds.

2. In the trading of BOO, inaccurate quotes are used. That's where there's really a lot to argue about - only non-specialists can base their conclusions on the minimal differences in the asset value indicators, which are actually observed on different brokerage platforms. Quotes cannot be the same, because companies get their liquidity from different sources and there are errors everywhere! So this misconception is not supported by anything in reality.

3. Problematic withdrawal of funds. Undoubtedly, it is possible to find companies online that do not pay profits to clients without any problems. But it's more a question of choosing a partner rather than a general desire of operators to cheat. If you choose professional platforms with a business license, you will ensure safe trading conditions and will always be able to receive your advances very quickly, using any convenient for you payment service. For example, Binomo company conducts the calculation for a maximum of 3 working days, and a minimum of 4 hours (all depends on the status of the account). There are no delays or additional conditions.

Of course it is worth saying that the opponents of binary options, are right in one point - the trader's loss is the broker's profit. But it absolutely does not mean that companies try to cheat - it is unprofitable! For a broker the best advertisement is professional traders, who steadily earn, so the payments to clients become an engine for a successful platform. There is no point in stealing $1,000 from a beginner if he will inexperiencedly sell his account anyway. It is better to teach the trade, receive funds from the turnover and popularize binary trading!

Binary options without cheating - reality!

Fraud and deception are present in all spheres of human activity, so you should not say on the basis of a primitive analysis that BOO is a fraudulent instrument! To avoid being cheated in trading, first of all change your own attitude to this process - learn professional trading, analysis of your mistakes, proper money management and, of course, choose professional and safe platforms. In such a mode you will understand the real potential and possibilities of binary options to earn money.

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