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Published: 29 November 2017 Updated: 22 April 2023

Today, the ICO is experiencing a real boom; a large number of Internet projects are choosing this trendy way of investing for the successful development of their businesses. Previously, in order to get investments, you had to look for investors for a long time, constantly prove something to venture capital funds, encounter rejections and look for money over and over again. ICO projects have become a real solution in this situation, making it possible to collect investments quickly and communicate directly with the client.

Now, in order to get the necessary investment, a company only needs to issue its tokens (or in another way, Cryptocurrencies) and offer them to an interested audience, investors. Such tokens are "digital shares" that, when purchased, entitle the user to a share of the organization's profits in the form of dividends. The user can also sell the tokens on crypto exchangeThe company's business is successful, of course, if it is successful.


What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial coin offering) - attracting investment in the form of selling a fixed number of new cryptocurrencies (Wikipedia).

The format of investing in projects through ICOs is becoming more popular: because it is convenient and modern, it is an easy way to become an investor and receive a high income from fast-developing projects. And finally, it is an opportunity to organize fundraising for business development much easier from a technical point of view, in terms of compliance with the legal framework, etc. (than it would be with an IPO, Wikipedia).


ICO and Binary.com

ICO in trading is a new phenomenon. Being one of the first experiences of such "campaigns" among brokers, ICO Project Binary.com will allow investors to get a share of the profitable trading business, to become a shareholder of the world's leading binary options trading platform. Having received the auction funds, the broker will develop its business, develop new products.

Any Internet user who has a real account with a broker (open a Binary.com account), has the opportunity to participate in the auction and become the full owner of the tokens. By becoming the owner of Binary.com tokens, the investor will receive exclusive rights to use them: he will be able to sell them on the cryptocurrency exchange at a bargain value, will be able to receive a constant annual income in the form of dividends, having converted the tokens into shares. This is a unique phenomenon that offers a double benefit to absolutely any Internet user willing to invest in the business. We will tell you about it in more detail.

Benefit #1. Become a shareholder of a market-leading broker.

Binary.com (broker review) today is one of the leading brokers, it is a recognized pioneer in the field of binary options tradingas well as at the forex. The dynamics of the company and the growth of its profits is evidenced by the fact that last year all the shareholders of the broker received payments of more than 12 million dollars.

The main goal of the broker's work is to provide access to binary trading to traders located anywhere in the world. For this purpose the company is constantly engaged in development of successful online projects, modern solutions and methods, researches and introduces new possibilities. Thanks to this, users have access to one of the best trading platforms in the world, which has received many prestigious awards and is appreciated by the company's clients.

Binary.com is licensed and regulated by the financial authorities of the British Isles, Japan, Malta and Vanuatu, so users around the world trust the company and are confident in the reliability and safety of working with it. One of the evidences that the broker is constantly developing and offers traders modern solutions. ICO auction for the purchase of tokens, in which any Internet user can participate until December 25. All complete information about the company and the ico project, necessary for investors, is contained in a special Memorandum.

The ICO project from the broker Binary.com is a profitable investment in an advanced trading company with a worldwide reputation. As the executive director of the company notes, this format will reduce costs and expand the geography and number of potential investors. Thanks to blockchain technologies broker will be able to control transactions, and due to the attention and interest from the cryptocurrency community hopes to expand its target audience.

The use of ICO technology in the company is a landmark event in itself, because it is one of the first such companies to use the experience of cryptocurrency developers to attract investment in projects. At the same time, monetary investments in such ico projects today are high-risk, but the probability of increasing the token price and the possibility of obtaining high income is also high.

Benefit #2. Get income from selling broker tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange.

As you already know, cryptocurrency trading today is the most profitable type of trading. The whole world seems to be watching the rise in the value of digital currencies today, and we are all unwitting witnesses to new "records" of cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Advantages of participating in the ICO program from Binary.com:

  • Anyone can participate in the program, regardless of experience and knowledge,
  • Program participants (hereinafter, investors) become part of one of the largest companies in the field of trading, they are investors of the largest broker with a worldwide reputation (in 2016, shareholders of the organization received payments totaling about 12 million dollars),
  • Investors can buy any number of tokens (there are 10 million digital tokens for sale),
  • The form of the auction will allow participants to determine the value of the token,
  • Investors become full owners of tokens (no need to specifically buy cryptocurrency to participate in the program),
  • After becoming token holders, investors can sell their tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange after the rise in their value and get a decent income on the difference of buy/sell prices (how to make money on cryptocurrency? read here),
  • As the full owner of the tokens, investors can receive annual dividend payments equivalent to the company's dividends, which are paid to stockholders of the broker.


How to participate in the auction?

Anyone who wants to participate in the auction can bid from November 15 to December 25, 2017. To do so, use broker sitewhere a simple but clear scheme of the auction process is indicated:

Step-by-step instructions for participating in the auction:

To get started, you will need a real account with a broker. Remember that you must be fully verified with your broker. If you do not have an account with the company, you can open one at the broker's websiteIt will not take more than 3 minutes. Next, you need to log in to your account:

Select the tab from the "Subscribe to ICO" drop-down menu on the top right menu:

You will automatically be taken to the auction page and will be able to participate by purchasing the required number of tokens. The company offers up to 10 million tokens:

Take part in a token value bid auction. To do this, you need to specify the number of tokens you would like to buy, the bid. Now it remains to press the "Place Bid" button:

Make, if necessary, several such bets:

If you scroll down the page, you can see the status of the bids placed after the auction ends. This will take place on December 25:

Here you can easily and quickly buy ico tokens of successful bets. To do this, you need to confirm the purchase of tokens by clicking the "Claim Tokens" button. Next, you need to select ERC20 token, enter the number of your wallet, which should support such tokens. Now it remains to press the "Issue Tokens Onto The Blockchain" button:

Auction details:

  • The minimum bid price to buy a token is 1.35 USD/or an equivalent amount from the currencies offered in the system, as well as in cryptocurrency;
  • The higher your bid, the higher your chance of a successful outcome of the auction will be;
  • Regardless of the size of your bid, at the conclusion of the auction on December 25, all investors whose bids won will be paid the same price, equal to the price of the minimum winning bid;
  • The broker allows you to pay only 5% of the bidding price until 12/25/17, the rest of the amount can be paid after the auction ends, and all participants will be notified about it;
  • the system no longer operates a commission for the cancellation of bets in the amount of 2%, (ie investor can at any time to cancel bets for free);
  • all tokens will be placed on the cryptocurrency exchange Lykke.com (it is a Swiss financial-technology company that is the creator of a global trading platform for tokens that are linked to securities);
  • The results of the auction will be published on the official broker site.


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