Complaint about Alfa-Broker Fraud

Published:25 August 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Vera from the post: [email protected]

Alpha broker On the website of sberbank online in the section “Other” I placed a line of affiliate programs, so I was convinced of their reliability. For 1.5 months they worked, it was fine. After the withdrawal of money without my participation, the position EUR|USD 60 sec. and destroyed my account. They do not contact me and blocked the phones for me. Scammers.

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  • Scammers, the most real first stung to invest funds and borrow in a day with interest pay back when I did not fall for it and asked will be with a small amount to work they said that it is not interesting to them, I asked to withdraw my money and in the evening going to the site saw the account zeroed out and the legal department does not respond to any letter.

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  • The review is actually writing for the first time. I appeal to people who read reviews, you really do not realize that almost all reviews here are purchased except for this of course)))). This is a struggle with competition in the Internet among companies. I work with them already not the first year excellent company, I worked with Artem Zhdanov, an excellent specialist. Helped me get out of debt.

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    • Elena 13 February 2018 at 11:22

      Michael, maybe you are the real scammer? Among the negative reviews, suddenly there is one positive one, and even with such mistakes! Maybe you, together with Artyom Zhdanov, are driving others into debt?

  • Alfa-broker – fraudsters of the highest category, without shame and conscience, they do not hesitate to do anything. There is money in my personal cabinet on my account, but it is impossible to withdraw it. The so-called brokers do not get in touch, they do not answer calls, and Alexander Volkov has blocked his contact.

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    • Tatyyana Inozemceva 23 December 2017 at 15:42

      Hello Natalia. Do you know a normal broker? If you can find me in contact, let’s talk.

  • they cheated me.all my account was drained.scammers, the most real!!!! don’t believe them!!!!

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  • Good afternoon! Two weeks ago I got a call offering me additional earnings, I registered on the site AlfaBroker.Trade, passed verification, tried to withdraw money twice already, I am refused for unknown reasons, my manager persistently offers to withdraw them through the option Ladder, saying that it is through it that the withdrawal takes place, which in fact is complete nonsense, and can not explain to me why my withdrawals are rejected!!!!!.

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    • Yuliya Gavryušina 23 September 2017 at 13:55

      girl, it’s a scam!!!! they will not withdraw your money.I was there and they cleaned me out whole account was drained.

  • What kind of company is I just got scammed out of my money?!

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  • Something went to your sber and did not find there such a line with advertising of this broker, please make a screen.

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    • Vladimir 20 May 2018 at 14:57

      This company is a scam.

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