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An online education platform in the Data Science segment, you can get training in data analysis, analytics and programming programs.
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Russia, Moscow, 30 Tsvetnoy Bulvar, bld. 1, art. 3, room. 1, room 14, office. 231
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Skilfactorie LLC
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Live Chat
Callback from the website
Help Center
Feedback form on the site
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Social media
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Data Science / From 7575 RUB per monthPrices including discounts
Data analysis / From 7150 RUB per month
Programming / From 2933 RUB per month
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC/MIR), Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal, wire transfer for legal entities
Buying on credit
Banks that provide credit
Installment is available for 3 to 24 months through Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank
Categories of training programs
IT and digital courses, creativity and art
Data Science, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Testing, Game Developer, Web Design, Interior Design, Product manager, Project manager, Financial manager, Big Data, Digitalization and Business Automation
Programming languages
Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Java, Unity, Kotlin, Swift, Go, C#, C++, Learning C from scratch
Project Features
Online School of Programming and Product Management, the largest provider of online education in the Data Science segment
Number of courses
30+The number of courses may vary, as many work after enrollment and become unavailable
Course Types
Medium term, Long term
Additional education
Webinars, Masterclasses, Lifehacks, Intensives, Online Training, Competitions and Hackathons
Additional services
Corporate trainingOnline and in-person training formats
Internet CollegeFree courses with career guidance, training based on VKontakte
Career Guides
Employment Assistance
Personal Mentors
Useful Materials
Starting the training
By calendar, By set
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From 18 years
The service also collaborates with other projects: Contented, Product Live, Marketing University and
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License for educational activities № 041164 from December 15, 2020
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No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
RegistrationFrom 16% from each course sale
Large selection of authoring courses and online college
There are free materials and events, an informative blog
Getting a profession from scratch with strong teachers
Convenient training schedule and continuous support during training, the possibility of training in installments
Developing a professional community and learning from real projects
Individual approach and professional skills development
Best industry expertise and use of modern educational approaches
Effective and easy teaching of complex specialties, the use of modern approaches in education
80% classes allocated to practice
Assistance in employment and internships in large companies
Discounts, promotions and affiliate program
Workshops and career meetings
Complaints about the slow operation of technical support
There are negative reviews about blocking accounts and problems with refunds
Regulatory agencies and laws
Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 2 in Moscow
Department of Education and Science of Moscow
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    SkillFactory is it a scam? Reviews and description

    19 March 2020

    Online School SkillFactory - It is more than 30 courses in modern IT professions, more than 50 teachers and experts, only real and necessary knowledge in the chosen direction. Online School was founded in 2016. In the four years of its existence, SkillFactory has trained more than 9,000 students in a new profession.

    The school cooperates with industrial companies: NVIDIA, Rambler, Rostelecom etc. These companies train their employees in SkillFactory and actively search for new employees among the school graduates. Successful students are helped by SkillFactory to find employment in the largest companies of the Russian Federation. So is SkillFactory a scam or is it effective training? Let's find out in this review

    40% discount on all SkillFactory courses.


    Why SkillFactory

    SkillFactory School is the leader in online training for IT professions. The company offers training in the following areas: Data Science, management, data analysis, programming, and additionally web design. All the courses are developed by the platform experts and professors, the partner companies also take part in the development of the programs. All teachers are practitioners who give students the most useful knowledge and practice. The school has more than 30 courses and specializations, which will allow you to master your profession from scratch to the level of a pro.

    Is SkillFactory a scam? Reviews

    Successful students of the school already work at Rostelecom, Beeline, Rambler, Yandex, etc. The benefits of studying at the Skill Factor School:

    • A modern approach to education.
    • Learning from real projects.
    • Formation of professional skills.
    • Continuous support during training.
    • The development of a professional community.
    • The possibility of training in installments, etc.

    Data Science is accessible and necessary not only for programmers and engineers, but also for everyone who wants a solution to any business problem. At SkillFactory school, learning complex specialties is fascinating and accessible to everyone. Each course is designed from simple to complex, allowing you to understand the information and immediately apply it in practice.

    SkillFactory is a game developer on Unity

    How to learn online at

    To start studying on the website, you need to choose a course and get acquainted with its program. Then you need to send a request to book the course. The school manager will contact you and answer all your questions, as well as send a detailed program of the course. After confirming the request you will be issued an invoice, and after the payment you will receive a link for registration on the site. After completing the registration form you will have a personal account, where you will be trained and will communicate with the teachers.

    SkillFactor's personal account

    After completing the registration process, the user is given access to a personal account, which displays the purchased course, as well as other paid content offered by the school. In the personal office each student can communicate with the teacher and a representative of the school administration. Personal account - a personal section of the platform to store personal data, view courses and manage the available functionality. When registering for the service the user is obliged to keep their username and password from the personal office in secret to prevent its use by third parties. online bootcamp on Business Analytics

    Mobile application

    The online school SkillFactor doesn't have an official mobile app. But there is a mobile version of the site


    Courses on the SkillFactory website

    On the site more than 30 training programs, which are divided into practical courses and vocational training. Practical courses range in length from one to six months, while the length of training ranges from six months to one year. Let's take a look at what you can learn at this online school.

    SkillFactory online Data Science Bootcamp


    On the SkillFactory website you can master the Scientist profession from scratch in 12 months or take one of 6 courses in individual modules lasting from 1 to 6 months. This program will be useful both for beginners who want to learn a promising profession from scratch, and for programmers and analysts who already have basic knowledge and can quickly join the learning process for a new profession. When purchasing a full professional training course student gets a personal mentor, employment assistance, opportunity to participate in competitions and hackathons. At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of training.

    Skill Factor Training DATA SCIENCE


    In the programming section you can learn one of the professions, among which the following are popular:

    In addition, there is training for the profession Java Developer and Full-stack developer in Java. The duration of training on these programs is from 4 to 12 months, depending on the profession obtained. The advantage of the training at is the minimum entry threshold. That is, you don't need technical education or knowledge in programming. Any profession you will master from scratch to the level of a professional. After graduation, each student receives a personal certificate, and the most successful students are helped to find a job.

    SkillFactory programming

    Data analysis

    In the Data Analysis category, you can choose from available courses in the individual profiles. After completing the profession course, the student receives employment assistance and a personal certificate of completion of the profession. Data analytics is a promising field of study for the profession, as analysts are needed in all areas of business from marketing to product development. Successful students will be able to take internships at Yandex,, Rostelecom, Russian Railways, etc.

    SkillFactory data analysis

    Contented Design Courses

    The online data analysis school SkillFactory recently announced its merger with the School of Design Contented. With them you will master the tools and skills to solve design problems, gain experience in creating multimedia objects, and learn to develop websites and weblinks for your client's business on the Internet.
    SkillFactory design courses

    Product Live School Marketing Courses

    Please note! There's been a change in the Skillfactorium school. The Skillfactorium marketing courses are now part of the online school Product Live (Skillfactory educational project).

    BIG DATA for managers

    You can learn the Big Data profession from scratch to a professional in just six months or take one of three specialized courses. Learning the Big Data profession allows managers and executives to obtain the necessary competencies and many business cases that can be applied to solve their own business problems. After successful training, the student receives a personal certificate of completion of the three specialization courses. During the training you will implement three of your own projects and solve 85 business cases.

    Product Manager profession

    The online school will help you quickly become a quality product manager, who will be hunted by every HR manager. Master one of the most trendy digital professions of our time! After completing the course, you will receive a personal certificate of completion. profession product-manager


    Free Skill Factor courses

    The school regularly holds free events, from master classes to mitaps and hackathons. To choose a class, go to the "Free Events" tab to see the current offerings. There are 12 free events available on the site, including an 8-week online Python marathon for data analysis, a Python micro-course, a course on "5 ways to work with data even more efficiently," and more. You can also get recordings of past events and take analytics career tests on this page.

    Skill Factor Free Courses


    Additional services of SkillFactory

    In addition to individual paid and free courses, SkillFactory offers additional services, including:

    • Corporate training.
    • Internet College.
    • Blog.
    • Career Guides.
    • Employment assistance.
    • The help of personal mentors.

    Corporate training

    The instructors of the corporate courses are the best expert practitioners and top specialists. During the training you will get a lot of useful information, which you will implement for the development of your business. Every month the online school provides training for more than 500 employees working in different industries and companies.

    Corporate training at SkillFactory is available to everyone: from line managers to top teams. Among the companies that have already trained their employees we can highlight such whales of the market as MTS, VTB, Rostelecom, Alfa Bank, Invitro, Svyaznoy, Sberbank, Megaphone etc. If you want to take your company to the top of the Russian market, leave an application on the Skill Factor website and get the schedule and cost of courses. Our specialists will form an optimal training program for your company when you order your corporate training.

    SkillFactory corporate training

    Internet College

    The school's website offers free training in digital professions from the ground up. Free courses with career guidance are available in the following occupations:

    • SMM.
    • Web Design.
    • Copywriting.
    • Layout.
    • Online sales.

    In college, you can learn the basics of the digital profession and get instruction on how to develop further and work remotely.

    SkillFactory Internet College


    The cost of training on the website

    The cost of training on the SkillFactory website directly depends on the selected module or course of study. Let's look at the average price for each of the school's areas.


    • Full course - from 7,575 rubles per month (within the action, the standard cost is 12,625 rubles).

    Data analysis:

    • Full course - from 7,150 rubles per month on special offer (standard price 11,917 rubles). for managers


    • Full course - from 2933 rubles per month.

    Training on the SkillFactory website is not cheap, but if you spend this money, you will get a promising and well-paid profession, you will quickly find a job and recoup the cost of training in the first month after employment. Moreover, the school administration promotes the employment of successful students. After you receive your certificate you will have an opportunity to do paid internship in the best companies of Russia. After completing an internship more than 90% students stay to work in these companies.


    How to pay for training on the SkillFactory website

    You can pay for training at the SkillFactory website by bank transfer according to the invoice. The invoice is issued after you confirm your willingness to study at the online school. You have to pay the invoice within 3 days. After the invoice is paid, you will receive an email with access to your personal cabinet, where you can view all the training materials, communicate with the administration and teachers. Full-stack developer in Python

    Paying for training in your personal account

    Payment in your personal SkillFactory account is available only after registration on the service. You need to choose a program and request an invoice for payment. After that you will receive full instructions on how to pay for the training in your personal cabinet.

    Other ways to pay for online courses

    When you purchase a full vocational course, Skill Factory offers students an installment plan on their tuition. Installment payments are provided by service partners, such as Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank, Alfa Bank и Sberbank. The installment payment for courses is available for a period of 3 to 24 months. When paying for courses through the school's partners, there is no overpayment or down payment. The loan is issued online.


    Skill Factor bonuses

    SkillFactory Online School offers its students numerous promotions and bonuses that can help you save significantly on tuition.

    40% discount on all courses

    The online platform is offering a 40% discount on all of its courses. Hurry and enroll in educational courses at a profit!

    Loyalty Program

    If you buy 1 course at SkillFactory online school, you get a discount on your next purchase. You can learn more about the loyalty program from the school manager. You can also get discounts by inviting your friends, sharing a link to the course in your social networks, paying for courses as a legal entity, etc. In addition, when buying a full course you can get gifts from the partners of the school. gifts from partners

    Referral program

    SkillFactory Online School offers a profitable affiliate program for everyone who wants to earn in the Internet. The advantages of the SkillFactory affiliate program are fast payments, transparent statistics and in-demand programs. You can earn from 16% from each purchase.

    To join an affiliate program, you need to send an application with your contacts, get an email referral link, access to statistics and promotional materials. Then you can begin to promote the programs of the online school and earn from each payment. The affiliate program is ideal for webmasters, bloggers and anyone who knows where to get high quality traffic and how to redirect it to the website of SkillFactory school.

    SkillFactor affiliate program


    Complaints about SkillFactory

    SkillFactory online school is one of the largest platforms for IT education. The school offers more than 30 educational programs and courses that allow you to master in-demand and promising professions from scratch to the professional level. Dozens of reviews have been published online about SkillFactory School's courses. In total, about 75% users recommend the online platform. Among the positive reviews about the quality training and useful information of the courses, there are also complaints about SkillFactory online school on the Internet. Let's take a look at what individual users are dissatisfied with. Some users claim that the cost of the courses when making installments does not match the stated price on the site. For example, one student states that he paid both the school and the bank when applying for an installment plan, whereas in the terms of the loan it is stated that the installment plan is given without overpayment. reviews

    This review was responded to by the administration of the SkillFactory portal. The administration of the service explained that the site actually has two prices for one course. One is the price with a discount, which is valid during promotions, personal offers and sales. The second price is the base price for the course, from which the discount is calculated and installments are issued. In this particular case, the student was misled by the manager, who had not yet had time to understand all the intricacies of the service. The service administration apologized to the student for the inconvenience caused.

    SkillFactor Feedback

    In addition, some users complain about the slow work of the support service and the complexity of the material. In response to such complaints, the administration of the service assured that work with the support service is already underway, as well as monitoring of the program modules to fix them. Otherwise, opinions about the courses at SkillFactory online school are positive. People note that the advantages of training are a convenient training schedule, a lot of useful information, a lot of practice, the presence of live webinars, and the opportunity to get a profession without specialized skills and knowledge.

    SkillFactory reviews

    If there are any reviews about SkillFactory Online School, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulatory agencies and laws

    Skilfektori LLC is an officially registered legal entity in Russia. The legal address of the company is: 127051, Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 30, building 1, floor 3, room I - room 14, office 231. The controlling body of Skilfektori LLC is the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 2 in Moscow.

    SkillFactory details

    User Agreement

    Before purchasing any course on the SkillFactory website, the administration of the service recommends that users read the user agreement. The document is an offer by SkillFactory LLC to enter into a contract on the terms and conditions set forth in the document. Any legally capable individual or legal entity can conclude a contract. Let us review the main provisions of the SkillFactori User Agreement.

    General provisions

    Use of the SkillFactory platform is allowed only after registration and authorization on the site. All technical and organizational terms are published on the SkillFactory website for self-study. The login and password chosen by the user are the necessary information for the user to access the site. The user has no right to transfer this data to third parties and is fully responsible for its safety.

    Intellectual Property

    The site contains the results of intellectual activity belonging to the administration of the service. By using the SkillFactory service, the user acknowledges and agrees that all the content on the site is protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights. The user may not copy or distribute any part of the personal profile content, information from the website and the information published on the website, use the information from the website for commercial activities and profit, copy the software part of the website and its design, etc.

    SkillFactory use of the service

    Closing Provisions

    This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. All matters not specified in this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. All disputes under the agreement or arising in connection with its use shall be subject to the courts at the location of the site administration in accordance with the current procedural law of the Russian Federation.

    Skill Factory User Agreement

    Customer Service

    Despite the fact that, according to some users' feedback, the SkillFactory support service has some failures, in general, students receive prompt support for every issue. You can contact the support service by phone, via the feedback form on the page "Contacts", in the online chat or in the personal cabinet, you can also write an e-mail. All user questions are considered during the working hours in a live mode. Therefore, if you do not get an answer to your question within a few minutes, there is no need to resend it to the support service. Most incoming questions are resolved within a business day. If you sent your request in the evening, expect an answer on the next working day.


    The Yandex and Google search engines praise the security of the SkillFactory site. The service stores the user's personal data in a protected partition, from which it cannot be stolen and used for selfish purposes. All user data is protected by multi-level encryption. However, this does not remove the user's responsibility to keep their personal data safe.


    Is SkillFactory a scam?

    Online platform SkillFactory offers users training in modern IT professions. All of the school's courses are designed by experts and practitioners. Skill Factor is considered one of the best for teaching data analysis, IT product management, etc. There are a lot of training portals on the Internet, where they offer to learn similar professions for a low cost or even for free. However, many of them are a common scam, because, as we know, real knowledge has value.

    By purchasing SkillFactory school courses you get only relevant and useful information on the subject you are studying. Training will allow you to enter the industry community, acquire applied skills, adopt the experience of leading industry experts and get full support from mentors. Having analyzed the reviews on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that SkillFactory school is not a scam. You can buy courses on this online platform and master new promising professions.



    At school. SkillFactory you can learn a profession from scratch. Users with no technical knowledge come here to study and after the training they become real professionals and find new high-paying jobs. Studying at SkillFactory school, you will have the opportunity to get a job in the best companies in the country. The school's partners are looking for new personnel here and gladly accept graduates who have distinguished themselves with good results.

    In addition to buying courses, you can attend free events on the site that will give you an introduction to the profession and basic skills in your chosen field. According to feedback from students, many of them go to school with minimal school knowledge and at the end of the course they were immediately able to apply the new knowledge in their work. If you want to improve your skills or change your career and learn one of the promising professions, feel free to enroll in SkillFactory courses and take your first step towards a successful future.

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