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Online digital design school with a large selection of courses, convenient tuition, installment plans, and discounts up to 40%.
The company
Head Office
127051, Moscow, 30 Tsvetnoy Bulvar, bld. 1, floor. 3, room I, room. 14, office 231
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
Skilfactorie LLC
Types of support
Chat with a bot consultant
Support by phone
Social media
Cost of training
UX/UI designer / From 6600 RUB per month
Graphic Designer / From 5500 RUB per month
Motion Designer / From 7175 RUB per month
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC/MIR), Qiwi, Webmoney, PayPal, Cashless transfer for legal entities, JuMoneu
Buying on credit
Up to 24 months without overpayments, program details available after enrollment
Categories of training programs
Creativity and art, IT and digital courses
Graphic Designer, Web Design, Interior Design, Photographer
Project Features
A school for digital design training, both online and offline, with opportunities for remote internships and consulting
Number of courses
Course Types
Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term
Additional education
Webinars, Seminars, Online Consultations, Intensives, Video Conferences
Additional services
Information Blog
Corporate ProgramUnder development
Starting the training
By calendar, At any time (you can join at any time for the course)
Course completion documents
Age restrictions
From 18 years
Valid licenses
License for educational activities № 041164 dated December 15, 2020.
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
RegistrationCommission 18% for paid courses
Large selection of programs and courses for learning digital design
Ability to choose a convenient training format online or offline
Constant communication with supervisors and mentors
Paying for courses in installments and discounts up to 40%
Getting recommendations for further employment and internships in partner companies
High prices for training, even with discounts
Regulatory agencies and laws
Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 2 in Moscow
Department of Education and Science of Moscow
Company requisites
Overall assessment
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    Contented is it a scam? Reviews and description

    12 October 2020

    Contented - that online schoolwhich is a project SkillFactory. On its platform you can learn to design interfaces, websites, mobile applications, and other digital areas. Course supervisors are in touch with their students. Training takes place in a variety of formats, both fully online and face-to-face.

    There are currently big discounts of up to 40% on the school's site for many courses. To find out if Contented Design School is a scam, let's take a closer look.

    Up to 40% discount on all Contented courses.


    Why Contented

    Contented is an educational resource created for those who want to start learning about web design. Learning with Contented will be useful and interesting for digital beginners as well as those who want to continue their education. The benefits of the Contented educational service are:

    • a wide range of programs and courses;
    • The program is blended learning, you can study online and face-to-face, and supervisors stay in touch with their students all the time;
    • discounts up to 40% on many courses;
    • After passing the course and completing all tasks, each student receives a certificate and recommendations for further employment.

    For many courses at Contented, the curriculum includes remote internships at partner companies, and those who perform well during the internship have all chances to get a job at their chosen companies.

    Contented is a scam? Reviews

    How to study online at

    In order to start training you need to register on the website But you can register only through the enrollment form. To do this, you need to select a course and fill out an enrollment form with your information and contact details. The website of the company is under development and the functionality to enter a personal account is not yet displayed in the top menu.

    Contentead Private Office

    By opening a personal account, you will be able to enroll in selected courses, pay for training, receive assignments and keep in touch with the curator of the selected courses.

    Contented enrollment

    Mobile application

    The business school does not have its own mobile app.


    Courses on Contented

    On the site There is a large selection of courses and everyone can find their own direction and their own course in a format that is convenient for them. Many courses start according to the schedule, all have a very rich and varied program, which includes online classes, in-person courses, video conferences, and so on. Let's look at the most popular courses.

    UX/UI designer profession

    The training lasts 9 months and consists of two courses and a thesis defense. The Figma course teaches how to work with the corresponding software. The course "Interface Designer", will introduce the profession in more detail. There is a discount on the course, and it is possible to buy it at a price of 6 600 rubles per month. You can also buy it by installments. Classes are held in a mixed format: online, face-to-face, and in the form of additional meetings, at the end of the course, each student receives a diploma and employment recommendations.

    Contented UX/UI designer

    Author's course "System Design. Immersion."

    Duration - 5 weeks. The rich program of the course will allow you to study and learn how to work with all the tools of design systems, learn to create your own systems and work on their effective implementation in the already working systems of companies. Training is based on the examples of Yandex,, and other companies that are already in operation.

    Contented intensives

    Profession Web-designer

    Another school program that includes several courses. The program lasts seven months. During seven months of quite dense training you will learn the most famous web-designer tools, create your portfolio, learn web-version and much more. Classes are held both online and in-person, in addition, during the training you will be remotely interned in well-known companies involved in web-design. As in other platform courses, you will receive a certificate and recommendations from the school's recruiting service after graduation. You can also learn more about other areas, such as "Motion Designer in 2d and 3d. Motion designer in 2d and 3d

    UX/UI designer profession from zero to PRO

    Extended course for full immersion in the procession. The training lasts for 15 months. According to the course creators, at the end of the course you will become a confident UX/UI designer with 1.5 years of experience. You will also create 15 works for your portfolio during the course, mastering basic and advanced features of Figma, After Effects, Blender, Protopie. ux/ui-designer pro

    Graphic Designer

    In the course, which lasts 9 months, you will master the in-demand tools and skills for solving design problems. The creators state that only actual knowledge and practice await the students. A full analysis of each homework assignment is expected. At the end you will have a high-quality portfolio for job search in your specialty. graphic designer

    Graphic Designer from Zero to PRO

    The course is suitable for beginners as well as for those who have been working in this field for a long time. At the end of the course it is assumed that you will have at least 18 high-quality projects in your portfolio. graphic designer PRO

    Identity designer

    In this course you will learn how to create a strong corporate identity for brands. The duration of the course is nine months. At the same time, the online school assists its students in finding a job in their specialty. There is an opportunity to buy the course in installments. identity designer

    Interior Designer

    The course is suitable for those who want to learn the interior designer profession from scratch. The duration of the course is 9 months. Students will go through all stages of the work - from the creation of the TOR to the final project.

    Contented interior designer


    Free Contented Courses

    The online school offers two free courses.

    TILDA basics

    In the course, you will not only learn the basics of creating a Tilda website, but you will also be able to pump up your design skills. This is a good start for those who want to start their way into web and UX/UI design. basics TILDA

    FIGMA Basics

    Thanks to the course you will understand the interface of the online editor Figma and be able to create an icon and a banner. At the same time you will get feedback on your work.

    Contented basics of FIGMA


    Additional services Contented

    On the site there are additional features. At the moment, the job offer sections of the site are in development.


    The website of the online school has a section with job offers, where you can find current vacancies not only the company itself, but also all the partners.

    News & Reviews

    The Media section contains the latest news and reviews of modern equipment.

    Contented blog

    Corporate training

    The school works with both individuals and legal entities. Ordering training for employees of your company, you can get a discount on training as a corporate client. The section for such clients is currently under development.


    The cost of training at

    The cost of tuition depends on the course you choose. At the moment there are discounts for almost all courses. The average cost ranges from 1,900 to 120,000 roubles. For example, a course in the profession of "Interactive Media Designer" costs 4,250 rubles per month in installments.


    How to pay online

    You can pay for training on the platform of the school with a bank card or bank transfer to the payment details of the company. For legal entities, payment by bank transfer is available. In addition, many courses can be paid in installments. Detailed information about this offer can be obtained from the managers.

    Paying for training in your personal account

    Through a personal office on the company's website you can pay for selected courses with a bank card from any of the payment systems.

    Other ways to pay for online courses

    Almost all courses can be paid for by installments of up to 24 months. More information about installment payments will be available after you register for the course. If the payment methods presented on the site are not available, you can always contact the support service and clarify other options. The company usually tries to meet the clients' needs.


    Bonuses from Contented

    The Contented School of Digital Design has no bonus program, but there are currently lucrative discounts available.

    40% discount on all Contented courses

    Everyone can get a discount of up to 40%. The promotion will end soon, hurry up!

    Referral program

    The online school has launched an affiliate program in the CPA network Adv.CakeThe program allows you to receive remuneration for each course purchased through your link. To start earning, you just need to register in the program. When you register and get the code to paste on your site, you can start earning a commission on courses up to 18%.


    Complaints about Contented

    The school has been in operation for a relatively long time, but since the direction of its training is quite narrow, there are not many reviews of its work. Most of the comments are directly related to the courses. Students praise their saturation, convenient training formats and teachers. There aren't many negative reviews. Few complaints are related to the fact that there was confusion with course coordination on the part of the training site and with technical difficulties.

    Contented reviews reviews

    If there are any reviews about Contented Online School, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulatory agencies and laws

    Skilfektori LLC has been operating since 2016. The company is registered as a legal entity in Moscow, Federal Tax Service No. 2. Certificate of Registration: 1197746648813. Primary activity according to OKVED: "Scientific research and development in the field of natural and exact sciences".

    Contented details User Agreement

    The User Agreement is available for downloading and viewing at the link in the basement of the site. This is a small document regulating the legal aspects of the platform. First of all, it is where you can find the company details of the service administrator. Please note that all materials presented on the platform are copyrighted and copying or reproduction of materials from the site is prohibited.

    Contented User Agreement

    In general? the document is standard and simple. In addition, you can find the offer agreement on the site:

    • For individuals;
    • For legal entities.

    Customer Service

    Service support is available for contact by phone, chat with a consultant, and email. If there is a need, you can leave a message through the social networking publics. The support team always monitors feedback and tries to respond promptly to bug reports.

    Site security

    All user data and bank payments made on the remote center platform are protected by Let's Encrypt Authority X3 web-security certificate and additional bank protection protocols.


    Is Contented a scam?

    Contented - is an educational project that has been in operation for more than a year. The school has developed its own unique training format - a mix of online and offline courses with additional classes, remote internships in selected companies, seminars, and meetings.

    The platform offers a large selection of classes with intensive curriculum and supplemental programs. Training on the platform is relatively expensive, but there are currently discounts up to 40% on courses and many can be purchased in installments of up to 12 months. We've studied how the school works, the company's website, the courses offered and the features and can say with confidence that courses from Contented are not a scam. Most of the feedback from the students of the school is positive.



    Online learning is becoming more and more popular, but ContentedAs we have already written, offers a mixed type of training, face-to-face classes are held on the school campus on Sundays from 12:00. The website of the school is currently being updated and some sections are in development, but all necessary information is available.

    Navigation on the site is very simple, and any necessary information can be found in just a couple of clicks. And all updates can be followed through social networking accounts, which are actively maintained by the company's employees.

    Ease of learning
    The level of knowledge obtained
    Training prices


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