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NFT token marketplace - is a platform where a digital work of art or other object - a picture, a photo, music, a collectible - is tokenized and put up for sale. NFT is a new phenomenon in the blockchain industry, it is developing very rapidly now, and there are already top NFT platforms. Creating an NFT, putting it up for sale, finding the right NFT and buying it are the main functions of non-transferable token platforms. But each of the platforms has some features, based on which users choose the NFT-platform that suits them best. NFT

NFT crypto-exchange platform (Fig. 1) presents an opportunity to sell digital art items at a fixed price and auction. Gate is an old, relatively obscure but progressive cryptocurrency exchange. Digital creative works can be tokenized and put up for sale on the NFT platform. The platform is partially translated into Russian.

Crypto exchange

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At the heart of the project is the NFT Magic Box section on the GateChain protocol. The section has six subsections. You can load tokens in the My Assets section. Selection and buying/selling is done in Trading Market, the coins used are BTC, USDT, GT, ETH. The page of the official exchange selection and viewing of NFT-tokens - Official Screening. You can select tokens by popularity in the NFT Popularity Charts subsection. OpenPunks is "the world's first community-driven NFT platform" where you can create an object to sell directly on the NFT platform.

Top 5 Best NFT Marketplaces


Decentralized platform JuggerWorld (Fig. 2) in the crypto-exchange infrastructure Binance (go online). JuggerWorld tokens are encoded in the Binance smart chain. Trading platform NFT is not translated into Russian, there is only English and Chinese. But if there is a desire to work here, on JuggerWorld there is an opportunity to create a profile (optional), a personal collection of NFTs, functions of exchange, sale and promotion of tokens. To work on the NFT exchange JuggerWorld you will need a wallet compatible with BEP-20 tokens, mostly with BNB, — MetaMask (online), Binance Chain Wallet, and Wallet Connect.

NFT Marketplace JuggerWorld

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Platform TreasureLand originally worked in blockchain Ethereumbut after users complained about high gas fees, the site switched to Binance Blockchain (BSC). TreasureLand NFT develops in the infrastructure of DEGO, it is a project that combines the NFT exchange and DeFi. When the project was launched, a batch of BSC NFT tokens was issued. The project is considered one of the best NFT venues, supporting tokenization of digital art, gaming assets, collectibles, gaming values, and more. To work in the system, you need to connect to MetaMask wallets, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet (online), MathWallet (go online), TokenPocket, and several others.

On the main page of the site at the top are the promoted NFTs, below is the "Hot" section - the tokens being sold and bought (changed by the drop-down menu). Next are tokens recently listed, the next section is the most recent token transactions. In the basement of the site - all the necessary information about the project and tokens, but the service is not translated into Russian.


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Bakery Swap

BakerySwap is a decentralized automated market maker on Binance Smart Chain, based on the BAKE token. The ability to create and trade NTFs is an additional feature on the exchange. The platform also has the ability to use NTF tokens through stacking. The ability to generate NTFs and conduct transactions is possible after connecting WalletConnect format wallet, such as MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet.

Bakery Swap Marketplace

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The NTF service is placed in the NFT-marketplace, in the "Mint Artworks" subsection. After the object is uploaded and tokenized, the exchange moderators check it for compliance with the parameters. According to the rules of the crypto-exchange, plagiarism of NFT is not allowed, if the moderator determines that the author is not the one who submitted the token for verification, the token will be deleted.


OpenSea (Fig. 5) is decentralized, no verification is needed. Perhaps, OpenSea is the most popular NFT-marketplace today, it has been operating since 2017, and has an established positive reputation. The NFT marketplace generates and sells non-interchangeable ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, and more. To work on OpenSea, you need to connect a wallet, assets, of course, are not stored on the NFT token site.

NFT-marketplace OpenSea

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About three hundred types of NFTs can be bought/sold on the exchange in a huge number of categories, trading transactions are secured and guaranteed by a smart contract - to activate it, two zero transactions are required. The author of the token can then sell at the auction value of Highest Bid or at a fixed price of Set Price. The NFT author can get paid through royalties and resell the token. The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to have ether in your wallet before transactions.


SuperRare (Figure 6) is positioned as a platform for hosting exclusive high-level artworks, so tokens here are more expensive than on most other platforms. The NFT token exchange SuperRare operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The home page shows the currently promoted, shifting visual sales objects. If you scroll below, the top visual content author offers are posted next.

NFT Marketplace SuperRare

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The Market section is the main one, it contains all available for sale author's NFTs, which can be filtered according to various parameters. Features - the section where you can find information about exhibitions, projects, and project releases. Community - section where you can join the infrastructure and community of SuperRare, learn more about the project, the authors, the situation on the market, there is also a help center for frequently asked questions.

Search - the search line for NFT tokens on the platform. In order to participate in the creation and trading of tokens, you need to connect a wallet, MetaMask or Formatic. The terms of work on the platform require that the work must not only be original, but also be exhibited exclusively on SuperRare.


Platform Rarible (Fig. 7), quite a popular project. In general, the functionality of the exchange is standard, - file upload, tokenization, placement for sale. The buyer can buy any token by selecting and studying the information. One of the features of the platform is that the author can offer more detailed information about the object to be tokenized - to show a trailer, a fragment, but the token itself is only issued when the person buys it. On the site, unlike leading NFT projects, an artist can post a NFT without pre-moderation. NFT authors make a profit from each sale of a token.

NFT Marketplace Rarible

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To start working on the platform, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet to it, Coinbase Wallet (online), My EtherWallet. Functions on its own RARI token. RARI tokens are distributed weekly to Marketplace customers. The platform is increasingly being transformed into a decentralized one, so RARI tokens and their ownership share will become increasingly important. Despite the fact that the platform was created by Russian developers, it is not translated into Russian.


Mintable (Figure 8), a trading platform for ERC-721 tokens, is built on Ethereum, but also supports Zilliqa blockchain. The site has an NFT University section, which explains in video format what NFTs are, why they are needed, how to make them, how to sell them, and where to buy them, in English.

The main page is made as convenient as possible for the seller. The home page first shows Promoted Creations' promoted author creations, then the most popular NFTs at the moment, and then the visual content supported by the Community Picks NFT site community. Even lower are the Recently Sold Items tokens.

Mintable NFT Marketplace


The platform is positioned as an NFT store, where any user can put up as many tokens as possible at minimal prices. Mintable offers NFT generation on Ethereum, but without paying gas fees, which does make token creation, indeed, relatively less expensive than on other NFT platforms. Benefits of the platform also include the uncomplicated management and navigation of NFT tokens, which allows a user who has never done this before to create and put up a token for sale.

Binance NFT

Binance NFT Marketplace - the most actively promoted NFT service right now and one of the leaders in the NFT marketplace ranking. The marketplace is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The standard functionality of Binance NFT includes the creation of tokens and putting them up for sale at a fixed or auction value. A potential buyer can find a token using the "scientific method" - by selecting the token they like from several categories on the main page. Or by filtering, but the filters are not yet fully developed and the selection of tokens can be difficult.

A special section of Binance NFT is Mystery-box, in which the user buys an unknown token. What exactly is purchased, the user can only find out when he opens the Mystery-box. The bottom line is that it could be a unique, expensive token. But in any case, the token can be sold. Binance is a centralized crypto exchange, so to participate in NFT projects, you need to register and then be verified on the exchange.

It is also necessary to deposit BNB, BUSD or ETH into an exchange account - these coins are used to make transactions on the project. And to create your own NFT you need BNB specifically. If there is no possibility to be verified, the exchange offers a decentralized application. Here, to trade NFTs, you need to connect to a wallet. Searching for the required NFT, placement for sale and purchase is carried out approximately the same way as on the centralized service.

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