The "Puria Method" strategy for 30 minutes

Published: April 30, 2016 Updated: October 13, 2022

Professionals have shared the secret, and now the binary options everyone can make money.

Would you like to know today the trading algorithm trusted by thousands of traders? If the answer is yes, then today's Puria Method strategy is for you.

It should be noted right away that the proposed system was originally developed for the foreign exchange market. Below will be described a modified version, prepared specifically for binary options.

Let's start by examining the benefits:

  • high quality of incoming signals (more than 75% of all deals are closed with profit);
  • a simple algorithm that can be mastered in 10 minutes, even by a novice who first learned about this way of investing;
  • versatility (transactions can be made on any asset);
  • The strategy can be used without leaving the main place of work (the condition of the system allows you to monitor and respond to incoming signals without significant time costs).

To adjust the schedule, simply download ready-made template and add it to the "templates" folder of the terminal Meta Trader 4. If everything is done correctly, the graph will look like this:

If you use "live" schedule or downloading a strategy template does not work, do the configuration manually. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

Installing the Puria Method strategy template for 30 minutes

1) add three moving averages with the following parameters:

  • MA with a period of 85 red (Low; Linear Weighted);
  • MA with a period of 75 in red (Low; Linear Weighted);
  • MA with a period of 5 yellow (Close; Exponential).

With these lines, the trader can track the current trend and find the best time to enter a position.

2) Connect the MACD (15; 26; 1).

This oscillator will remove most of the bad signals.
Now let's move directly to the study of trading rules.


Deal for a raise

  • Yellow MA has crossed the two red Moving Averages from below, and all lines continue to rise.
  • The reference candlestick is completely above the whole bunch of moving averages (touching the shadow is allowed, but highly undesirable).
  • Histogram MACD is placed above the zero level. The bar, which corresponds to the reference candle, should be higher than the previous one.
  • The appearance of a new candle is a signal to buy.
  • Timeframe - M 30.
  • Expiration - 3 hours (6 closed candles).
  • Be careful not to trade during news releases.
  • The permissible risk is 2% of the account.

An example of a buy deal

Deal for a raise


Down deal

  • The yellow MA has crossed the two red Moving Averages above, and all lines are descending.
  • The reference candle was placed under the moving averages.
  • The MACD is in the negative zone and the current bar is lower than the previous one.
  • The opening of the next candle is the moment to sell.

Example of a sale transaction

Down deal



It will be much more convenient to work with the system if the user pre-maps the chart and determines the significant horizontal levels on it.

If you are just starting to learn the binary market, focus all of your attention on the euro/dollar pair. Only after you have consolidated your skills, you can add other assets.

Unfortunately, even such a powerful algorithm is criticized. The main problem is that beginning traders devote too little time to training. Take your time and work on a virtual account or a small deposit for at least 1-2 weeks. In addition, there are a number of frequently repeated mistakes that users make unintentionally. Let's dwell on them in more detail.

Reducing the timeframe

The number of instruments included in the TS "Puria Method" is not designed for intensive trading (more than 3 times a day). Therefore, if you use intervals of 15 minutes or less, you simply physically will not be able to filter out all of the false signals.

Use of a large number of assets

Here it's simple. In the pursuit of signals, traders often forget about quality. Plan your trading day, be realistic about your chances and focus on the instruments that bring you profit.

Trading during a thin market

During the holidays (especially during the Christmas season), most major market participants prefer to stay out of the market. As a result, price dynamics often become unpredictable. To avoid making a loss, between the twenties of December and January, take a vacation and refrain from trading.

Ignoring the slope angle of moving averages

If the three moving averages are rising, then we only buy; if they are falling, we sell. This is a simple condition, which was stated in the general rules of the system. Strange as it may seem, but it is the one that users forget about and try to enter the market against the main trend (or when a flat is established).

Cut out the extra, train and believe success. Everyone can make money on binary options!

Download the "Puria Method" strategy template for 30 minutes

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  • Interesting system, of course, is worth attention. But I wonder, are there any systems now with which you can get more than 75% profit? Not what brokers write, but in reality, who got such results?

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    • Papa Popov 21 May 2016 в 18:50

      Yes, you can even get 100% profit, but it's very rare. The maximum that I got was 84%. This is the real figure, which I can personally confirm.

    • gruly vanya 22 May 2016 в 08:36

      And how many open trades do you have per day or per week, and do you just open them without any signals to enter?

    • Tamara Maryina 19 June 2016 в 17:52

      If you open trades for an average of 100 c.u. each, even 84 c.u. to get I think is a nice bonus for every trader, regardless of their financial situation.