Trading Gold on Binary Options

Published: January 28, 2016 Updated: 11 October 2022

Very often exchange traders use currency pairs for option trading. However, apart from currency pairs, there are many other financial products in the trading terminal! What to do with them! As practice shows, it is better not to use just one trading instrument, it is necessary to diversify financial risks through the use of different financial products. This article will discuss the gold trading strategy, because it is not inferior to other trading methods in terms of profitability. option trading.

The financial product GOLD is available in almost all trading terminals for option trading. This commodity provides financial companies with a high level of profitability, in addition, its quotes almost never fly, are very mobile and most often move in 1 direction. So, trading gold on binary options is much more effective than trading on a currency pair. That's why we decided to bring up the topic of profitability of trading gold on binary options! Besides, it can be tested on the company's trading software absolutely free of charge. Binarium. This broker gives all his clients 20 free binary optionsThese transactions are made at the expense of the exchange company itself. The resulting profit can be used in future option trading, or withdrawn from the trading depo. So, these no deposit deals are not bonuses!


Gold Trading Strategy

In futures trading binary options "gold" the technical indicator muving is used. It is located in the trading software Binarium in the section technical indicators and marked there as "Moving Average":

Moving Average for Gold Trading

To trade using these tactics, you need to add a "Moving Average" to the price chart of the financial product. Then you can go straight to option trading! And don't forget: we have 20 free trades!


Trading gold on binary options - receive trading signals and execute trading orders

So, to open trading positions we use the trading instrument GOLD, the technical indicator muving and candlestick price chart of the trading terminal Binarium. Our main goal will be in time to conclude a trading position at the moment of crossing the muving by a price candlestick. Also, if necessary, we will have to deduce the total of open profitable trading positions by adding new trades to the market by correctly managing the deposit account. How it will look like in reality:



When the price candle crosses the moving average in the upper direction and closes above the technical indicator line, we take an upward trading position:




When the price candle crosses the moving average in the lower direction and closes below the technical indicator line, we make a trade position DOWN:



Total number of transactions:

Total number of transactions


How to get profitable trading positions using our trading methodology for option trading?

As we can see on the above chart of the price of the traded asset, it often happens that the price can go back after the candles crossed the muving line. It turns out that we conclude a trading position in the lower direction, as the candle closes below the moving average line, and the traded asset suddenly reverses and starts moving in the upper direction. If we do nothing at this point, the trade will be unprofitable. But even in such a situation it is possible to get out without problems! To do this we should act according to this algorithm:

  1. Suppose after the muving line was crossed by a candle in the upper direction, we opened a trade UP.
  2. If the price candle crosses the moving average line in the lower direction, and the quotes of the financial product come back, then we conclude two trades in the lower direction at once. It turns out that we will have three trade orders: 2 - down and 1 - up. And if the quotes of the financial instrument will continue to fall, then we will be in the plus.
  3. If the quotes of the financial instrument change the direction to the top again, we will open 3 deals up (2 deals down and 3 - up). And if the quotes of the financial instrument will continue to rise, we will be in the plus again.
  4. In generating this outperformance of trading positions on the plus side, it is important to consider how profitable binary options are in order to have enough trades to achieve effective trading results.
  5. In option trading, it is important to use the minimum trade lot size, which the financial company Binarium (go online) equals one dollar.
  6. Expiration date for the gold trading strategy choose 60 seconds. But when option trading uses a series of trading positions, it is possible to make a profit within a few options.

Important! The gold trading on binary options we discussed in this article is a working trading technique for option trading. In addition, it is able to bring a good level of profitability! Just try it out in real market conditions and you'll see how easy it really is to make money in options trading. Above all, our trading system can work on every financial instrument, not only on Gold!

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  • You have to check everything on the demo, and then the minimum lot, if it works, you can add something else to the minimum, and if you don’t want to continue to risk you can not increase. Some people prefer to do it slowly, i.e. very conservatively.

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