Strategy for 15 minutes "Key rate"

Published: April 27, 2016 Updated: 25 March 2020

Strategy for 15 minutes "Key bet" allows you to enter into transactions, 90% of which are closed with a profit. Work on the above strategy 4-5 times a month, but the high probability of profit, allows you to overestimate the risks in transactions and quickly increase the size of the trading account. The strategy can be used as a basic one or as a supplement to any other system binary options trading.


The essence of the strategy of binary options 15 minutes "Key Rate"

The 15-minute "Key Rate" strategy is a type of news trading. But in this case only one type of macroeconomic news is used for trading, namely the announcement by the Central Bank of one of the countries, the currency of which is quoted at the market, of the new key rate.

The essence of the strategy of binary options 15 minutes "Key Rate"

List of central banks and assets dependent on their decisions:

  • Bank of Canada - USDCAD
  • Bank of England - GBPUSD
  • Reserve Bank of Australia - AUDUSD
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand - NZDUSD
  • Swiss National Bank - USDCHF

Each of these regulators announces their interest rate decisions only once a month. But because there are so many of these regulators and even more assets dependent on their decisions, by trading the 15-minute "Key Rate" strategy, you can make profitable trades and earn consistently every week.


Where to track interest rate decisions

In order to find out the date and time of the key rate decision, you can use any financial portal that has a macroeconomic news calendar. Using interactive calendarYou will be able to see on-line the size of the set rate and quickly make a decision on the direction of the trade.

Economic calendar


Broker to trade

You must understand that immediately after the publication of such important news as "interest rate", asset quotes become literally "frantic" and in a normal binary options company the market at this time either closes, or trades are concluded with huge slippage. That is, instead of making money, you will either make losses or not be able to trade at all. That's why it's better to use a platform to trade on important market news BinariumThe trading is not subject to slippage and is allowed to trade on the news:

Binomo platform

Moreover, the minimum deposit at this broker is 10 USD, and the minimum bet at Binarium is only 1 USD, which will help you to start trading on the specified profitable strategy with minimum investment.


How to trade on the 15 minute "Key Rate" strategy

So, having decided on the date and time of publication of the new key rate, you need to open the platform Binarium (go online) exactly at the appointed time and wait for the beginning of the intensive movement of quotations, which in 99% cases begins immediately after the announcement of the new interest rate level.

It is not important whether the rate rose or was lowered. The important thing is that the specified news is of great importance for the currency market and its release causes an active one-way irrevocable movement of quotations. That is, exactly what is needed for profitable binary options trading. So, after waiting for the news release, all that is needed to make a profit is to conclude a deal in the direction in which the price is actively moving. As it was mentioned above, in 90% cases such a deal closes with profit!


Expiration time and money management

"Key Bet" is a 15-minute expiration strategy. Accordingly, you must use options with a lifetime of 15 minutes in all trades. As for the money management, you can use up to 8% of the deposit size in trading. The expected growth per month to the size of your funds on the account is about 25%-30%.

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  • The strategy does not work, tested for a month, out of 6 trades, 4 in the loss.

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  • This is more suitable for those who are used to trading on the news. It seems to me that using technical analysis is easier to trade now. You can open more trades and therefore make more profit too.

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    • Tamara Maryina 19 June 2016 в 17:56

      It's easier to trade on the fundamental analysis - that's for sure, there are a lot of forecasts, a lot of sources. Everyone starts with tehanalysis, but the big money lies just behind the fundamental analysis.

  • In order to understand how this system works, you need at least a month to trade in this system and look at the result, which will be.

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