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Published: 15 May 2018 Updated: April 23, 2023

Today about forex trading many say, among other financial markets (binary options, stock market, cryptocurrency trading) it has unprecedented popularity. Every year even more speculators and those who would like to determine their own income, to have a modern and progressive work with unlimited possibilities join it. But what's in it and why does forex have so many followers? Let's find out in this article.

What is forex?

To begin with, let's remember what the forex market is. So, forex (Forex, FX, from FOReign EXchange) is a "market of interbank currency exchange at free prices (Wikipedia). This is the same market as the others (commodities, raw materials, etc.), the only difference is in the assets offered for trading, as well as in the peculiarities of the transactions. And although it is a young currency trading market, it is considered one of the largest (its daily turnover is approximately $4 trillion - which speaks volumes) and most liquid markets in the global financial industry.

How to earn on forex?

Participants of the forex market derive their income from the difference of buy/sell prices, i.e. their goal is to buy currency at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher one; the difference in price is the trader's income here. Nowadays Forex trading is one of the most profitable markets, which attracts more and more big and private investors and makes them search for the answers to the questions, whether it is possible to earn on Forex, whether it is real to earn on Forex. Trading takes place almost every second, supply and demand indicators are constantly changing and dynamic, which makes unlimited earnings possible in a short time, and forex itself (learn the whole truth about forex here) is rightly called a lightning-fast market with high transaction speed and high profitability. All of this is nothing short of impressive. It is the task of every beginner, who can actually do everything here, to join the ranks of successful traders. We will talk about this in the next part of our article.

AMEGA Forex Broker Bonuses

What are the advantages of forex?

Forex is an open market, even a huge open virtual space, where everyone can make money. That is why the number of traders is constantly increasing, new forex brokers appear (updated rating of forex brokers here), the technology market does not stand still: innovative solutions are offered among trading platforms, new robots, advisors, service. This is done so that you can get access to the global market of interbank currency exchange and use it to the maximum for your profit by going to the broker's trading terminal at any convenient time. What are the advantages of the forex market?

  • This is a separate profession, even a twenty-first century profession, which today is considered one of the most modern and highly profitable;
  • It's up to you to influence the size of your earnings by studying, reading professional literature, studying the experience of successful market speculators;
  • Everything is available on the Internet to set a goal to become a professional and achieve it: thanks to the available materials, free courses, including from the leading forex brokers of the market, paid materials, thematic mailing lists, etc.
  • The accessibility and openness of the market to anyone. To work will need only the Internet, a minimum amount on the account, the desire to achieve great results;
  • Thanks to the round-the-clock operation of the market forex trading is available to you at any time convenient for you;
  • There is no monopolization of the market, that is, an interested trader or group of speculators can not change the price for their own benefit;
  • Leverage option will allow you to operate with large sums of money with a minimum investment of capital, and thus increase income at times;
  • There is a wide choice of forex brokers - from the oldest and most prestigious brands to promising young organizations;
  • Serious regulation of the market will protect traders from fraudulent brokers, fraud and scam, of which there are a lot in the network today;
  • Extensive features of the broker's trading platform, it is a whole office at home for you, which will make trading a comfortable and functional space, simplify your work, study analytics, materials, history of your trades;
  • Thanks to various special offers, bonus programs and promotions, forex trading has become a much more profitable occupation, attracting even more speculators. We will talk about forex bonuses separately.

AMEGA forex broker bonuses. What are the advantages of Forex?

Forex bonuses - What is it and who needs it?

Having studied our materials on the website, you probably already know that Forex trading is always built through cooperation with a broker, which provides you with a functional platform, reference and analytical materials, support, etc. Such a company inspires serious trust if it is a really good proven brand, which has regulation, complies with the legislation of the country, ensures security of trading and safety of information.

It is important for the broker to offer its user profitable trading, so he carefully thinks through special offers and promotions, offers no deposit bonus forex (to work with it you do not need to deposit your account) and deposit bonus (on the contrary, to use the offer, you have to deposit funds into your account), holiday and other bonuses (educational, affiliate, etc.). Interesting offers always attract traders, this is a great opportunity for the broker to increase its audience, it is also important for him, because he also needs to earn.

Main types of forex bonuses:

  • Non-deposit and deposit;
  • Welcome (for switching to a broker and passing registration);
  • Re-deposit Bonus (special accruals on repeat deposits);
  • Holidays (offered in honor of red dates in the calendar, holiday dates of the brokerage platform);
  • The volume of transactions (when a certain volume of transactions on the platform is reached);
  • Deposit insurance (in the case of a losing position, all funds will be returned to the account);
  • VIP forex bonuses (exclusive special offers for those trading participants who have large deposits);
  • Partner bonuses (if the trader has brought his friend to the broker, recommended the broker on the forum, etc.) (more useful information about forex bonuses here).

Such forex market bonuses are often found on the net with different wording at brokers. To demonstrate the real bonuses active in the market today, let's turn to a young but promising broker AMEGA.

Forex bonuses - what are they and who needs them?

Forex broker AMEGA

CFD/forex AMEGA broker is still a relatively young organization (operating since 2017), but today it is already rapidly gaining momentum, has regular clients and looks promising, setting an ambitious goal to enter the international market. This is the case when among successful organizations and famous brands there is a new dynamic company, firmly aiming to take a strong position and succeed in trading.

Why this project will be interesting to a forex speculator in Russia? AMEGA (broker site) in details the service and bonus offers, makes trading profitable and comfortable for the user of any level of preparation. The client is offered to start trading with any amount (no minimum deposit), trading takes place in a modern and functional Metatrader5 platform, a wide range of assets is available (currencies, CFDs, commodities, digital coins, etc.), transaction options (bank cards, mobile payments, payment terminals, cryptocurrencies, etc.), no commission for transactions of the system, opportunity to work on free demo accountYou can open several accounts and implement different strategies on each of them. You can ask questions about the service to technical support managers who have professional training.

The availability of high-quality analytical and training materials on the site makes the work the most productive process. Technical support is available in 29 languages, a high-quality Russian version of the platform is implemented, which facilitates trading for the Russian-speaking user. Of course, reviews about the broker are available online today, with more positive comments among them, which proves that the company has chosen the right path of development. Bonuses, available today to the trader, were developed in order to make the presence on the platform profitable, to offer the player additional funds in order to increase the amount of his earnings.

AMEGA Forex Broker Bonuses

Bonus "Let's help at 100%"

AMEGA's special offer for platform newbies, which can be used at registration as well as at the first deposit allows you to get additional funds for trading and increase your money earning possibilities many times over. Forex bonuses can be withdrawn only after the lots volume is worked out, and the duration of this working out is not limited in time, which is quite comfortable for new users.

  • The promotion is valid for 10 days after registration.
  • The bonus is credited to the client's deposit in any of the available currencies, while other platform bonuses are not available to the trader,
  • The minimum deposit amount to participate in the bonus is $100 (or the equivalent in another currency).
  • The maximum amount of the bonus offer is $1000 (or the equivalent in another currency).

Read more about bonus conditions online AMEGA.

AMEGA Forex Broker Bonuses

50% Refill Bonus

AMEGA's special offer will be interesting not only to platform newbies, but also to professional forex market players. The bonus offers to get additional funds (in the amount of 50%) for each deposit, and the bigger the deposit, the bigger the bonus will be. You can withdraw funds from trading bonus only after working a particular volume of lots.

  • The bonus is credited to a deposit in any of the available currencies.
  • Bonus is multiple, can be used with each deposit.
  • The maximum amount of bonus funds is $1000 (or the equivalent in another currency).
  • The bonus is credited automatically.

Read more about bonus conditions at AMEGA.

Who needs forex brokers bonuses?

First, you must understand that they are still needed and wanted by all participants in the trading process, and you as a trader, and your broker.

Broker bonuses provide the following benefits:

  • Increasing the number of clients,
  • Creation of a competitive advantage in the market among other companies,
  • Formation of the status and prestige of the company,
  • Customer focus of the company.

Trader bonuses will be useful in the following cases:

  • The opportunity to start real trading in the forex market (forex demo account) without risking your own money, earn capital and withdraw it from the platform without your personal funds,
  • Bonus funds minimize your risk of loss by increasing your account size; and the more money you have in your account, the more options you have for earning from it,
  • They will help to cover the negative balance, if trades are unprofitable, allowing you to continue trading and earn money,
  • This is a great way to get acquainted with a forex broker, its platform, working conditions, the quality of its service. So, trading with no deposit bonuses and identifying in your broker a cheater (trader complaints), you can simply leave the platform without losing your money.
  • There are a lot of forex bonuses on the market today and they are all attractive to traders. But how to work with bonuses so that it really brings you income? We will tell you further in our material.

Who needs forex brokers bonuses?

How to correctly use the bonuses of Forex brokers?

In order that forex broker bonuses bring you a lot of benefits, that they do not become for you a "bonus needle", which then will be difficult to cope with without spending money, you need to know how to use them correctly. A tempting offer may turn out to be a trap, a fraud, a high probability of encountering a scammer who only needs your money and who has prepared impossible conditions of the bonus for you.

Before you start using the forex bonus, needed:

  • Read reviews about the broker online,
  • Examine the broker's platform, check the quality of service and technical support, the availability of necessary options for trading,
  • Carefully study the special offer, the terms of the bonus,
  • Do not rush on particularly lucrative offers of dubious companies,
  • Learn about the peculiarities of capital withdrawal from the site (that is, what should be the volume of trades in order to implement a problem-free withdrawal of funds),
  • Set yourself up for serious work and get registered with a forex broker,
  • Start trading with minimum costs: minimum deposit, minimum bonuses.
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