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Published: March 3, 2016 Updated: April 24, 2023

Against the backdrop of how brokerage firms are trying to stand out with their original style and design, in fact most of them offer almost identical trading conditions and trading platforms. Only a few of them bring something new, interesting and of higher quality to the market. And the subject of this article will be a new platform Binomo, which is very different and much better than most of its closest competitors.


New Binomo platform

At present, the binary options market is using platforms with:

1. Tiny quotation windows in which it is impossible to predict the dynamics of the price.
2. Incomprehensible line graphs.
Lack of technical indicators, that's why traders start to use additional software for constructing indicator trading strategies (live quotes services, Meta Trader 4 platform, etc.).
4. The low profitability of options, making profitable trading impossible.
5. The inability to view the history of quotes, which does not allow to test strategies and properly analyze the market.


In other words, for serious activity - trading on the financial market, associated with high financial risks, brokers provide toy trading platforms, trying to convince customers that there are no other alternatives, and these platforms already allow to trade in profit. But it is not so! In reality it is quite the opposite - choose a toy trading platform - get not toy losses!

Instead of template platforms for binary options tradingBinomo, the company has created a fundamentally new terminal on which:

1. The quotes of the asset are presented in a huge window, on which it is easy enough to analyze the quotes.
2. You can choose between line and candlestick charts.
3. Technical indicators are integrated into the platform, through which you can create your own trading strategies.
4. The profitability of the options is increased to 85%-90%.
5. The price charts can be moved back in history to test strategies and analysis, reduce, zoom in, etc.


Moreover, on this platform NON-STOP technology is implemented for the first time on the marketwhich allows you to buy options regardless of the expiration date and the start of new options. That allows you to choose the most optimal moments for making deals and trade immediately "on the market". And transactions themselves are concluded with minimal slippage, because, the speed of execution of trade orders is about 1.7 milliseconds. This article has nothing to do with advertising. We're just trying to let you know about the possible advantages you can get when trading on the new Binomo platform, allowing you to make your trading truly profitable.

And one more piece of news that you will like - at Binomo it is possible to trade without money on the account. Of course, such an opportunity is provided for a limited number of trades. In total, the broker Binomo provides 20 free optionswhich are credited automatically to the account of each new client.

Thus, you can try yourself as a successful trader for free. And, as, 20 free options are not a bonus, the profits on them can be withdrawn!

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