Overview of Instaforex Binary Options Broker

Published: June 6, 2016 Updated: April 8, 2022

Binary options gradually becoming more and more attractive to many traders, and this is not surprising at all, because trading them is extremely simple. This is the main advantage of this type of online trading, because the trader can get only one of two results - to take the win or lose a bet. Undoubtedly, rather low risks, predictable profit and widely adjustable terms of transactions can also be attributed to the pluses.


By the way, there are no spreads, swaps or commissions in the options market, which makes them even more attractive. For earnings in this market It is enough to make a correct forecast of the selected asset's price change and execute a transaction. Even the smallest change in the price of an asset will bring a predetermined profit.

In order to binary options trading It is necessary to find a reliable broker from the very beginning. One of such brokers is Instaforex, which we will try to tell you about in this article.

First, a little bit about the conditions of the boxer. Starting with Instaforex It is important to know that his options have different prices, with the lowest price being only one dollar, and the highest reaching thousands of dollars. At the same time it is possible to buy an unlimited number of options. In this case the yield of each successful option is eighty percent of its value. Only one condition needs to be met for the profit - at the time defined for the completion of the transaction, the value of the option must be greater than or less than the initial price at which it was purchased. At the time of implementation of the operation of purchase of option from the trader's account automatic withdrawal of funds takes place, in the amount of the price of the option. If the option was successful, then this money along with the income is also automatically returned to the trader. Alas, but if the trader misjudged the direction of the price changes, then the money invested in the purchase of the option is not returned.

Today Asian broker "Instaforex" is one of the biggest and offers the most effective trading technologies and the best trading conditions for its traders.

"Client Cabinet" provides access to work with more than seven dozen tools, each of which can be used by any holder of a real account opened with the company.

In addition to this, convenient work in "Forex Options", provide various tools in the client's cabinet and a huge amount of information, allowing confidently interact with the options. Among the information, charts of quotes and statistics of the options held by the traders earlier attract attention. Naturally, there is also an archive of quotes, which can be viewed from the client's cabinet or directly from at Instaforex.

We have also prepared a detailed review and we have a lot of reviews of real Instaforex traders on this page - https://revieweek.com/review/instaforex/

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  • I like the fact that there are many ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Not many brokers have such a big list of payment systems that brokers work with.

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  • I believe that if this broker managed to become one of the best among brokerage companies in the Forex market, they have every chance of becoming the best in the binary options industry as well.

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    • Denis Avdoškin 18 June 2016 в 14:48

      It's good that there is such a reliable broker. It is not the only one, it is just that this one is better known, because it has been on the market for a very long time. Now there are many other brokerage companies which are 2-4 years old, nevertheless they offer very favorable terms and work successfully too.