Binary trading – how to get hands-on experience?

Published:31 May 2016 Updated:10 January 2024

The development of a person as a person and a professional is directly related to continuous learning. But theoretical knowledge of a particular process is, without practical skills, a mere collection of information. Binary trading is no exception in this respect. History knows many brilliant theorists who in practice failed to achieve success or any noticeable results. For this reason, practical experience in trading on the options market becomes a priority for a beginner on the way to success and professionalism. But what are the ways of gaining experience that a trader has at his/her disposal? Let’s look at a few simple examples.


Experience with minimal investment

This approach, first of all, is associated with financial costs, which will inevitably be incurred by a market participant. Everything is very simple: having received a certain set of knowledge, you just start trading. Often, a trader uses for this the minimum possible trading deposits. But here the question arises – how much experience can you get on $10 of floating money? Taking into account that you are absolutely unfamiliar with binary trading in practical terms, this amount is enough for several days maximum. After that you will have to replenish the trading deposit or give up this undertaking completely having not learned anything. Also, a psychological moment plays an important role when gaining experience with real money – you spend your money and the level of expenses is in no way comparable to the level of acquired skills. If you use this approach to gain sufficient experience in financial trading, be prepared to spend several thousand dollars. A rather unpleasant prospect, given the time frame in which you will be able to recoup these funds in case of a positive outcome.


Demo account

This is undoubtedly the best way to get practical skills in trading on the binary market. Here absolutely without investments you can get the maximum information and also learn all practical techniques of trading. The benefits and prospects are obvious, so let’s dwell on this kind of educational simulators in more detail.

Despite all the prospects of using Demo-platforms, there are some difficulties. The problem is that binary brokers offer completely unsuitable platforms for training. Very often it is a reduced to a minimum functionality of the main trading platform, and even more often it is a simple interactive service with the minimum set of functions which have only a tangential relation to trading on binary options. What can you get from such a learning platform? Very little – the general principle of registration of contracts: trade buttons, the choice of asset, setting the expiry date and other primitive services of the trading terminal. For this reason, for training, you need to select a broker who offers the most advanced versions of simulators, and ideally – a company that does not offer a separate terminal for training, and gives the opportunity to use the basic platform for trading, but on a training account. As such an example, let’s take the training service Binomo broker:

This simulator is, in fact, the original broker’s terminal, which is offered to traders for everyday trading with real money. Fully accessible functionality of the terminal allows you to fully familiarize not only with its direct work, but also gives you the opportunity to learn different subtleties of trading from the use of different types of market analysis and the use of mathematical systems of loss minimization, to developing your own strategies and proper money management:

The trader receives at his disposal such services Demo-platform:

  • Full-size quotes chart with history and zoom capabilities
  • Access to a complete list of underlying assets
  • Indicator set, which allows you to study and develop trading strategies
  • The full range of expiry dates, which fully corresponds to the range when trading with real funds
  • Analytical and educational services broker site Binomo
  • Unlimited in time and money the process of acquiring practical skills

Having such a toolkit, any beginner trader will be able to consolidate basic knowledge in binary trading and gain priceless experience in this process. At the same time, without spending a cent of your own money.

In addition, Binomo broker offers a program of gift options as a development of trader’s professionalism and overcoming the psychological barrier when switching to trading with real funds. Such a tool can be a great start for a beginner trader on the way to success in binary trading.

As a result, we would like to note that the emergence of the Demo platforms The fact that the trader is able to use this terminal and that it offers in addition excellent auxiliary programs and services has made the process of learning and gaining experience in binary options trading a simple and enjoyable process. In addition, subsequently, the trader can use this terminal as a means of testing his own strategies and approaches to binary trading, which further increases the usefulness of this simulator.

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  • It’s very difficult to start out on 10 dollars, especially if you’re not just trading, but using a trading system. There is a margin of error in any system, which means that you can drain 10 dollars several times before you make a profit.

    Reply to a review
    • Denis Avdoškin 18 June 2016 at 14:57

      Normal traders never start trading with the last money, so even if it is 10 c.u., I am sure that it is not the last)

    • Artiom Belugin 19 June 2016 at 06:57

      It is difficult, but possible. If a trader manages to make 100 c.u. from 10 c.u., it will not be a problem for him to multiply his deposit from any amount he has.

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