Binary Options Trading - Gambling or Work

Published: 26 September 2017 Updated: 14 May 2023

Popularization binary options and intrusive advertising brokerage firms create the impression among the financially uneducated that option trading is no different from casinos and gambling. In addition, many brokers openly position this financial instrument - there is nothing easier than to guess one of the two directions of quotations, and already in a minute to get a fantastic profit. In this article we will analyze why some people call binary options a serious financial instrument and others call them a game of chance and who is right in fact.

So, a binary option is an exchange contract, the profit on which is determined by a correctly formed forecast of further movement of quotes of an exchange asset (UP or DOWN) within a certain time interval (from 1 minute to 1 year). It is because of such a simple algorithm, many people compare trading with betting, where trading bets are also made on a certain result. However, the problem is not even in the algorithm of this financial instrument, but in the way it is positioned by some option brokers and used by traders.


1. It's all about the broker

Many brokerage companies are aimed at gambling enthusiasts who want to experience adrenaline in something new after a bad sports bet or a loss at the casino. For such clients trading is positioned, first of all, as gambling and betting. As a result, a naive beginner in search of easy money starts trading and a few days later loses all the investment, which, by the way, was the main goal of the company. It is worth noting that the trading terminals of such brokers are very primitive and unrealistic to earn on them - the trader can rely only on his luck, as in gambling, because they are not equipped with a proper set of tools for market analysis.

Undoubtedly, in binary options, as in gambling, it is possible to be lucky and for a while, even on the most "outdated" platform the trader can make a profit, not knowing even the basics of technical analysis. But, first, it rarely happens, and secondly, luck has its limit. To make real money, a trader must have a high-tech trading platform, on which it is possible to work with binary options professionally. What does a professional trading platform look like? It is equipped with large-scale optional quotes chart (live chart for example) and many technical tools for accurate market forecasting. It is on such platforms successful binary options traders trade:

Binary Options Trading - Gambling or Work

The company's platform is taken as an example Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate)


2. It's all about the trader

The problem with gamblers is the inability to stop in time, so when their luck runs out, all the thousands of dollars they have won go back to the casino owner or the same brokers. But there is a significant difference between an ordinary gambler and an options trader. Playing roulette or betting on sports, a player can only hope for his or her luck, or at most for the probability that, for example, a soccer team that has won twice in a row will also win the third game. The trader, on the other hand, has a better chance of closing the deal with a profit because he can use binary options trading strategies that are based on patterns that are cyclical in the financial market.

Of course, many beginners still lose their deposits - some because of trading "for luck", others because of losing strategies, and others because of the desire to get money quickly. What to do not to lose all the money? First, never trade "blindly" - only by trading strategy with clear rules. Second, choose only proven approaches and do not buy into approaches or ready-made signals with 100%-guarantee of profit. Third, do not try to instantly triple your initial capital - trade slowly, making a deal only after receiving all the conditions for entering the market according to the strategy. For example, if you cooperate with a reliable broker, you will definitely find a selection of proven strategies on his website.

In fact, what binary options will become for a person depends only on him. One who wants to play in a casino will get a game of chance. Just two buttons, crazy profitability, the theoretical potential to earn at least a million - all that a gambler needs to be happy. In this case, a person who wants to earn consistently and turn trading into the main method of income also receives all opportunities. All one needs to do is to take this instrument seriously, go through training, practice, improve oneself and forget about fast money.

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