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Published: 10 November 2016 Updated: 12 May 2023

Traders are very skeptical of the analytics offered for trading in the binary market brokers. There are enough reasons for this - low level of professionalism of services, inefficient format of analytics, lack of practical prerequisites for using the services. However some brokers who have the most client-oriented policy on the market offer highly professional systems of analytical support to traders. Today we will consider the system of the broker's analytics Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate) from the position of effective practical use in everyday productive trading.

So, Binomo broker analytics is offered to clients in the following effective and professional formats:

  • News Overview
  • Technical analysis of the markets of attractive trading assets
  • Investments

Such a list of specialized analytical services is quite enough to obtain consistently high results on the binary market. What does this list of auxiliary information give us in practice?


News reviews of the broker

Binomo Company on your site offers not a fresh narrative of political and financial news - it is a full-fledged fundamental analysis of market indicators with conclusions about the degree of influence of publications and upcoming events on specific underlying assets. This fact allows to use the news reviews of the broker Binomo as a separate trading system with a high level of efficiency. In this case, the professionalism of reviews and the fundamental analysis of indicators is beyond doubt - on average, clients using this service of the broker declare the highest efficiency of forecasts based on these reviews. Thus, the use of this information service in trading is an extremely useful approach to obtaining signals on the market.


Technical analysis

The daily overview of the markets of the main underlying assets for binary trading leads to high trading results. Having the information and the global market direction as well as the levels significant for quotation building, a trader can build a day trading system or fine-tune his own trading system according to the market trends revealed by professionals.

With the combined use of Binomo broker's technical analysis and daily trading strategy, the level of trading performance can be increased by 20% on average. In the daily dynamics of capital growth, this indicator can have a significant impact on the overall trading result.



This service is suitable for traders to make medium-term investments with the help of binary contracts. It describes the prerequisites for growth or decline of certain assets in the medium term, which allows profitable investments. In addition, this service can be used in everyday life - based on the analysis of specialists, it is possible to conduct direct purchase of a specific asset (shares of companies, currencies). Thus, a trader can significantly expand his investment potential and toolkit of work on the financial market.

Thus, using the investment ideas of Binomo broker specialists, it is possible to create investment packages with a high level of risk diversification and liquidity.

Undoubtedly, an additional body of information analytics broker Binomo (go online) allows you to maximize the effectiveness of known approaches to trading and the overall financial result of the market participant.

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