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Published: February 3, 2021 Updated: September 16, 2022

Profitable forex trading requires both time and in-depth knowledge of the market and experience. Most newbies who have just entered the market and are afraid to open their first trades due to lack of experience and fear of making a mistake think so. However, there is another way to earn money - by copying trades. In this article by the example of NPB Invest service from broker NPBFX we will consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this method and show you how to start earning by copying trades.

What is deal copying?

A professional trader provides access to his terminal, as a result of which all trades opened by him are copied automatically to other accounts. It allows all participants to earn: managers can receive remuneration from transactions of all their investors, while investors save time and their own efforts and earn together with market professionals. The system of copied trades can be called a kind of auto-trading, since it is a fully automated process. Investor does not need to constantly monitor the trades and make in-depth analysis of manager's actions. Copying is done automatically with all set parameters.

Why is copying trades profitable for beginners?

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of copying trades for beginners:

  • Gain profit parallel to the development of theoretical and practical knowledge of trading, thanks to the opportunity to observe the trade of professionals and at the same time to earn.
  • The absence of an emotional component, which is especially typical for beginning traders, is an important aspect. Automatic copying of trades will save you from worrying about whether you made the right choice when opening or closing a deal.
  • Minimal risk of errors in analysis and calculations. A trader-beginner does not have to study the market independently in an attempt to find a suitable pair for making deals. All analytical actions are performed by a professional, and the investor has only to connect the account and wait for profit.

The peculiarity of copying transactions with NPB Invest is the opportunity to earn on the strategies of the best traders not only on currency pairs, but also on the collapse of stock exchanges and indices. In addition to the opportunity to earn without knowledge of all the specifics of the market and experience, the service has certain advantages, which will be discussed below.

Advantages of copying trades with NPB Invest service

Let's find out what advantages the NPB Invest service provides:

  • Benefits for all parties. A trader who provides his account for copying trades, when he reaches high positions in the vendor rating, gets good profits from his investors' trades. Whereas, investors achieve their profitability goals simply by copying trades of the best market professionals thanks to the rating provided. In addition, the service has a special bonus program for both investors and traders.
  • Possibility to make losing trades profitable. NPB Invest has a unique feature available - the ability to copy losing trades in the opposite direction, which allows you to reverse the game and make them profitable.
  • No commissions. There is no commission for making transactions and in addition, NPBFX offers free deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Wide range of trading instruments, more than 130 positions. Traders can trade a variety of currency pairs - both traditional and exotic - precious metals, oil of the most famous brands, the most popular stock indices, cryptocurrencies and stocks.
  • Guaranteed instant processing. NPBFX broker servers are located in Equinix NY4, one of the best data centers in the world; this server is also used by the largest stock exchanges, such as NASDAQ and NYSE. The fact that the NPBFX liquidity aggregator is directly connected with the largest liquidity providers, as well as the use of the latest server technologies guarantees the highest performance, minimum delays and instant processing speed.
  • Convenient rating. The vendor rating is compiled in such a way that investors can easily choose the most suitable trader. The filter is available by account age, total account growth, average profit per month, number of pips, maximum drawdown, drawdown period, recommended minimum and percentage of profitable trades.
  • International recognition. NPBFX services won the Most Intelligent Solution Provider 2020 award by APAC Business Headlines.

How to register on NPB Invest service?

Step one. If you already have a personal account on the official NPBFX website (, you can simply use these data to log in to the Personal Area at To register directly at, use the instructions below.

Step Two. Choosing the role of provider and/or follower. At the very beginning of registration, you will be asked to choose the position you are interested in - strategy provider or investor. If you prefer the provider role, you only need to enter your password to get started.

When you select the strategy follower role, the demo account settings will open, where you can select the initial balance, the currency and the leverage. Important: You can select two roles at once, if necessary.

Step three. Filling in the basic information of the profile. In the "Client type" column you can choose "personal account" or "corporate account", then you have to choose the currency and the leverage.

It is noteworthy that after filling out the basic information, the system will automatically suggest you several strategies suitable for the initial account budget of the suppliers.

How do you become a strategy provider?

In order to become a provider of trading strategies, you need to connect to the platform NPB Invest your former real account opened with the broker NPBFX, or open a new one (forex trading strategies). It is important to note that the connection is only available for those accounts with a history of 50 or more trades or an average income of more than 3 pips. In order to connect an account as a strategy provider, at least 30 days must pass from the moment the first order is opened on the account.

To create a trading strategy you should fill in the following data: choose a server from the list or enter IP address/domain, add account number and investor password, as well as name your trading strategy. Specify the trading method: manual, automatic or combined, as well as the trading time (Asia, Europe or America). It is also possible to select the date from which the trading history will be downloaded.

How to become an investor?

In order to start selecting trading strategies suitable for copying, you need to open a signal account with the NPB Invest type in your personal profile on NPBFX website, or click on the button as shown in the screenshot below and choose to create a new account.

After you have completed all the actions, you will receive an email with additional detailed instructions on how to connect your account and use the NPB Invest platform.

How to start copying strategies at NPB Invest?

To start copying, you need to deposit a signal account of at least $100. After that, all you need to do is to choose a strategy from the provider rating provided on the main page of the platform, click on it and click "Add to your portfolio", select a trading account designed for signal copying, and set the copying settings (forex signals).

Important: Deals begin to be copied to the account in automatic mode after some time, usually it takes from several hours to several days, depending on when new deals will be opened on the provider's account.

Advantages of working with NPBFH broker

With NPBFX your funds are reliably protected. The company is a full member of The Financial Commission category. Membership in this Commission guarantees payments per trader of up to 20,000 euros, if the relevant decision is made in the event of a dispute between the company and the trader.

NPBFX means reliability and experience. The company has been present on the market since 1996, and for more than 20 years of its existence, the broker has won numerous awards and traders' recognition for the quality of its service and comfort of the trading conditions provided.


If you are new to the market, then copying trades is a great start to earn your first capital on forex without fear of making mistakes due to lack of knowledge. If you are an experienced trader - NPB Invest copying service can become an additional way for you to earn in both cases, both as a provider and as a strategy follower. Register an account on NPB Invest platform and NPBFX will take care of quality control of trading conditions and safety!

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