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Published:26 February 2020 Updated:4 January 2024

Along with the rapid development of Internet technologies, their involvement in a trader’s life and trading is growing. After all, they allow you to save the most important thing for a person – time and comfort. That is why if you have ever thought of upgrading your forex tradingthen automatic trading with NPBFX (go online) would be the best choice.

Why is trading automation useful for a trader?

  • Automated trading can significantly reduce the time spent by the trader in trading.
  • Automated trading eliminates the human factor and helps the trader to reduce the level of emotional burden and stress.
  • Automated trading provides an opportunity to create unique strategies based on a combination of manual trading and advisors, as well as to implement a trading system, which is quite difficult to apply in manual trading due to, for example, complex calculations.
  • Automated trading is an additional opportunity to diversify capital and reduce trading risks (Forex without risks and investments).

What types of trade automation exist and are available at NPBFX?

Trading scripts

These are program codes written in the language of the trading platform, which are designed for one-time (at trader’s request) execution of functions. However, even with this, they can greatly facilitate the trading process, while putting a number of certain actions into automatic mode. For example, you can open orders with a single click or place multidirectional pending orders – the variety of available scripts is impressive.

A trading script is created not only to perform actions related to trading operations. It can also be designed to play an analytical and informational role, such as drawing trend lines. At NPBFX, traders can trade in the most popular terminal for traders MT4 on all types of operating systems and devices.

Thanks to this, you can take advantage of the scripts already available in the trading platform, wherever you are. To do this, open the “Navigator” panel – you can install a script of interest in one click or by dragging and dropping it on a currency pair. These scripts are a perfect solution for beginners. Professionals can set up individual parameters according to their own requirements right in the terminal.

Trading Advisors

In fact, trading advisors are the best combination of manual and automatic trading. In this case, the trader takes the responsibility for making the final decision and opening buy or sell trades – from the Expert Advisor he receives only signals based on the analysis performed. Semi-automatic trading is most often used by traders who are not ready to entrust their capital to automated trading. After all, the main task of the Expert Advisor is not to trade, but to make the process of making decisions easier for the trader.

A good assistant for you in choosing this type of trading will also be the unique analytical portal of NPBFX – it contains trading signals for 10 major indicators with consensus forecasts. When checking an Expert Advisor or another one, you can check the data in the portal and make sure your decision is correct. You can connect to the portal for free after registering on the official NPBFX website.

Trading robots

Forex robot – is a computer program, a code written in the language of the trading terminal. This code is based on a large number of trading signals and can determine whether a currency pair is worth selling or buying at the moment. There are a large number of trading robots on the web, from proven free ones to those that you have to pay for.

How do trading robots work? For robots to be as profitable as possible, it is important to find the right trading instrument and time frame for trading. After that, the robot, thanks to the algorithm, will look for the most profitable points of entry into the market and further actions. In this case, robots are able to find solutions and profitable deals even during market instability when the actual direction of trends is still unclear to the trader. In this case, robots follow the best trend, eliminating the chances of possible losses and increasing profits.

However, robots are not able to think creatively and thus cannot imagine what might happen in the future. In this respect, they are functionally limited by the original code of their program. Therefore, you should always use such Expert Advisors with caution. Not all Forex Brokers allow their clients to trade automatically, but at NPBFX you won’t encounter any such restrictions. The company welcomes robot trading and does not set any limits to its clients when choosing trading Forex strategies and methods. You choose the type of trading you like – including scalping and high-frequency robot trading (Forex Trading Training).

Rules of Forex trading robots

No matter how comfortable the broker’s trading conditions are, it is important to follow a number of rules when trading automatically, otherwise the trader may suffer losses:

  • It’s worth remembering that getting regular profits in automatic mode is not an easy task. Therefore, before you start using robots to enter the real market, conduct a full test of them. You can start with a demo account at NPBFX – if the robot has serious errors, they will already be noticeable at this stage.
  • Carefully study the instructions for the settings of the purchased robot. They must be present at all times – if they are not, it can be dangerous to use such a program.
  • Even if the robot has successfully passed the demo account, don’t rush to start trading large sums – in the real market the program may show less spectacular results. Start trading with minimal amounts, so you can test the robot in real forex market conditions. If it passes this test as well, then gradually increase your bets.
  • Attention to leverage. As with manual trading, it is important to select the right leverage – its size depends on the specific conditions, the robot used and personal preferences of the trader.
  • Don’t forget that when trading robots, a stable Internet connection is important, with no connection interruptions.

Competent use of robots together with comfortable trading conditions of reliable broker NPBFX will help you to improve your trading and reach new peaks in Forex. The detailed conditions of the broker are reflected in the screenshot below. You can learn more about the advantages of working with the broker in our review.

Tips from NPBFH: How to choose a trading advisor

In order to choose the most suitable advisor or trading robot for you, we offer some important tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Decide on your trading strategy. Before you buy a trading robot, you should decide on your trading strategy and study it thoroughly. This will help you understand what kind of robot you need (or maybe you don’t need it at all) and how to configure it in the future. The level of risk that the trading robot is designed to take, as well as its appropriateness to the trader’s expectations, are also very important.
  • Buy Expert Advisors only from trusted places. There are a large number of free trading robots and advisors on the Internet, but not all of them are safe. Often, verified developers offer potential buyers a link to the online monitoring rating. It is not recommended to put a program on a real account without preliminary testing.
  • Make sure that the robot’s timeframe fits your trading strategy. If the robot uses a small timeframe, it indicates a higher riskiness of its trading (and therefore a higher possible profit). Such a robot will be good for you if you are not against using a scalping strategy.
  • Be sure to find out the date the robot was created and information about its updates. In the automated trading market, something that was profitable yesterday may turn out to be almost useless today. Therefore, if you know that the program was created a long time ago and has not been optimized since then, you should be more careful.

In general, these are the main issues to pay attention to when choosing a trading robot. But it is worth remembering not to chase a quick profit – sometimes it is better to save than to earn.

ZuluTrade – alternative to automated trading from

NPBFX broker gives its clients an opportunity to connect to the leading social trading platform ZuluTrade. The platform has a unique database of professional traders, whose trades can be copied to your own trading account. Importantly, the trader retains control over his account, which is protected from high risks by ZuluGuard. The trader adjusts copied trades according to individual preferences and risks.

Whether to use auto-trading or not is the personal choice of each trader. However no trading strategy will bring regular income without quality service and broker’s conditions. With NPBFX you can be sure in reliability – the broker has been providing services on Forex market for more than 20 years. Open an account, test the comfort of automatic trading conditions and earn with reliable broker NPBFX.

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