Independent Review of the Analytical Portal of the Broker NPBFX

Published: 27 March 2020 Updated: April 21, 2023

Every day analytics, accurate forex trading signals, effective trading strategies, video reviews of popular currency pairs, forex calculator and economic calendar - all this you are used to look for from different sources on the Internet? Is it convenient, and how much do you trust such sources? Professional participants of the market recommend traders to use analytical portal NPBFX (go online) - a reliable source of information from a reliable Forex brokerwhich has been providing financial services since 1996.

NPBFX analytical portal is a powerful information and analytical platform for stock markets on the Internet, which you can trust. The portal is multifunctional: you will find more than 60 popular trading strategies, free trading signals online, which are based on data from 10 technical indicators (Forex Trading). In 24/5 mode on the analytical portal the latest analytics are issued, video reviews are published, 20 world economic forex indicators. A large section with training materials is in constant demand among novice traders.

In this article you will learn in detail (with screenshots and descriptions) about all useful options of the analytical portal NPBFX. At the end of the review, you will get acquainted with the step-by-step algorithm, which will help you to connect to the analytical portal in just a few minutes.

NPBFH analytical portal options

Analytics Feed

In this section you can get access to exclusive analytical materials and daily reviews of different trading instruments. The information is released daily, except weekends (Saturday and Sunday). For trader's convenience there is a filter, which allows to sort trading instruments (currency pairs, CFD on shares, stock indexes, cross-rates, raw assets, Cryptocurrencies) and select the preferred type of analysis (technical, Fundamental, guest).

"Analysts' feed on the NPBFX analytics portal

Filter in the "Analytics feed" section

Trading signals

In this section, a trader can get fresh trading signals on currency pairs, stock indexes, CFD on shares, raw materials and cryptocurrencies, which are based on the data of 10 technical indicators. The filter allows selecting the preferred trading instrument.

Trading signals on the analytical portal NPBFX

Every minute the trader receives information regarding the selected trading asset in the form of simple instructions: buy, sell or wait. The timeframe can be changed to 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours or 1 day.

Timeframes in the "Trading Signals" section

Video reviews

In this section, the trader can view the forecast for the week in the video recording format. Each recording contains forex charts and is accompanied by the analyst's comments. Reviews for previous weeks are also in this section and are available for viewing.

Video reviews on the analytical portal NPBFX

It is possible to choose a specific trading instrument if you don't want to watch the whole review. The reviews are published weekly.

Filter by trading instruments in the "Video reviews" section

Economic calendar

In this section, the trader can read the most important economic events of today, tomorrow and the whole week.

"Economic calendar on NPBFX analytical portal

It is possible to select a specific date or filter events by selecting a specific country.

Filter by date and country in the "Economic Calendar" section

Here you can also see the calendar of holidays of different countries for the next twelve months, find out the interest rates set by central banks, as well as track the dates of fixing the registers of certain companies and get instructions on how to install the Calendar Feeder indicator in the trading terminal MetaTrader4.

Additional options in the "Economic Calendar" section


This section will be useful for beginners traders and those who want to fill gaps in knowledge on any topic (Forex Trading Training). There are 6 buttons at the top of the section, each of which is responsible for the direction in training: "Trading Strategies", "Training Videos", "Glossary", "World Economic Indicators", "Video Courses", "Tutorial". Here the information about more than 60 trading strategies is collected, as well as video-lessons and conceptual apparatus, which will help a beginner to understand Forex trading (forex strategies).

"Training" on the NPBFX analytical portal


In this section, the trader can use the most important tools that help in making the right decision in favor of a profitable deal. There are 9 buttons at the top of the section, each corresponding to a different tool: "Historical Volatility", "Pivot Point", "Fibonacci Levels Calculator", "US Interest Rate", "Deal Volume Calculator", "Correlation Factor Calculator", "Currency Converter", "Currency Heat Map", "Forex Calculators".

"Instruments" on the NPBFX analytical portal

The "Forex Calculators" subsection is especially popular. Here the trader can calculate the volume of margin, stop-loss, profit and loss.

"Forex Calculators" on the analytical portal NPBFX

Chat with an analyst

In this section, the trader has an opportunity to ask the professional analysts a question and get an answer within 24 hours. It is also possible to see the popular questions, which were asked by other traders, and to see the history of their questions. To ask a question, it is necessary to press the corresponding green button in the section.

"Chat with an analyst" on the NPBFX analytical portal

The advantage of the analytical portal is that its data can also be used by foreign traders. In the upper right corner of the site there is an option to switch the language.

Language selection on the NPBFX analytics portal

Step-by-step instructions for connecting to the analytics portal

Step 1. Sign up on the NPBFX broker website by following this link

NPBFX registration

Step 2. Verify yourself in order to get access to all the advantageous offers of NPBFX broker. To do this, go to the "Verification" section in myAlpari.

Verification at NPBFX website

Step 3. Go to the "analytical portal" section and use its data to make trading decisions.

analytical portal on the NPBFX website

NPBFX analytical portal has established itself as a professional tool for successful trading on financial markets. Thanks to it even novice traders have an opportunity to make trading decisions on the level of experienced industry participants. All portal materials are exclusive and reflect the current situation on the market.

So, you can get free access to the data of the analytical portal right now. Start with a simple registration on the NPBFX forex broker website:

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