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Published: January 11, 2019 Updated: 22 April 2023

Complaint came from: Eugenia, from mail: [email protected]

Subject: SkyOptions scammers

Hello! I, too, was scammed for money just before the holiday, and the New Year was not the best way to meet.

Maxim Averintsev from skyopshins called and offered to earn money for gifts for grandchildren - it was November 2018 and long assured that it would only work for a couple of weeks and quickly multiply the money by 2 or 3 times.

Refilled the account with $312 from a Sberbank visa card and opened deals on oil, so said Averintsev's assistant - Sergey Kuzmin.

No one contacted me and the deal was at a disadvantage.

Four days later the head of security Dobrov called and urgently said that my account was blocked and you need to confirm my details through Sberbank, so you can withdraw.

I installed a program on my computer, timeweaver, and began to control my mouse and go to the links on the Internet.

Then text messages came from the bank about the withdrawal of money and the blocking of cards.

A total of 82,274 rubles went out.

It was a credit card and now there is a debt.

Found a group of victims online -

From all these scammers in Forex and the darkness of people say that it is useless to go to the police - no one will help.

So we all sit together, at least we support each other and keep our spirits up.

Send an email if you know how to find the fate of these thieves: [email protected]


We have our warning about this company's fraud on

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