Blackjack: Basic Strategies

Published:9 March 2023 Updated:4 January 2024

Blackjack is a game for intellectuals, which began to gain popularity after the 50s. As the years passed, the gambling industry developed, and it also became more accessible to a wide audience. Unlike other entertainment in the gambling world, playing blackjack can become quite profitable due to the minimal advantage of an online casino. Adhering to certain tactics, you can reduce the advantage of the casino to 0.5%. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gambler, it does not hurt to know the general principles and rules of the game.Blackjack strategies

General ideas about the game

The main goal is to collect 21 points or as close to that number as possible. If you score more than that, you automatically lose. The bet is made in advance. The first two cards the player receives open. Dealer deals himself so: the first – open, the second – closed. If his first card is an Ace, it is offered to insure the bet. Further action depends on the situation. You can make a rebound and, if you’re sure of your abilities, double your bet. You can not take the risk, making a “pass” or pressing “Skip”. Of course, if you’re lucky and roll an ace and a ten, the victory is yours. Blackjack lovers like to play with a progressive jackpot, when accumulated amounts are played out on the basis of additional bets. Typically, this is a fixed amount, a certain portion of which goes into the jackpot fund. To win, you need to collect a winning combination – with the same face value and the same suit. But you have to be very careful with such bets, because they have a low RTP which can significantly affect the result.

Card Values

The whole essence of the game of blackjack is based on knowing the values that remain constant throughout the game. An Ace is equal to 11 points. Cards with numbers correspond to the number on them, i.e. five is 5, seven is 7, etc. Jack, queen, king equals 10 points. The winning combination is an ace and a ten or any card with a picture. If the player and dealer have the same number of points, it is a complete draw, when no one has lost or won.

During the game, the dealer adheres to the “soft 17” rule – he stops when he scores a minimum of 17 points. And if the player scores less than 17 points, he must continue to draw cards until he reaches 17. In some online casinos it is possible after doubling the bet to make another one, getting an additional card. If a player receives two cards with an equal number of points, he is entitled to make a split – split into two hands, but the first bet in this case must be doubled, and the dealer will continue to deal already broken hands. You can play blackjack with live dealers at the casino Play Fortuna.

Blackjack at Play Fortuna

Card Counting Strategy

To win fairly, it’s best to rely on yourself, on your knowledge. Instead of looking for quick money and illegal ways to win, it’s better to practice math and use it as your main weapon on your way to winning. Counting cards is one way to increase your mathematical expectation and get closer to winning. Playing one deck is not profitable for the casino, so more often than not, multiple decks are used in blackjack on different platforms. There are two counting systems that a player can use regardless of his level of skill.

Plus-minus system – A method that requires attentiveness, lightning-fast reaction, and the ability to count quickly in your mind. Watching the cards open, assign each a different value and add to the previous one. For example, add one to each card with a small value (2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Subtract one if you roll a ten or an ace. If you roll a 7, 8 or 9, assign 0, as such values will not greatly affect the result. The higher the number obtained, the more likely to win. Then the player can be active in the process: doubling bets, doing splits, etc.

If the result is positive, you have an advantage, because it’s an indicator that most of the cards in the rest of the deck are of high value. If the result is negative, you can pass, because there are too many small values in the deck. If the result is zero, then the chances are 50/50, since there are equal amounts of big and small cards left in the deck.

The “Half System” – a more complicated version of counting. The name reflects the basic approach – work with halves. Add 0.5 to twos and sevens, 1 to threes, fours and sixes, and 1.5 to fives. Subtract 0.5 if a nine is rolled. If you roll a picture, subtract one; if you roll an eight, leave it as it is. Blackjack gurus use another way – when all rolled values are multiplied by two. Then the amount of winnings will be calculated by the “plus or minus” system. Classic types of blackjack can be played in casinos 7BitCasino.

Blackjack at 7BitCasino

Blackjack betting

When playing blackjack online, the bet is made in a few seconds and the decision has to be made immediately. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s best to double it, when extra bets are available, and what other varieties are available. The bet in this popular game can be insured. This option is available if the dealer’s open card turns out to be an ace. Progressive bet, as the name implies, is an increase in its size in case of winning.

For example, a participant has made a bet and doubles it after each win. By doubling, the player receives only one additional card. Of course, it is up to the player to make the final decision, but there are situations where it can be done bravely, without fear of the dealer’s subsequent actions:

  • the total number of points is 11;
  • when the dealer has no ace and the card is lower than yours;
  • when you already have between 16 and 18 points.

If the dealer has an ace or you already have more than 11 points, it’s a big risk. So it’s not a good idea to double your bet in these situations. Make your betting decision when you’ve dealt the first two cards. When a player takes an extra card from another deck, the bet cannot be doubled. There are different strategies for betting, which try to stick participants at the gaming table: “1-3-2-6”, “Manhattan 2-1-2”, “Martingale”, “Oscar System”, “Flat”, etc. All of them are aimed at increasing the winnings.


Regardless of the tactics chosen, the main thing is a responsible attitude towards the game. Knowledge is a powerful weapon on your way to winning at blackjack. Use it correctly and you’ll stand a good chance of winning the jackpot, leaving the casino with nothing. Try different strategies, each one is effective in its own way.

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