What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game designed for intellectuals, which originated in France. For many years it has remained the most famous and is considered the most popular on any gaming table in online casino. A better-known name for blackjack, familiar even to those who have never been to a real casino, is "21. The goal is to score no more than 21 points. It is important that your opponent has fewer points than you. The number of participants in one game depends on how many boxes are located on the playing field.


Types of blackjack

Two types of blackjack are common in the world of online gambling: live dealer and video blackjack. The key difference between the two is the way the deck is shuffled. "Live" dealer shuffles by hand, while in video blackjack, the computer does it. Several varieties can be distinguished by style. The main two are European and American. In the American version, the dealer receives two cards: one open and one closed. If the open card is an ace or ten, the dealer looks at the closed card without showing it to his opponent. In the case of blackjack (if you get 21 points), the card is opened, as well as the rest of the boxes. If less than 21, the continuation follows the same pattern.

The user, who is on the other side of the monitor, can use up to 4 boxes, and can make the main and additional bets. Additional bonus bet is made on the sevens and blackjack itself. The participant has the right to double it using any two cards. After receiving two cards, the user can declare that he gives up, losing half of what he wagered to win.

Unlike the American version, the European version does not reveal a closed card until all players at the table have made a decision and performed actions with their fallen card combinations. There are 8 decks here and 6 decks in the American version. After each round the decks are shuffled, and special machines are used for counting. Popular varieties are also considered to be:

  • Blackjack Switch. In this variant the player simultaneously demonstrates two combinations with two cards. At the same time the cards between combinations can be changed. If the dealer has 2 points, the user gets the bet back, winning at a ratio of one to one.
  • Double attack. The dealer is the first to open the cards received. This gives participants a head start, increasing their chances of winning. If a player has 21 points, the dealer wins. In this case, he can only divide his cards. The winning ratio in this case is 1:1.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack. A game with 4 decks, where 2 aces can only be split once, but the bet can be doubled on any two cards. If aces are split, insurance is lost. If 21 points are reached after splitting, blackjack is not counted, but the participant is given an additional card.

How to increase the chances of winning

To win and collect 21, the easiest thing to do is to hope that an ace and a ten fall out. But the seasoned participant has the skill and skill that can turn the whole game in his favor. There is a basic strategy that all fans of this game are familiar with. It is available for download in any search engine. Therefore, beginners will be able to master the basics and figure it out on their own. To increase the chances of winning, it won't hurt to know how the winnings are paid and how the odds are calculated. The most common ratio is 3:2. This is more advantageous to the player, as opposed to the 6:5 ratio. Payout rules are usually written on the table.

How to win at BlackJack

On the way to victory, games with flexible rules with 1 or 2 decks will bring the most results. For example, where the dealer pauses at soft 17, is allowed to double the bets (especially after splits), there is an opportunity to surrender. No matter how much you bet, try not to hedge your bets. It's also not a good idea to play for even money. Remember that this game is an individual game, so don't pay attention to the other participants when making your decision.

Even experienced participants should avoid progressive strategies. The size of the next bet should not depend on the result of the previous game. A few games lost in a row is not a sign that the next game will be a happy one. Choose full tables where the deck is shuffled manually or with a mechanical shuffler. Shuffling with shuffle machines only benefits the casino, not the players. It increases the number of hands and forces players to raise their bets.

Blackjack Game Guide

Blackjack is not a complicated but fascinating game. Originating in the early 20th century, it quickly gained popularity and attracted the interest of many fans of casinos around the world. The following are tips that can be effective and help you win:

  • Know when it is best to abstain. If you have 17 or more points, abstain. If the dealer has 6 or fewer points and you have 13, you should also stop.
  • If you've already scored 11 points and the dealer's card is not an ace, double your bet. If you score 9, and the dealer has 6 or less points, you can double your bet without fear. But if you opened a ten, it's better to refuse doubling.
  • If you have 5 to 8 points, take an extra card. If you have 12 to 16 points, take into account what the dealer opened. If it's a seven or another card with more points, take an additional card as well. In all other cases you should take into account what you opened and make a decision: split, double or stop altogether.
  • A win-win solution would be to split the bet if the user has two aces or two eights. It won't even matter if the hand is open. If you score at least 7 points and the dealer has less than 7, splitting the bet will not be superfluous.
  • Refuse to play with an insurance bet. If the dealer has an open ace, his probability of winning is 20%.

Ready to try blackjack?

Blackjack is an interesting and exciting, but at the same time simple entertainment that is available to all fans of online gambling. The simplicity of the rules makes it easy to use the developed strategies and tips, getting closer to victory. And to practice your skills there are many free smartphone apps available online. A key plus of this game is the low casino advantage, which means more chances to win. That's why it has such success with both beginners and casino gurus.

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