What is RTP in Casinos: Everything You Need to Know

Published:20 February 2023 Updated:4 January 2024

Casinos continue to be a popular way to make money, in part because they are available online and with VPN. On the web, different services will offer you a lot of casinos to choose from with tempting bonuses. But don’t rush to rush into them right away, but study this industry for what it is. Learn what kinds of games there are, what slots are, where to start knowing the casino, how to win from it, what it is, where to get no deposit bonus etc. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you spend some of your time on training. As a result, you won’t waste it in vain, but will be able to understand how casinos are structured and soberly assess your options. In this article we will tell you all about RTP.

RTP in online casinos

What is RTP in slots?

In online casinos, this abbreviation means Return to Player. It is the winnings you get back at the end of the game offline or online. So, 95% is average in the casino industry, 90% is low, and 98% is the opposite, high and more interesting. Also, the higher it is, the higher and larger the profits.

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Do you need to know about him?

If you know about it, it will help you determine how much you will win. Therefore, even before the game, we recommend not only to study its rules. At the most profitable options, you can count on a high profit, for example, if the return of part of the funds 97%, then from each game you can win 0.97 euros, if the bet is equal to 1 euro. The remainder, 0.03 euros, goes to the company, there is no way without it. If income is your goal, you need to analyze all options and may be worth ignoring those with returns lower than 95%. Although there are exceptions and slots are a random number generator and the exact results here cannot be predicted.

RTP: how to choose?

It is necessary to pay attention to several factors at once, but it gives you more reliability. First, check if the developer has a slot license. Then study the interface, the available bonuses, the quality of design, the presence of descriptions, rules. Of course, it is also important to consider such indicators as volatility, probability of winning, variance, hit rates and bonuses. That’s why RTP is often called theoretical, but you shouldn’t forget about it if the casino is your source of income. Here it is important to keep in mind the House Edge, which we will talk about later.

What is House Edge?

This term refers to the percentage of the total amount of bets that the casino retains and, therefore, the user loses. This term, interestingly enough, refers to the well-known expression “the casino always wins”: even if in the short term the user wins, in the long term the amount of his bets will still exceed his winnings, and it is true – the company also needs money for work.

Example: If the RTP is 97%, then House Edge is 3%. The user will use the betting budget, and the platform steadily keeps and earns its 3%.

Who sets the RTP?

The provider himself is the creator, the developer, the author of the slot. To find out the RTP, just visit his resource.

Can the RTP change?

It’s not all that simple here. First, the online venue cannot regulate this indicator on its own, because it is laid down when the game is assembled in the form of a code (online) or in the form of chips (offline). Licensed companies are the honest ones who play by industry rules, can’t influence the results and don’t even have that option. Unlicensed ones, on the contrary, can offer you pirated software and change different parameters, including RTP. This, of course, attracts those who don’t understand the industry yet.

However, there are cases where the RTP changes:

  • players, if the ISP itself allows it. This is convenient for users, but rarely happens.
  • studios, if it is also allowed by the provider. Therefore, the RTP of different casinos may be different
  • provider in case of a software update

Still, it is at about the same level, and major changes are rare. For example, a renewal may occur due to too large payments disrupting the company’s economy.

Changing RTP

Where can I see the RTP?

You can see it in the description of the game and on the official website of the provider. Even if it will be changed, this information will immediately be added to the main resource of the project.

Is it possible to calculate it yourself?

You can, but this figure, as we have noted, is on the developers’ websites. To determine it yourself, there is a simple formula:

(total winnings / total bets) x 100%.

To accurately calculate the RTP, you need as many spins of the drum, only so the results will be correct, because they depend on the variance.

Which RTP is low? Which one is high?

Let’s look into this further. To do this, let’s set up the kinds of slots:

  • With a low rate of return: if the machines are profitable less often.
  • With an average: between the first and the third type of slots in our list, the average payout and the same fallout frequency.
  • With high: large payouts, frequent records of multiplication and more players, positive reviews.

What is the best indicator?

If it is 98% or higher. You can see it on the developer’s website. The higher it is, the more popular the game is and the more reviews about it.

When is RTP not important?

If the slot is unlicensed, there is no guarantee of profit and the network suspicious reviews: either too many positive or many negative about fraud and deception.

Impact on bonuses

Yes, this indicator has a direct effect. The higher it is, the bigger and more frequent the winnings, but it does not always work. Sometimes the return of the bonus is higher than for the game, it can be found out in its rules. In addition, everything can depend on the country, the bet amount (Microgaming has it in Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah, NetEnt has it in Hotline).

Bonuses and RTP

What does the RTP depend on?

From the following factors:

  • From the regulator of the state in which the person in charge determines the minimum possible RTP. For example, in Australia – 85%, in the U.S. it depends on the state.
  • From the manufacturer.
  • From the availability of the license. May be equal to 90-98%.
  • On the format: offline or online. Offline it is lower, because the cost of maintaining a casino is more expensive than a virtual one.

What does the frequency of winnings depend on?

From the index of dispersion or the probability of the expected result. It can be:

  • Low: frequent winnings of insignificant amounts. The risk of losing is lower.
  • High: less frequent winnings and payouts, but these are often very large amounts. Difficult game, but attractive for possible income.
  • Medium: both high and low income. Suitable for those who are looking for a better option.

Is RTP enough to win?

Unfortunately, no, it’s not that simple. Although it is an important indicator, but knowing only it will not help to win and get a stable profit. You also need to take into account dispersion, wagering percentage, knowledge of slot features, experience, casino license, etc.

RTP in 2023: trends

The casino industry, especially online, is constantly evolving. The user today needs much more: colorfulness, incredible design, exciting sensations and, of course, profitable RTP. There is an increase in this indicator. For example, today NetEnt and Microgaming rarely offer models with returns lower than 94%, in Amatic at most slots RTP – 96%, Betsoft – to 98%.

Users themselves today are smart and picky: when choosing a slot, they evaluate both the appearance and RTP, conditions, bonuses, wagering conditions, and much more. Reviews, rating the best slots 2023 – something that is sure they study if they care about a balanced and promising game. RTP has always been important when choosing a game. The advice is to study the casino carefully and work only with those sites that have a license, because illegal companies will not guarantee you a fair game.

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