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Published:31 May 2018 Updated:4 January 2024

As we all know very well, you can make money in the market only if you seriously prepare for trading. Fear, greed and desire to win back capital can prevent newcomers from success in confrontation with the market. Having chosen the right instruments professionals are steadily earning a decent income. Thus, not everyone knows that today you can forget about manual trading, and now every computer owner has an opportunity to trade automatically using the Expert Advisor. And yes, it is profitable, it’s a documented fact!

Why trading with Expert Advisors has a positive effect on trading results:

  • The counselor is insensitive,
  • The counselor has no fatigue,
  • The program follows a clear profitable strategy and has no sense of greed.

Just imagine, three of these factors put automatic trading advisors in the black! Of course, not every EA will bring profit. There are also the so-called “sinkers”, which you can avoid by checking the work of the Expert Advisor on a cent account.

Today we will tell you an example of a profitable Expert Advisor – SURF-Trade, a proven program that has already been successfully tested by traders on a real account with a deposit of 3,000$. There are a lot of “sinkers” on the internet, i.e. programs that have no confirmation of their effectiveness. Our advice to those who want to engage in efficient automated trading is to test and trade only those Expert Advisors, which have online monitors, confirming the results of their work.

SURF-Trade Forex Advisor

This advisor is one of the most profitable today market trading robotswhich shows positive results in the continuous forex trading. WELTRADE Broker provides the program to its users absolutely free of charge. You can download it from the official company website.

The peculiarity of the SURF-Trade strategy is that trading takes place within a corridor, giving priority to volatile and flat currency pairs. To search for quality signals are used indicatorsSMA, Stochastic, oscillator of overbought-oversold zones and MACD. The best performance of forex advisor is shown for the currency pairs EURUSD, EURAUD, USDCHF and AUDCHF. It is recommended to use the timeframe – M5-M15.

With the new solution for automatic trading, you can easily set up round-the-clock work to earn money in your account. The program can completely take trading “into its own hands”. Once you set up and run your robot, you are free to do other things while SURF-Trade takes care of a steady income from the financial market. Once your robot is running, it will detect the price dynamics and place orders with the volume set as the starting volume. Thanks to the Take Profit option it is easy to fix the profit when its level is reached. If the price moves in the opposite direction, the advisor will open a new deal with the same volume as the first one after the number of points of the “Distance” parameter specified in the settings. If the price moves in the opposite direction again, the robot will open a deal with the volume, which is calculated by the program using the formula: previous bet volume + starting lot.

It should be noted that the forex advisor we offer is simple and straightforward to use, and even a market novice can cope with its settings. Positive trading results were confirmed by the online monitoring of MyFxbook and MQl5 services. This fact allows trusting the program and proves its profitability and stability. Thanks to the successful cooperation with the broker WELTRADE, the results of trading with the help of the forex-advisor will be presented in monthly reports, which you can find on the project page MQL5.

Online Surf Trade Monitoring

This chart shows the trading history of the Surf Trade robot in real time:

Expert Advisor Characteristics:

  • Platform: WELTRADE broker terminals,
  • The best pairs for work: EURUSD, EURAUD, USDCHF, AUDCHF,
  • Recommended time frame settings: M5-M15,
  • Leverage parameters: from 1:500 p.,
  • Deposit: from 25 USD (cent account).

The program parameters are set up when it is added to a currency pair chart:

Configuring Surf Trade Expert Advisor Settings

More about system parameters:

  • Plus – Take Profit is summed up at the time of opening a new order,
  • Take profit – the level of income fixation, taking into account the spread,
  • Distanciya – the distance between the orders,
  • ShagDist – is added to the “Distance” option,
  • Lots – the size of the lot which is necessary for the robot to trade,
  • Magic – the individual number of the robot.

Broker for Surf Trade Expert Advisor

As we have already noted, the Surf Trade Expert Advisor works only on the trading platforms of the broker WELTRADE. The program was developed by the company’s partners in order to offer users a profitable solution with comfortable spreads and consistently high returns. As you know, all Forex brokers The same program for automatic trading can show completely different results on several trading platforms. Surf Trade was specially created for the broker’s trading conditions, so it has a good performance.

WELTRADE broker is the company you should pay attention to. It is an experienced and stable organization that has been successfully working for almost 12 years, offering its users profitable and functional trading, a wide range of assets, interesting promotions and contests. The organization became popular due to unique cooperation conditions, constant service development and striving for new achievements. Users appreciate the modern reliable trading platform, which offers a variety of opportunities to earn money. Note that reviews of the broker today are mostly positive.

Advantages of WELTRADE:

  • More than 11 years of successful work;
  • Over 100,000 successful traders from 18 countries;
  • Great opportunities in one of the best trading platforms in the world;
  • More than reliable cooperation: the broker has a license;
  • More than comfortable trading: work on a cent account to test advisors;
  • High speed of capital withdrawal from the platform (within 30 minutes, 24/7).

WELTRADE bonus for readers of Eto-divorce™

Attention! WELTRADE is always glad to offer its users interesting offers and additional bonuses. Special offer from broker for readers of the portal Revieweek.which will allow you to test the Surf Trade Expert Advisor more profitable:

  • 10$ as a no deposit bonus,
  • or 50$ when you top up your account.

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Download Surf Trade Expert Advisor

How to install SURF-TRADE Expert Advisor?

In order to install the advisor, you need:

  • First, download the archive file SURF-TRADE.ex4 with the program from the broker’s official website; then copy it;
  • In the MT4 platform, select the menu “File” – “Open Data Folder”, then paste the file you copied into the “MQL4 – Experts” folder;
  • Now it is necessary to restart the terminal. After the program is open again, you need to find in the top menu section “Service Settings” – “Advisors”;
  • Here you must check the checkboxes in the items: “Allow DLL import”, “Allow automatic trading”. After that you should click the “OK” button.
  • In the window “Navigator” you need to click on the section “Advisors”, select the file SURF-TRADE.ex4, open the context menu by pressing the right mouse button, select the option “Attach to chart” (for example, you can install the advisor to trade on the EURAUD pair, timeframe: M5). Next, you need to set the parameters:

How to install SURF-TRADE advisor in Metatrader4?

  • Now, go to the tab “General”, check the boxes “Allow import functions from DLL”, “Allow Expert Advisor to trade”. After you click “OK”, the robot will start working with the parameters you have set.

How to install Surf Trade Expert Advisor in MT4: Video Instruction

Installing Surf Trade Expert Advisor in Metatrader is easy and simple, even a beginner of the market can cope with this process. We recommend to watch video instruction on how to install advisor in MT4 platform:

Monthly reports and monitoring

Trading is a skill, and without your personal participation, it is difficult to achieve consistently high results. In any case, you should occasionally monitor the results of Surf Trade Expert Advisor trading, follow the fundamental events of the market, and close positions for which you believe the Expert Advisor has chosen the wrong direction. Remember that such situations are also possible.

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