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Published: 8 December 2022 Updated: 17 February 2023

Attracting customers is the goal of any business plan, so online casinos get creative with promotions such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, virtual credits and free spins. Offering free spins is one of the most popular ways to attract new players, as this way you can try out specific games (especially video slots) and even win real money.

Some lucky players (or experienced players) manage to win and cash out without making any financial contributions. Nevertheless, free spins offers are regulated by certain rules (which vary from portal to portal), so it is quite difficult to win big money relying on freespins - sooner or later you will have to make a deposit.

How do I get freespins?

After registering at an online casino, it is a good idea to get an idea of what promotions and bonuses are offered to new players on a particular platform, rather than immediately start playing video slots with your own funds. Among the most popular reward methods are freespins, which can be used in slots.

Free spins, like other bonuses, are divided into deposit and no deposit bonuses. When choosing a bonus, you should be guided, first of all, by the conditions that must be met in order to receive it. Next to each bonus you will find a link to a page with a document called "Terms and Conditions", which is worth studying.

Types of freespins in casinos

Deposit freespins are freespins that you get for depositing a certain amount of money. However, such freespins are usually accompanied by complicated conditions for their receipt, so it is worth considering whether they are really worth it.

Non-deposit freespins are the most common type of free spins. They can be earned without any financial contribution from the player. Non-deposit freespins are earned by all new users. This type of spins may also have strict conditions for receiving them, but this happens infrequently. Most often, to withdraw funds won on freespins, you need to make a small deposit, but there are also such casinos (online casino rating), which allow you to enjoy your winnings without making a deposit - it is enough to open an account. Such favorable conditions can be found, in particular, at NetEnt, but keep in mind that they can change at any moment.

Deposit bonus + freespins is a mixed bonus consisting of a deposit bonus (for example, 100% from the deposit amount to $100) and a package of free spins (example package - 100 freespins: 10 you get immediately, 20 on your first deposit at $20, another 30 at $30 and another 40 on your third deposit). Such bonuses are also determined by the terms of receipt. You should definitely read them and make sure you comply with them. Otherwise, you won't be able to claim your prize.

Is it worth it to deposit funds into an account?

As we mentioned before, one type of free spins are deposit freespins. If you choose this type, you will need to make a cash deposit (the minimum deposit amount varies depending on the platform). To win freespins without a deposit, all you have to do is register on the casino website. So, which freespins to choose? The decision here depends on the individual preferences of the player.

Conditions for the bonus

It is always worth paying attention to the conditions for receiving a bonus. As a rule, they are determined by the odds by which the amount of your deposit is multiplied (e.g: 25x means that you will only get a bonus if you wager 25 times your deposit, regardless of whether you wagering your money or winnings from free spins.) If you withdraw before the wagering requirements are met, the casino will void both the bonus and your winnings. To get your bonus as soon as possible, it is recommended that you make a minimum deposit (the amount is determined by the specific casino).

Online casino freespins

How do I get more freespins?

Free spins are given not only to new users. Many casinos organize great promotions, in which the player gets 10 freespins on certain slots. In this way, the casino promotes new games or arouses interest in users who are ready to make another deposit. However, there is a difficulty here as well - you need to make at least one deposit (usually from $10 to $50) to prove your commitment. We recommend constantly checking the calendar of online casino gift promotions and not to neglect newsletters, where you can often find interesting information.

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