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My Favourite Magazines is an online ordering service for a variety of titles from Future Publishing Limited at affordable prices, including digital versions.
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      Quay House, The Ambury, Bath, BA1 1UA, United Kingdom

      My Favourite Magazines is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: May 13, 2020 Updated: 17 February 2023

      Future Publishing Limited was founded in 1986 in the United Kingdom. The service itself My Favourite Magazines was launched in 2006, and since then it has developed a subscription magazine delivery network to more than 100 countries. You can order a subscription to any of the titles at discounts of up to 64%, buy a gift voucher, and the selection of subscriptions is so large that everyone can find their own publication, from popular science to magazines devoted to art, music and the film industry.

      Delivery is fast enough and you have the option to pay for any of the subscriptions online. It seems that ordering print publications through can be profitable, but isn't this a scam? educational service? Let's figure it out.

      Is My Favourite Magazines a scam? Reviews


      Why My Favourite Magazines?

      My Favourite Magazines is a service through which you can order a subscription to any publication you like, even if you do not live in the UK or Europe.

      My Favourite Magazines subscriptions

      The benefits of

      • You can order magazines not only from Future Publishing Limited, but also from other popular publishers;
      • Shipping to more than 100 countries worldwide, shipping costs included in the subscription;
      • A huge selection of subscription publications;
      • Discounts and good deals;

      Despite the fact that the platform presents only English-language editions, a huge selection allows everyone to find a magazine to their liking.

      How do I subscribe at

      You can subscribe to any edition online by registering on the company's website Registration does not take more than 10 minutes. The link to confirm registration will be sent to your email. Please note that the confirmation of the personal account on the service platform may in some cases take up to 1 hour. But usually it takes about 10-15 minutes. registration

      My Favourite Magazines Private Office

      Using your personal account on the website you can update delivery addresses, manage your subscriptions, add new ones or cancel old ones, track delivery of editions and pay for selected ones.

      Mobile application

      The company does not have its own mobile app.


      Subscriptions at offers its subscribers a huge range of publications, which they can order for delivery through the site. As we have already written, you can subscribe not only to printed publications, but also to digital copies.

      My Favourite Magazines reviews of the service


      The largest magazine about soccer. "Around-the-Football" stories, news from the world of sports, interviews with famous soccer players and much more. This subscription, as well as many others, can be ordered in three variants: only printed edition, printed+digital copy, or only digital copy. FourFourTwo

      Classic Rock

      A cult magazine about music. Stories, interviews, rock novelties and legendary performers, in this magazine you will find all the most interesting things from the world of music.

      My Favourite Magazines Classic Rock

      How it works

      One of the most famous popular science magazines. This magazine publishes articles from the world of the natural sciences, literally "About Everything," written in simple and fascinating language. How it works

      For convenience, all subscriptions are divided by theme: science, film industry, music, photography, home and garden, game world, and more. On the page of each magazine you can browse a digital copy of the latest issue of the magazine and find all the order options and special offers. magazines category "Music


      Free services

      There are no free subscriptions at the publishing house. But, as we've written before, before you order a magazine, you can view a digital copy of each magazine. And, when choosing a subscription, note that many magazines offer gifts to their subscribers when you order a subscription for six months or more, if you do so via The Keto Diet Book

      These can be both additional, free editions, and simply gifts. For example: if you buy a six-month subscription to Period Living magazine, you get a tea pair with a designer's drawing as a gift. magazines in the Popular category


      Additional services

      In addition to ordering subscriptions, the site you can buy gift certificates for subscription kits and magazine issue boxes. The certificate costs 15 euros and is only available in Europe.

      My Favourite Magazines certificate

      Digital subscriptions

      In addition to the paper editions, digital copies of all magazines can be purchased on the publishing house's website. To subscribe, you need to register on the site and follow the instructions. digital subscriptions


      My Favourite Magazines subscription costs

      The cost of magazines depends on the edition and on the type of subscription: print, digital, digital+print, and single editions. Since you can buy magazines directly from publishers and at great discounts through the website, long-term subscriptions will be more profitable to order. On average, print subscriptions will cost from 6 euros for one magazine, or 2.14 euros for a digital copy.


      How do I pay for my subscription on the site?

      You can pay for any of the subscriptions through the site with any bank card, bank transfer, check, or web wallet PayPal.

      Paying for a subscription in myAlpari

      The best way to pay for your subscription through your personal account is to use your bank card or PayPal. Renewing the subscription will be very easy in your personal cabinet. In the payment box you will need to enter a 10-digit subscription code, and then the amount will be deducted from your bank card. There is a special offer now - renew your subscription now and get up to 54% off. subscription payment


      Let's take a closer look at what promotional offers are available on the publishing house's website.

      Student discounts

      For students, the publishing house offers a 20% discount on any edition. In order to take advantage of the promotional offer, you need to confirm your student status when registering on the website.

      My Favourite Magazines discounts

      Best offers

      Under "Best Offers," you can subscribe to publications at significant discounts. best deals


      In the "Offers" section you will find all the additional specials offered on the platform. The list is constantly updated. Through the site, you can also sign up for a mailing list and you will receive all the information by mail. specials newsletter

      At the moment, the company has special offers for long-term subscriptions - you can order them at a discount of up to 60% for up to 6 months. In addition, the company's subscribers can get seasonal promo codes in the newsletter, which give a discount of up to 20%.

      My Favourite Magazines magazine subscriptions

      Referral program cooperates with a CPA network Admitad. For each order, which will pay your invited user, you will receive a monetary reward.


      Complaints about My Favourite Magazines

      Feedback on the work of the publishing service My Favourite Magazines is mostly positive. Customers of the service praise the large selection of subscriptions and discounts, thanks to which it is possible to subscribe to periodicals at very favorable prices. The few negative reviews are related to the fact that sometimes there were problems with delivery, but they were quickly solved with the help of support service, in case the delivery of publications was delayed, the company provided discounts for the next subscriptions.

      If there are any reviews about My Favourite Magazines, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      Future Publishing is registered in the United Kingdom. The company registration number is 02008885. The company registration details can be found on the UK Register of Companies.

      User Agreement .ru

      The user agreement with the online subscription service is listed in the document list in the basement of the site, but it is in English only. user agreement

      Please note that cancellations and refunds within 14 days of payment are only available if you are a UK or EU citizen. In all other cases, a full refund is not available.

      My Favourite Magazines unsubscribe

      You can buy gift vouchers on the publisher's website, but the funds for them are also non-refundable if you cancel your order. The agreement is small and also refers to the resolution of financial and legal issues, which, if they cannot be resolved with the help desk, are dealt with in accordance with UK law. In addition to the user agreement, when you register on the site, you sign a policy of storing personal data. gift vouchers

      Customer Service

      To contact the representatives of the publishing house you can call +44-(0)-330-333-11-13 (UK number), write an e-mail or use the feedback form (for registered customers). There is also a section on the website which provides answers to frequently asked questions.

      Site security

      All your payments through the company's website are secure. The website is protected by a high level security certificate - Digiset Secure trusted.


      Is My Favourite Magazines a scam?

      My Favourite Magazines - is a subscription and delivery service for the most popular English-language publications in the UK and Europe. The service is owned by Future Publishing Limited and has been in operation since 2006. You can order printed editions, or digital copies, with good discounts and the possibility to pay online. Having studied how works, we can say with confidence that this service is not a scam. Delivery to more than 100 countries worldwide is included in the subscription price if you prefer paper copies of your favorite titles.

      The good deals will allow you to buy magazines cheaper than in stores. It is also very convenient that the service gives you the opportunity to buy digital copies of your favorite publications and read them anywhere from your mobile device. As we have already written, there are not many reviews on the service, but most of them are positive. The service is available only in English, payment for all subscriptions is made in euros, it should be borne in mind, it is possible that the price will be slightly different from that presented on the website, depending on the exchange rate.



      Thanks to you can get iconic English-language publications with home delivery and at very favorable prices. The site of the service is well designed and gives you the opportunity to browse a digital copy of any magazine if you are still undecided. Seasonal discounts are available when you renew your subscription. There are also special discounts for students, mail-outs, first orders, and so on. The terms of the service allow you to cancel and renew subscriptions at your convenience, and the help section of the site provides answers to most of your questions about the service.


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