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An economic online game that offers to earn on the sale of ore collected by purchased gnomes, there are bonuses for participants.
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[email protected]Feedback form on the site
English, Russian
Min. first deposit
From 1 RUB
Minimum output
From 1 RUB
Interest accrual
Accruals to the game account occur every hour
Methods of replenishment
Free-Kassa, Payeer
Withdrawal methods
Qiwi, Yandex.Money
Deposit period
Type of game
Free Demo Account
Affiliate Program
Registration3-30% from the amount of refills referrals
You can really make money in the game and the project makes payouts
Bright game design
Simple site interface
The site is adapted for mobile devices
On the pages of the site there are tips that help you immerse yourself in the gameplay even faster
The registration process takes no more than 5 minutes
Several options for earning
A variety of bonus program
For successful earnings in the project you need to attract referrals
No data on the organizers of the project and the location of the headquarters
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    Money Gnomes is this a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: September 16, 2019 Updated: April 24, 2023

    Money Gnomes - economic online game, which appeared in 2017. Over 2 years, the project has attracted the attention of more than 300,000 users and became quite popular. The essence of the game is to hire gnomes and collect ore, which later can be exchanged for gold and converted into real money.

    In this review, we will look in more detail the possibilities of the project, and determine whether the game Money Gnomes - a scam or a bona fide platform with which you can make money.


    The advantages of playing Money Gnomes

    Let's review the main features and benefits of the game platform


    No data about the developer or the location of the main office is publicly available.

    Date of issue

    The project was launched in 2017.


    The main page shows the statistics of the game:

    • total number of users: 316,279 people;
    • new players in the last 24 hours: 404 participants;
    • paid in total: 2,297,537.12 rubles;
    • reserve: RUB 5,520,266.90;
    • total days in operation: 749 days.

    This data is current as of 9/11/2014.

    The essence of the game

    The essence of the game is that each participant becomes the owner of the mine. The player must buy gnomes, which in turn will produce ore. The more expensive gnome, the higher its productivity. Resources can be exchanged for silver. It is silver that allows you to withdraw real money from the project. A total of 5 types of dwarves are available:

    • Simpleton (profit: 150 ore/hour; cost: 1000 silver);
    • Chihun (profit: 800 ore/hour; cost: 5000 silver);
    • Merryman (profit:5000 ore/hour; cost: 25,000 silver);
    • Grumpy (profit: 25,000 ore/hour; cost: 100,000 silver);
    • Smart (profit: 80,000 ore/hour; cost: 300,000 silver).

    Each player is given a bonus thousand silver to his shopping account. The money can be spent to buy the first gnome. The mined ore goes straight to the warehouse. Collect the ore can be every 10 minutes. There is no limit on the amount of ore collected in the warehouse, so you do not have to enter the game every day.

    Collected ore can be exchanged for silver. 100 ore = 1 silver. The funds received are evenly divided between the account for purchases and the balance for the withdrawal of funds from the project. In the future silver may be exchanged for real money. 100 silver is equal to 1 ruble.


    Requirements for the game

    To play without any problems, you need to understand the basic requirements of the playground.


    Money Gnomes is an online game, so there are no specific requirements to the technology of the project participants. For the site to work properly and not to slow down, the user must provide access to a high-speed Internet connection. The site is adapted for mobile devices, so the player has access to the project at any time and can play from your phone or tablet.

    Game interface

    The design of the game is quite simple and is fully consistent with the chosen theme. The project's interface is clear even to a newcomer, so a new player does not need more than 10-15 minutes to understand the basic features of the game platform. Also on the pages are tips that help immerse yourself in the gameplay even faster.


    Registering for the game

    As in similar economic games, the registration process takes no more than 5 minutes. First you need to go to the website The main page provides information about the main features of the project. To start registration, you need to click on the appropriate button.

    Next, a registration form is displayed in front of the new user, in which it is necessary to specify the e-mail address, make up a login and password. By registering in the system, the participant automatically agrees with the paragraphs of the "User Agreement", which is why you should first read the document.


    Earnings strategies in the game "Money Gnomes

    The game implements several options for earning money.

    Strategy #1

    The main income for the user is to invest their own money in the purchase of gnomes. In turn, the gnomes will extract a valuable resource - ore. The higher the cost of the worker, the higher his productivity. Ore can be exchanged for silver. It is silver that allows you to withdraw real money from the project.

    Strategy No. 2

    Each registered player receives a referral link, through which he can attract new players to the game and get profit for it. The project has a 5-level system of referral charges:

    • from referrals of the 1st level - 30% from replenishments;
    • from referrals of the 2nd level - 20% from replenishments;
    • from referrals of the 3rd level - 10% from replenishments;
    • from referrals of the 4th level - 5% from replenishments;
    • from referrals of the 5th level - 3% from replenishments.

    Strategy #3.

    Each user has the opportunity to earn extra money by viewing ads on partner sites. At one time the player can get from 3 to 58 silver to the account for withdrawal.

    Strategy #4

    Every player who already has silver on his account can try his luck in the wheel of fortune. The principle is quite simple: the player chooses the bet size and receives a winnings from 10 to 300%. There is also a jackpot, which is constantly increasing.


    Bonuses from Money Gnomes

    For players in the project There are various bonuses, promotions and contests.

    Enrollment Bonus

    Every new user who has just registered in the game receives a bonus of 1,000 silver to their shopping account. This amount allows you to buy your first gnome and start mining ore.

    Top-up offer

    At the first replenishment the player receives bonus 100% to the account for purchases. Further bonuses are also provided for those who replenish the account for 500 rubles and more. So, the participant of the project can get from 50 to 200% to the account.

    Bonus once an hour

    Once an hour each player can get from 1 to 10 silver to the account for purchases.

    Daily Bonus

    Once a day, each user can try his luck and try to get a bonus of up to 100 silver. The funds received are credited to the account for purchases.

    Referral contest

    Periodically in the game is a contest of referrals. The condition is that the winners are those players who were able to attract active referrals in the terms specified in the contest. For each addition to the balance of a referral the user receives points. 1 ruble equals 1 point. The user who comes first in the rating table wins. The prize fund is distributed among several participants.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    The game involves investing your own money, so it is important to understand how to deposit and withdraw earned money from the system. There are only two ways to replenish the game balance: through Payeer or Free-Kassa. The minimum amount to deposit is 1 ruble.


    The case with payouts is a little more complicated. Payouts are available only to those players who have the appropriate number of payment points in their account. 1 payment point allows you to withdraw 1 ruble from the project. Points are awarded for their own deposits, referrals, as well as from deposits by other participants. You can order payment to one of the proposed payment systems:

    • Payeer;
    • QIWI Wallet;
    • Yandex.Money.


    Reviews of the game Mani Gnomes

    For two years of its operation the game has attracted the attention of a large number of users. Many of the players managed to leave their impressions about the work of the playground on the Internet. Having analyzed the reviews of real users, we can conclude that the project has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth noting that in the game you can really make money and the project makes payments, but it is almost impossible to do without attracting referrals, because it is from them come payment points.

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    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation and licenses

    Most economic games involve investments from users. That is why the number of scammers who cheat and profit from players has increased sharply on the Internet. To protect yourself from scams, it is necessary to study the regulatory issue, as well as to check the license on the site of the game. Let's consider in more detail how the regulation of the project Money Gnomes.


    It is worth noting that data about the organizers, as well as the location of the headquarters of the project is hidden. The only document that is in the public domain for players is the "User Agreement", which is a set of rules of the gaming platform, as well as the responsibilities of both parties. However, having studied the document in more detail, it becomes obvious that the organizers disclaim any responsibility for the correct operation of the site, as well as for possible material losses of the players.

    User Agreement

    The "User Agreement" is an important document that contains basic information about the rules of the project, as well as the obligations of participants and organizers. Let's consider some points of the agreement in more detail. The agreement clearly states that the participant is personally responsible for all actions performed with the game inventory - silver. By actions we mean buying, selling, entering and withdrawal. The player is also responsible for all actions performed on the playground.

    The player agrees to independently visit the site and check the news, as well as changes in the rules of the agreement at least once a week.

    Only in the agreement you can find information about payment points. The rules accurately prescribe the exchange rate of payment points to the ruble, as well as the ways to get points into the account.

    An interesting point, which is also not mentioned anywhere else on the site, is the penalties. Although the game everywhere it says that it is not necessary to collect ore every day and you can go to the profile at least once a month, the rules have information that the project has a system of activity monitoring. If the user hasn't logged in more than 10 days, then for each inactive day 3% payment points will be deducted from the account balance, which will further complicate the payment process for the player.

    The organizer undertakes to pay out funds to all players who have an amount equivalent to the exchange rate of silver to the ruble.

    Participants of the project can be provided with additional paid services. The organizer has the right to change the number and volume of the offered paid services, as well as their cost, name, type and effect at any time.

    If a player violates the current agreement, the participant can be disconnected for the duration of the investigation.

    If a violation of the rules is established, the player will be excluded from the game.

    During repair, reconstruction or maintenance work, the provision of services may be partially or completely interrupted without notice to users.

    The competitor agrees that he is using the game software on an "As Is" basis. If there is a failure in the game, the results may be canceled or adjusted at the discretion of the organizers. The results cannot be challenged by the player.

    The rate of game currency may be changed unilaterally at the discretion of the organizers.

    MoneyGnomes support service

    The project provides two types of communication with the technical support team - for already registered players and new users. Those users who do not have a game account can write to the e-mail: [email protected]. Those players who have a personal profile can create a ticket (appeal), where you can choose the topic and describe the problem in detail.

    Also in the "Technical Support" section, newcomers can find answers to the most popular questions.


    Is Money Gnomes a scam?

    Money Gnomes - a two-year-old online economic game that has managed to gain popularity among players. In two years of operation, more than 300,000 people have already joined the game platform, and the number of users is growing rapidly almost daily.

    The essence of the Internet resource is that each player can become miners of ore. To do this, the project participant must buy gnomes, which, in turn, will mine the ore. The more expensive character, the more ore he can mine for one hour. The mined resource is placed directly in the warehouse, where it can be collected and sold in the future for silver. Funds are divided equally between the two balances - for withdrawal and for purchase. Further silver can be exchanged for real money.

    The design of the game is quite bright, but at the same time does not look overwhelming. The site interface is simple, so a new player will need no more than 15 minutes to understand the basic functionality of the game platform. Also on the pages are hints and a separate section with answers to the most popular questions.

    The process of withdrawal of earnings from the game is built quite cleverly. Payouts are only available to those participants who have payment points in their account. 1 point allows you to withdraw 1 ruble from the system. Points are awarded for activity in the game - deposits, referrals, as well as other users.

    It is not possible to find any data about the organizers of the project and the location of the headquarters in the public domain. Each player can read the main document of the game platform - the "User Agreement". It is necessary to read the paragraphs of the document in order to clearly understand the fact that the organizers absolve themselves of any responsibility and the participant can lose the invested funds at any time.

    Opinion about the game is divided. Some players write in their reviews that the site really pays and this is a definite plus. Other users are dissatisfied with the fact that the owners of the platform have introduced payment points, which significantly complicate the process of withdrawal of earnings. Having analyzed the features of the internet platform, can we conclude that the game Money Gnomes is a scam and fraud? No, because the game is really possible to earn and withdraw real money.



    Mani Gnomes - is a typical economic game that has its own tricks. The project really allows its participants not only to interestingly spend their leisure time, but also to earn money. However, it should be understood that the platform is built on the principle of a pyramid, which means that it operates solely at the expense of the money invested by the users themselves. This means that there is no guarantee that the site will not stop working at any time. If you have played the game Money Gnomes, leave your impressions about the work of the Internet resource on our website to form a fair rating of the game to earn money.

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