Choosing the Best Browser for Online Trading

Published:26 October 2018 Updated:4 January 2024

Most modern trading platforms work in online mode, i.e. directly in the Internet browser. This is one of the innovations of modern Internet trading. Previously Forex traders had to install special programs, such as Meta Trader.

Now you can start trading from any device that has an Internet connection, without any prior preparation. It is enough to register on the company’s website and open a web terminal.

Choosing the Best Browser for Online Trading

If trading is done in a special client program, then the performance generally depends on the application itself. In the case of web terminals, the situation is somewhat different. In fact, it is a web page, the performance of which is determined not only by the computer’s power, but also largely by the Internet browser used. In this article we are going to consider this question. On the market there is a wide enough choice of browsers, each of which has its own characteristics. Which of them is best suited for trading? A single answer to this question is impossible, because it depends on many factors. So let’s consider the question in detail.


The most popular Internet browsers

In recent years, the range of browsers has somewhat narrowed compared to the period before 2012. However, at the moment, the software products based on the Chrome engine are in the lead – not only the well-known Google Chrome, but also Opera and Yandex.Browser. However, in addition to them, there are also other options – Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft EDGE, Internet Explorer.

  • Google Chrome. It is the market leader in browsers, almost 60% Internet users use it. It is based on the Blink engine and the free browser Chromium. Of the advantages we can note the high speed of processing scripts. And they are the “framework” for web terminals.
  • Opera. Before version 12, it was a truly unique browser, but later the engine was changed to Blink. Therefore, modern Opera is, in fact, a modified version of Chromium. However, it is more “heavy” in terms of memory consumption. Therefore, the speed of executing scripts on it is lower. The browser wins only due to the presence of integrations with email services and social networks, as well as due to the presence of a number of useful features. However, in terms of performance on most computers, Opera loses to Google Chrome.
  • Yandex.Browser. This is a Russian version of the browser based on the Blink engine and Chromium. Many fans of the “old” Opera 12 later switched to this version. Differs from Google Chrome maximum adaptation to the needs of users. There are many useful features – automatic layout change, translation, visual bookmarks, etc. In terms of performance, it performs well, on a par with Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox. In contrast to the previously discussed options, this browser runs on a fundamentally different engine. However, its popularity continues to decline in recent years. At the moment it occupies about 10% market share. Shows great stability of work, but the performance is reduced. Therefore, scripts run slower. Therefore, Mozilla Firefox usually does not play browser-based online games. Consequently, it is also not quite suitable for trading.
  • EDGE. A browser from Microsoft, integrated into modern versions of Windows. It replaced the infamous Internet Explorer. However, even this time, the browser is not widely known. Most users find it too slow, working with a lot of errors.


What does the web terminal’s performance depend on?

After conducting a brief review of the most popular browsers, we concluded that Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser are the best choices for trading. They are the fastest scripts, and they are not burdened with additional services. However, in general, performance also depends on other factors.

The most popular Internet browsers

The speed of operation depends not only on the power of the computer, but also on how well the software is adapted to the specific hardware architecture of the processor. In practice, this means that there is no universal answer in this case. Chrome will be fastest on most computers. On others, the best results will be shown by Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft EDGE, although this is very rare.

So in conclusion, let us give you some practical advice. You should try at least three browsers (Firefox, Chrome and EDGE), comparing their speed. It is possible that for your computer configuration and operating system Mozilla will work best. But if you choose Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser, you will not fail. Most trading platforms, in particular from the company Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100Activate) are adapted as much as possible to work in these browsers.

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