The Fast Way to Earn Money – the Main Directions of Financial Trading

Published:21 August 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

Today the Internet is saturated with advertisements of different ways of making money online, which only complicates the choice of a suitable option. Among the most popular ways of making money online, the first place is occupied by exchange trading (trading on the financial market). However, even in this plan, there are several directions to choose from, which differ significantly from each other. To make everything as clear as possible and to help you choose the easiest and most effective approach for you, we will conduct a comparative analysis of the most popular branches of stock trading and determine the most profitable for an effective start.

A simple way to make money


Stock Exchange

This direction of stock trading involves investing in securities of various companies. The amount of investor’s profit, in this case, is determined by the activity of share price increase. However, for private investment this direction is practically not used, and there are a number of following reasons:

  • The amount of the initial investment is quite large – to be able to operate on the stock market you will need at least 300 thousand rubles.
  • Small selection of assets to buy – the stock market does not allow you to buy assets from the groups of raw materials, currencies and metals
  • There are many factors that complicate the choice of a profitable asset
  • The execution of contracts is accompanied by complex legal regulations for the private investor

In view of these factors, making a profit for you will be quite a difficult and unprofitable process, because the stock market has always been characterized by a rather low level of liquidity. The maximum that a private investor can count on is 15% annual dividends. So, this branch of financial trading is not the best option for earning income online.


Forex market

Of course, in this case you already get more opportunities, such as a good choice of assets, a significantly lower initial investment level and a fairly good yield. Once upon a time, when it first appeared, forex market The new version of the trading system has opened previously unknown opportunities for private traders, however, in this variant of stock trading a number of certain problems await the trader as well:

  • To achieve a stably profitable result requires extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of financial market processes
  • Managing your own trading capital and risks is difficult enough, because this type of trading does not allow the player to make any calculations of trading results due to the lack of such trading indicators as profitability of the contract, the size of the loss and the duration of the contract
  • Sometimes you have to wait about a month for a profit

In addition, the profitability of Forex is only slightly higher than that of the stock market. On average, this approach to earning online can bring only 50% of income for a year. Moreover, Forex trading usually takes a trader quite a lot of time and effort.


Binary options

This variant of online earning is the youngest, at the same time, in binary options significantly less disadvantages compared to other variants of online trading. The reason for this is a very simple algorithm of their work, which is based on the positive qualities of various exchange instruments. In fact, the trader only needs to correctly predict the market situation in the near future, which can bring him, in the case of a correct prediction, up to 90% of income from the contract amount. Let us consider the advantages of this exchange instrument:

  • The most convenient bar for the initial investment – starting with 10 dollars
  • The trader can independently regulate the pace of his trade (set the contract time)
  • The maximum set of underlying assets of all existing types, and trading is available even on the assets of the stock market
  • Elementary algorithm of trading operations
  • The minimum contract amount starts at $1
  • Loss and profit have fixed values
  • You do not need much experience and knowledge in this area – you can carry out a superficial analysis of the market in the short term, through technical means of analysis and a variety of graphical tools

Apart from everything else, binary options give the trader the main advantage – high profitability. Although binary options are inherently very simple, they can bring in more than 1000% of income per year. However, this level of profitability also depends on the chosen trading platform.

Here the most advantageous option is the terminal for option trading Binomo brokerIn which, in conjunction with favorable trading conditions, clients are provided with an advanced technical functionality and the ability to choose to trade virtually any of the existing trading assets. In addition, the broker provides quality analytical information and a free training course.

Binary options as a way to earn money on the Internet

In addition, free and safe to get acquainted with this way of earning is possible without replenishing your starting account through broker demo terminalwhich is similar to the real one and differs only in the ability to trade with virtual money.

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