How Much Can I Earn on Binary Options?

Published:21 March 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

This is the most important question that not only traders ask themselves, but also ordinary people who are interested in exchange trading or have come across ads of an options broker on the Internet. So How much can I earn on binary options – is, of course, a rhetorical question, and although there is no exact answer, we will try to give some recommendations that can at least help you earn quite a lot!

To be honest, the very formulation of the question – how much you can earn on binary options, is not quite correct. You can earn as much as you like! How much you want, that’s how much you will earn! Rather, the question should be asked – what do you need to do to earn a lot? This is the interpretation we can give an answer to the question posed at the beginning of the article. So, to summarize, to make a lot of money we will need:


Choose the right brokerage company

Choosing a brokerage company is as much a necessity for a stockbroker as earning profits from trading itself. In fact, more than 30% of profitable statistics of a trading participant depends on the brokerage company you trade with. And, besides, it is very easy to get caught up in the net of swindlers, who instead of earnings will bring only bitterness of the lost money, efforts and time. That’s why we will choose a broker, which, first of all, has all legal prerequisites for functioning on the territory of our country. Of course, no one will show you all the documents, but there is an elementary way to learn about the transparency of the broker company. Find out on the website of your chosen broker whether he has a license. If there is one, you can be sure that the regulator has conducted an in-depth inspection of the company and recognized it as legal in the end.

Now pay attention to the exchange terminal. You will work with it most of the time, and the volume of profit from your trading depends on its technical abilities. There are a lot of terminals, but not all of them can be called professional tools. Often they are just small windows of charts and a couple of trading buttons to start the trading processes. But do not forget that to make a profit you will need to analyze the situation on the exchange – you will need technical indicators, changeable types of charting, quotation history and much more. Yes, in the end, you will need the chart to be large in size. Therefore, a professional platform should look something like this:

Moving on. Familiarize yourself with the trading conditions of the broker. They should suit you personally and have minimum conditions and values. That is – the initial trading deposit should be minimal, ideally – from 10 USD, the same can be said about the cost of the contracts – it can start from 1 USD. That way you yourself can determine the amount of money that you can currently operate on the market. Also, it is very important for management of your trading deposit during trading. And, of course, the broker must support most of payment systems, through which you will be able to transfer funds to the deposit and withdraw profit (it all should happen as quickly as possible).

If you are having trouble finding a broker that meets all of these requirements, then you can put our advice into practice and consider applying for the role of your broker Intrade.BarThe platform of which we demonstrated on the screenshot above and the conditions of which fully correspond to everything written above.

In addition, the broker provides rewarding bonus programs and he has the option on the terminal to no deposit trading (not to be confused with a demo account).


Trading strategies

This is no less important and necessary condition for getting high earnings from binary options on the exchange. Without a systematic approach, subject to specific rules – you can not earn a single cent, and what you invest – simply lose. The system can be easily chosen on the Internet or developed independently. In this, by the way, the kit will help you indicatorswhich is already integrated into the trading terminal INTRADE.BAR. The main condition of using the trading system and obtaining a large profit by it is a full understanding of all the processes that take place during the use of the strategy. To study them you will need to devote some time to testing the strategy.

These are the two most basic conditions underlying profitable trading. As for the question – how much you can earn on binary options, we, of course, can’t tell you the exact amount. Simply we can’t know your initial investment amount, trading rates, trading positions volume and many other things that are needed to make such calculations. But we do know the general statistics of your clients’ trading broker INTRADE.BAR and we can cite it. The average trading performance of stock players who are not engaged in it systematically, is about 100-120% increase in trading deposit per week. Clients who are more active in the market – increase their deposit by 200-250% weekly. So, follow our advice – and go for profit!

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  • Millions of course on this will not earn immediately, but a few thousand dollars a month with the right approach can earn everyone who will give it a normal amount of time

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  • If some traders manage to earn 500 thousand rubles a month on binary options, I think that every trader, regardless of the level of training and financial situation can achieve such results.

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  • There should not be any maximum limits at all, because you can raise your deposit two or three times in one trading day. It is not necessary to wait so long at all.

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  • For a good profit on binary options, you need to invest a good amount of money. For example, with an investment of 1000$, you can earn three times as much. Then you really earn, not like with 10$ on deposit.

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  • In the beginning you will not earn much, something in the neighborhood of 50-100 dollars per week. This is because you will be afraid to make big trades on options. But with time your demands will grow, and then the most interesting things will start. 🙂

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  • On average, if you have a head on your shoulders, your earnings will be about 200% per week. That is, with an investment of 100 dollars, the profit will be $ 200, and with larger sums already count yourself.

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  • Whoever needs as much as they need, earns as much as they want. If a person really needs money, he will fight for it to the last man, it seems to me.

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  • 99.9% of success depends on choosing the right brokerage company. If from the first time you fall for an unscrupulous company that will not give you even a dollar to earn, it is unlikely that you will continue trading and look for another broker.

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  • You can make a lot of money on binary options, but you have to start small. You can put a few tens of dollars into your account and start trading today. And then it will only get better if you grasp everything on the fly. 🙂

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    • iluha v 24 March 2016 at 17:32

      Tell me, who knows, is there now such an opportunity for traders to not deposit at all to start trading on binary options?

    • vasea cernii 24 March 2016 at 23:37

      Of course there are, for example, Binomo offers non-deposit options. That is, you register and start working right away, without investing any money.

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