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Published:15 June 2020 Updated:4 January 2024

Not wanting to pay interest to banks, more and more investors are opting for non-waiver accounts. Following this worldwide trend, many Forex brokers followed suit and expanded their line of accounts, offering traders swap-free accounts.

Brokerage company NPBFX (go online) was not an exception and provided its clients with the service of transferring open trading positions to the next business day without interest and commissions (Forex Trading). In this article we will take a closer look at swap-free account, its features, who it suits, and how to open such type of account at the verified broker NPBFX.

What is a swap-free account?

The non-waiver accounts are a kind of accounts on the forexThe trader has no swap (swap) – commission for the transfer of the order to the next trading day. Thus, holding a position for several days/weeks/months, the trader will not bear the cost of transferring an open transaction for each subsequent day and will be able to obtain higher profits. Such accounts (otherwise known as Muslim accounts) arose due to the fact that some clients are prohibited from swap operations on religious beliefs. But despite the fact that initially swap-free accounts were created for Muslims, this fact has not become a restriction for other traders. Many brokers, including NPBFX company, provided an opportunity to open this type of account to anyone.

Peculiarities of non-deposit accounts

Swap-free accounts are not suitable for traders who trade intraday, especially scalpers. In this case, orders are still not rolled over to another day, and the broker will still have to pay a commission for each open position. Therefore, this type of accounts will be beneficial for investors who use long-term trading strategies and leave trades open for weeks or sometimes months (forex trading strategies). In terms of the set of technical analysis tools and possibilities, non-swap accounts do not differ from standard ones (forex analytics).

Advantages of non-deposit accounts at NPBFX

One of the most important advantages of NPBFX swap-free accounts is that the broker provides its clients with a real swap-free account without charging any additional commissions and swaps. While at other brokers swap-free accounts may still contain a separate fee for transferring an open order to the next trading day. Moreover, you can open a non-deposit account with NPBFX in euros, dollars or Russian rubles. Thus, you can diversify your financial portfolio the same way you would on a regular account. More details on swap-free account in NPBFX you can find below:

  • The minimum amount to open an account is only 10 dollars/euros (or 500 Russian rubles),
  • more than 30 trading instruments,
  • High speed of order execution – 200-300 ms,
  • Leverage of 1:1000 and the ability to split the trading lot up to 0.01,
  • The ability to use any trading strategy, including trading advisors and forex robots,
  • low competitive spreads and 24/7 multi-lingual support,
  • It is possible to open several types of accounts at once, including non-swap and swap accounts,
  • the best quotes and aggregated liquidity from Tier 1 banks (the liquidity aggregator is located in the largest data center Equinix NY4),
  • NPBFX is a member of the International Financial Commission (FinComm), thanks to which each client is insured for €20,000.

The list of trading instruments available for trading in swap-free accounts can be found on the screenshot:

List of trading instruments in non-deposit accounts NPBFX

How to activate the swap-free service in NPBFH?

It’s very easy to connect a non-swap account. To do this, you need to perform a few actions.

1. First of all, register at NPBFX and open a trading account in your personal cabinet. Please note, the swap-free connection service is available only on the Master account type.

NPBFX Live Account

Send an application to [email protected] with a request to activate the swap-free service for your trading account (specify your trading account number).

3. Wait for confirmation from NPBFX that your trading account is swap-free. Usually confirmation comes quickly, within one business day. After that, you can start trading.

In addition, if you already have an NPBFX broker account, you can make a swap account swap-free. How to make this transition correctly:

  • You need to close all trading positions and delete pending orders in your account.
  • Send the corresponding request from the registration mail of your personal account to [email protected]. The request form is free.

As you can see, the principle of changing the account type is not complicated at all. All that remains is to wait for the notification from the broker about receiving the swap-free account status. Every trader decides for himself whether to connect such service or not, depending on his trading strategy and the goals he is pursuing. Below you can find opinions of traders who use swap-free accounts, published on popular Forex-forums (screenshots attached):


Swap-free accounts are ideal for traders who want to avoid swap fees in their trading and whose trading positions remain open for a long time. For investors who trade only intraday, swap-free accounts are less relevant. But in any case, swap-free accounts are becoming more and more popular, as they allow traders to look forward to large profits for weeks at a time, without getting broke on swap commissions. To make trading without swaps even more profitable, we recommend opening a swap-free account with a reliable NPBFX broker. The company has been servicing traders since 1996 and has earned an impeccable reputation in the brokerage services market.

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