Bitcoin Trading with NPBFX in 2021: Favorable Conditions and Security

Published: January 23, 2021 Updated: April 21, 2023

Over the past year, the market cryptocurrencies The coronavirus pandemic, with its consequences for the world economy as a whole, played no small role in this. The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences for the global economy as a whole played a significant role in this. Against the backdrop of the crisis, more and more investors saw bitcoin as a kind of substitute for gold and a reliable protective asset. At the end of 2020, the world's first cryptocurrency was regularly surpassing its own records, and this trend continued into the beginning of the new year 2021. Today we together with a reliable and experienced broker NPBFX Let's understand why this happened and what to expect from bitcoin in the future.

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The main drivers of bitcoin growth

Another reason for Bitcoin's surge in popularity was the dramatically increased mass of the U.S. currency (USD). Thus, between March and the end of last year, it received injections of at least $2.5 trillion. The U.S. economy is being "pumped" with dollars to revive and stimulate growth in an economy that has taken a huge hit due to the pandemic. In addition, 2020 was a very significant year in terms of changing attitudes and understanding of the role of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

As the share of e-commerce increases, the desire to improve the security of financial services finds more and more areas for the application of blockchain, and bitcoin is gradually earning the loyalty of the world's regulators. It is worth noting that with the arrival of Joe Biden's team in the White House, bitcoin is predicted to be officially recognized and widely spread. Bitcoin strengthens its weight due to the influence of institutional investors, large companies and funds: such investors as insurance giant MassMutual, Square (SQ) and many others actively acquired the first cryptocurrency. In total, more than one million bitcoins have been acquired by the private market of big capital.

Bitcoin increased its market capitalization by $300 billion by the end of 2020. The high interest in bitcoin has increased due to the significant simplification of the procedure of obtaining them. The crypto-asset surged in value after the decision to PayPal provide access to cryptocurrencies to more than 350 million users. The Chicago Board Options Exchange and a group of leading exchanges in New York and Chicago are planning to launch cryptocurrency products for institutional investors in 2021. Bitcoin has added 800% in just 10 months - the movement of the asset is shown in the chart below in the NPBFX terminal.

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What to expect from bitcoin in 2021?

January 2021 records are not the limit for bitcoin, as most analysts believe. Many of them agree that by next year, the first cryptocurrency could rise in price to $100 thousand. As the reasons for this rise in price, they highlight the halving that took place in May and reduced the amount of reward for miners for mining the cryptocurrency, as well as the support of digital money from payment applications. Experts also suggest that the decline in bitcoin prices now, it is a correction, but in no way a prerequisite for a long-term decline.

Bitcoin will also be supported by the ongoing global recession, and the more the dollar sinks against world currencies, the more investors will turn their attention to bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. However, it is also worth considering the behavior of the markets. If bitcoin reaches a significant mark, such as $50 thousand, market participants may decide to lock in profits, in which case a significant correction will begin.

It is important to note that the situation in which bitcoin first actively updates the highs and then collapses is not new, and this has happened three times already. Proponents of this scenario suggest that the first cryptocurrency will collapse to $25 thousand, and there will be several periods of correction during the year. In this case, by the end of 2021 bitcoin will make new attempts to test the highs. It is impossible to predict bitcoin price movement absolutely precisely - it will depend first of all on the world geopolitical situation, on the situation with the virus and on the behavior of markets and their participants in general. How to make profit in any scenario: in case of bitcoin's fall and in case of a new bitcoin's rise in 2021? We recommend trading with a proven company NPBFX (go online), using leverage and the best conditions for crypto-trading.

How do I get detailed analytics on Bitcoin?

NPBFX broker provides its clients with maximum access to bitcoin analytics as well as to dozens of other assets on the powerful Analytical Portal. A team of professionals regularly publishes trade forecasts and video reviews of the market on the portal. The platform contains a large number of useful tools for traders, including all kinds of calculators and detailed training material on trading strategies. Every NPBFX client can get access to the portal for free in his personal cabinet on the broker's site. So, registering an NPBFX account you are guaranteed access to the following instruments:

  • Analytics feed. Professional analytics from NPBFX contains charts for all trading instruments of the broker - at that analytics can be published both as separate forecasts for certain assets and as a general review of the market. The data provided will help traders to correct their strategy and adjust to market movements in due time.
  • Trading signals with update rate per minute (Cryptocurrency Signals). It is important that signals are published for all NPBFX trading instruments, including cryptocurrency pairs). For example, thanks to the signals, a trader can quickly orientate what is worth buying or selling now, and what is better to wait with. The signals are generated using data from the ten most well-known indicators.

Cryptocurrency trading at NPBFX

You can trade cryptocurrencies at NPBFX using the most convenient and popular MT4 trading platform on three types of accounts at once: Master, Expert, VIP. Moreover, trading is available at any place and at any time of the day - the platform can be installed both on your computer and on mobile devices. NPBFX broker provides the most comfortable conditions for crypto traders - to start real trading you only need to deposit $10 (either 10 euro or 500 Russian rubles), the maximum leverage reaches 1:5, the minimum trade lot - 0,01.

The size of spreads on crypto is low - from 1.25 pips. To ensure instant execution speed by STP/NDD technology, the company's servers are located in one of the best data centers in the world - Equinix NY4 in New York. Note that this data center is also used by such major global exchanges as the NASDAQ and NYSE. In addition, you can also fund your account with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin-dollar pairs and bitcoin-cash-dollar trades are available at NPBFX. You can learn more about the contract specifications in the screenshot below.

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NPBFX broker has been on the market for 25 years - for the first time it started servicing clients in 1996 and was conducted on behalf of the famous bank "Nefteprombank" JSC. In 2016 after rebranding the clients were transferred to the international company NPBFX Limited. Broker NPBFX is a member of the Financial Commission of Category "A". This is a guarantee of compensation payments of 20,000 euros in case of disputes between the client and the broker. The broker has gained the trust of thousands of professional traders from all over the world during its history. Start earning on the world's main cryptocurrency with reliable broker NPBFX and make your year 2021 really profitable!

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