Evotrade Demo Account: A Tool to Reduce Risks and Increase Trading Efficiency

Published: September 16, 2021 Updated: April 21, 2023

Trading on the currency market forex - is an active process of making various deals with currency pairs in order to sell and buy assets of interest. Everyone can become a trader today, even if you have no experience and knowledge, which opens a wide range of opportunities not only in the new profession, but also to expand your horizons and gain financial independence.

Even if you are starting from scratch, it is important to go through the first stage of preparation - to get some theoretical knowledge and then to apply it in practice. Gradually, step by step, you can develop and achieve new success. Review Evotrade (go online) helps to orient, with which broker it is best to start trading currencies on the Forex market, and the company offers its clients the best conditions at the start. One of the advantages of working with this broker is the availability of a free demo account (How to start forex trading). Let's take a closer look at what it is and what the advantages are.


Evotrade demo account - where to start

The brokerage company Evotrade is the leader in its segment of intermediary services, and its clients are private and institutional investors. In its activity the broker is focused on clients and aspires to give them the most favorable and comfortable conditions for trading. One of the important services, about which Evotrade reviews often write, is a demo account.

A demo account is a special account for practicing if you are starting from scratch, as well as testing new strategies if you want to change your trading style. Demo account The demo account is exactly the same as a real account, all events on it occur in real time. To work on a demo account, the broker provides a virtual deposit with a certain amount of money - you will use it to open transactions and conduct trades. The profit or loss will also be virtual, but it is the fixing of the financial result that counts - it shows that you are practicing, trading and getting to grips with the market processes.

Key features of evotrade.com demo account

The demo account works in such a way that a trading simulation is created, which is synchronized with real time. This allows the user to see how to analyze the market, how to enter a trade, how to place stop orders, complete a transaction and fix a profit. The tool allows you to learn how to trade without the risk of financial losses, develop useful skills, as well as competently use the functionality of the trading platform. When you become a client of Evotrade broker, you are given free access to a demo account on evotrade.comwhich has these capabilities:

  • entering the market and opening a trade;
  • the use of stop-loss and take-profit;
  • closing the deal;
  • Fixing the financial result of the operation;
  • the use of indicators and technical analysis tools;
  • studying the market in real dynamics;
  • making changes to the indicator settings;
  • testing strategies;
  • access to the news feed;
  • recognition signals.

Traders with experience understand that a demo account is a very useful and important tool, because it allows you to practice strategies and techniques and analyze new approaches to trading. You should never be in a hurry to implement new systems on a real account, otherwise it increases financial risks due to uncertainty of technique effectiveness.

Advantages of a demo account

Considering the key advantages of working on a demo account, we can highlight the following:

  • beginners can safely and without risk of losing their own money get acquainted with the market, study its assets and learn how to open their first trades;
  • testing new systems and strategies if you want to change your trading style, test your intuition, expand your trading opportunities;
  • Evaluation of the broker's service quality and the correspondence of quotes to market values;
  • the opportunity to experiment and create your own approaches to working with various currency assets.

How to open an account with Evotrade broker

In order to use all the options of a demo account with Evotrade broker, you need to register on the website evotrade.com:

  • fill out the quick registration form;
  • or select the "Create Account" button to complete a full registration by filling out the form.

Now you can get acquainted with the personal office, where you can create new accounts and switch between them, see the information on the balance, the log of all completed transactions. It is in the personal cabinet you can create a demo account using the "Add account" button. There is another way - go to the "Trade account" section of the site and select the demo account option. Here you can immediately use the "Open a demo account" button, and then fill out a simple form and get access to the demo version of the platform.

If you have any technical difficulties or any questions using a demo account, you can always contact technical support - there is a call-back option and an online chat window for this. If you think that Evotrade is a scam, you can make sure that it is not, if you practice on a demo account. The broker has a high trust rating and is the leader in its segment, allowing every beginner to develop from scratch and become a professional investor.



Demo account at Evotrade broker is an important tool for every client who wants to protect himself from unreasonable risks, competently develop in trading and reach stable and high earnings. Using a demo account helps beginners to get acquainted with the market and the trading platform from scratch, while experienced traders can use it to test strategies and new trading techniques.

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