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Published:5 December 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

ICO Project Trade.io – is one of the most promising and promising projects on the market. The inscription on the main page of the project “Join the Trade Revolution” sounds like a kind of call to become part of the world of innovative technologies and expanded financial opportunities. It should be noted that more and more investors are joining the project; today, it is of interest to a wide Internet audience and has substantial support from major organizations. The growing popularity of the project is evidenced by the fact that during one week Pre-ICO (preliminary stage) raised more than 7 million dollars, more than 6 million tokens were sold.

ICO Trade.io offers the user a more perfect and democratic financial system with a wide range of opportunities, which is why the project is already interesting to investors. Add to this the positive development strategy and impressive plans for the future – all this shows serious intentions and the right positioning of the ico project on the market. How else it will be interesting to you as a potential investor? Let’s find out in our detailed material.


ICO and Trade.io

ICO Project Trade.io should be considered a next-generation financial institution that plans to work with blockchain technology (Wikipedia), realizing the possibilities of a secure platform, accuracy and transparency of transactions. ICO campaign (Wikipedia) is designed to help create, if I may say so, the trading platform of the future, which will allow to trade cryptocurrency (what is cryptocurrency? read here) and traditional assets (e.g, binary option, equity trading, Forex Trading). It excludes manipulation and fraud, and blockchain technology will make the functioning of the system transparent and understandable. The monetary unit of the system will be a TradeToken, which will make it possible to work with a large number of assets and will be used as a means of exchanging and storing capital.

ICO Trade.io is a promising project, and today it attracts attention with bold statements and promising development plans. Successful implementation of the project will create an innovative platform of new opportunities, interesting not only to different traders and cryptocurrency market players (the whole truth about cryptocurrency here), but also to those who are looking for opportunities for long-term passive investments. The company’s project goals are to become one of the main platforms for trading various financial assets; one of the main exchanges in the market and a profitable platform for investment and banking services; one of the largest liquidity pools, which will include the owners of TradeTokens; one of the top five crypto-assets on the market.

All this would not be possible without a serious project team, which includes not only professionals of the investment market and stock trading, experts in the banking structure, blockchain technology, but also a staff of advisors. The ICO format will allow the project to raise the necessary amount of money to implement the technical part, find an interested audience of investors, gain the support of serious organizations. Due to the fact that the platform will solve many problems of modern business, will be regulated and will make it possible to sell and buy not only cryptocurrency (is cryptocurrency a scam? read here), but also traditional assets, the project is especially profitable and valuable, it really is the future of trading and the financial industry.


ICO Project Trade.io

New ICO Project Trade.io is aimed at providing the user with fundamentally new opportunities for trading and investing, simplifying the process of working with capital by eliminating large commissions and a lot of unnecessary operations. To create an innovative platform, the developer company will use the capabilities of P2P platforms (Wikipedia), Ethereum networks (official website) and Raiden (site). All of this will solve the problem of data scalability and already at the launch stage offer users about 120 products, the number of which will then be increased. All information about the project is published in The White Book.

Also, there are plans to introduce a common pool of liquidity, with half of the income and its losses will be distributed (or debited) daily to the accounts of the project investors in proportion to their investment in the development and creation of the platform. To become an investor of the project with a daily profit, you need to buy ico tokens, and the more your cash investment, the higher your profit:

It is interesting to look at the future plans of the ico project. It should turn into a full-fledged trading platform for any assets. Thus, it is planned to implement tools forex market for currency trading, CFD capabilities (Wikipedia)-for stock trading, precious metals, commodities, indices, oil.

Most importantly, after the launch of the Trade.io ICO, the team plans to obtain a license from the Swiss regulator, which will be necessary for the full implementation of exchange and banking activities. Interaction with global market regulators will not only open access to working with assets for users from all over the world, but will also make trading safe and reliable. Such a platform is especially attractive for traders.

There are also plans to launch Trade.io wallet (E-Wallet, Wikipedia), which will allow you to trade any assets, cryptocurrency. TradeToken will act as a membership coupon to the project, a monetary unit for the operation of the project, for purchases and transactions with a large number of assets, as well as for participation in the joint liquidity pool, which, when actively using the wallet trade.io, will allow to take advantage of the system, discounts on future products, etc.

At the end of the day, the user will have a comfortable exchange with advanced features, a functional trading platform that meets the requirements of reliability and security. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies (blockchain) and proven development solutions, as well as the resolution of the issue of regulation of the future Trade.io platform acts as the gold standard, several problems of the modern market are solved here at once, such a platform undoubtedly attracts the attention of traders and investors.

Trade.io – one of those ico projects that is waiting for success on the market, largely due to the professionalism of the team, the implementation of a progressive development strategy (that is, the project involves the constant development of the created system, the introduction of new ideas), the interest of a wide Internet audience, including serious companies. Today the project has already gained the support of forex broker FXPRIMUS (site), whose management appreciated the prospects and benefits of a blockchain-based platform. It should also be noted that the Pre-Sale of the project has recently been successfully completed.

A big trust factor in the project is the presence of a professional team with extensive experience in trading and blockchain, banking and investment services, and financial technology. They are former heads of startups, consulting companies, technology organizations, public companies and exchanges of global renown. Among the project’s thought leaders are Jim Preissler, who has achieved serious success in investment banking, and Chien Li, the founder and CEO of NewCityCapital LLC (bloomberg.com), Mohan Singh, Roy Gutshall, Damian McDowell, etc.


What are the benefits of participating in the Trade.io ICO

  • Any interested Internet user (hereinafter – investor) can participate in this ico project.
  • The investor makes a profitable investment in a promising project to create a revolutionary trading platform (this includes the possibility of passive income), which will provide trading and functionality of the liquidity pool.
  • TradeToken will act as a monetary unit for the project’s operation: for conducting any transactions with a large number of assets, investing in an IPO/ICO, joint participation in the liquidity pool. It is, in addition, a coupon that provides the user with access to new project products.
  • Since the project is quite promising, the price of its token is predicted to grow on cryptocurrency exchangesIt is also an opportunity for investors to get a decent income from the sale of tokens at a bargain price (do you want to know how to make money on cryptocurrency? read here).
  • Especially profitable for investors will be daily payments of the liquidity pool, they will be transferred to an electronic purse in fiat money (Wikipedia) or cryptocurrency.
  • The success of the project is based on a promising team working on a new management system, these are not only professionals, but also advisers from various fields (banking services, financial technology, blockchain technology, etc.).


How to participate in the ICO Trade.io project?

To become an investor of an ico project, you must register on its official website. Go to to the project site, you need to click on the registration button:

In a separate window you need to specify personal data for registration of your account. Please note, it is worth to specify a real e-mail address, as it will need to be confirmed by clicking on the link provided in the letter, which will automatically come to your mail:

Confirm your email address by following the link in the email. Now you need to log inby entering your username and password:

After authorization, you get to your personal cabinet, where you can buy tokens, becoming an investor in the project. You also need to specify the address of your ETH-purse, which cannot be changed later. The company will send your TradeTokens to this address:

Here you can also explore possible ways of depositing your account (using PaySec payment systems (site), PayTrust (site), Ethereum (site) etc.), buy tokens, track payment history:

Project details

Pre-ICO: 7.11-25.11.17
ICO: 7.12.17-4.01.18
Number of tokens: 500 million.

The price of the token:
12/7/17-14/12/17 1 ETH = 900,
12/14/17-21/12/17 1 ETH = 800,
12/21/17-28/12/17 1 ETH = 700,
12/28/17-04/01/18 1 ETH = 600.
All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

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