How a Cab Driver from Bishkek Became a Millionaire

Published:7 November 2018 Updated:4 January 2024

This is the incredible story of a cab driver named Damir, who started making more money than many bankers! He worked as an ordinary cab driver, but managed to break free from everyday life and find the strength to become rich. When we learned this incredible story just by reading the news on the usual news sites,, we were shocked. Just imagine: he made a fortune from his less prosperous home in Kyrgyzstan and all he needed was the Internet! How is this possible!

The global network is now so firmly embedded in our lives that it has opened up truly limitless opportunities for people who have the Internet. Millions of people earn their bread with the help of the network. Someone sells goods with the help of online stores, someone works as a programmer, designer, someone promotes himself in social networks and sells advertising. The banks and microfinance organizations give out credits by all means through the Internet, the insurance can be bought online. In general, there are really thousands of ways to make money and a new level of communication with people.

But there are also completely new directions, which give the opportunity to earn decent money: this, for example, is financial trading. To access the stock exchange, it is enough to have the Internet at hand. Forex market has been very popular for more than ten years thanks to it. At present, tools allowing to greatly simplify human interaction have appeared – just in that way an ordinary cab driver Damir from Bishkek began to earn so much money that he stopped taxiing and moved to Spain!

This is what Damir told us in his interview:

I always dreamed of a better life, I was attracted by the opportunity to live well, to travel, to enjoy all the advantages of modern life. I dreamed that I would have a wife and many children and we would live with them in Spain, by the sea. Now it happened and I can proudly say that my wife and I receive a residence permit in this country, we already live in Salou city on the Mediterranean Sea with our daughter Maria.

So, back to talking about how I was able to make money from the comfort of my own home. I’m not going to tell you that this is the only way for you to make money, that this is the easiest way to make unlimited income. I worked as a regular cab driver, but I was able to achieve very good results. Why can’t you replicate my success? Today, working on the internet for about 2-3 hours a day, I make about 3000-5000 euros a month. Now this is my main job and the money comes out decent, don’t you agree?

So, how did it all start?

My name is Damir and I am 35 years old.

I have a secondary technical education, I am a mechanic by profession. It was not easy for me to study, I had to do constant tests and labs. I knew before graduation that I would not work in my profession, I was even ashamed of it. I love cars, roads and dynamics. That is probably why after graduation I decided to work as a cab driver. The more so, since I have a license. It was not easy to find a job in our city, there was a lot of competition around. After long interviews I found a job as a cab driver and I was very happy about it. I made plans, thought I would achieve a lot, accumulated something. The main thing was to start. It was hard to work, you are exhausted, you don’t get out of the car, you are hungry all the time, and there was a irregular schedule and different clients. Gradually, I got used to the constant travel. I even learned something new about the city, I spent all day on the road to get normal money.

After about a year and a half, things started to change. It was probably when I started to think about what I was capable of in life. I was taking new people on different routes every day. They were successful, dynamic, happy. The lives of friends and acquaintances didn’t seem so gray to me either. Things were changing for them. Promotions, someone got married, bought an apartment. I spent all my time in the car and that was all I had time for. I didn’t have any special interests. I had to forget about friends and relatives. It helped me to save money, my salary wasn’t much anyway.

The work became a burden for me. It was hard to get up early, get behind the wheel, keep up a conversation with clients. I was withdrawing into myself and it helped me to spend the day unnoticed. It made me want to make a change. In the evenings, instead of watching TV, I started reading articles on the Internet. I searched for answers to questions about how to make money, what to do so that it would bring me income and joy. I even began to work less because of it, took the time to read, took tests, and studied the stories of successful people. I suddenly wanted to stop wasting my life, to find something to do, something interesting, useful, worthy, but necessarily something that would bring me income.

And I found it!

I searched for a very long time, but I found it. Just read some articles, stories, delved into the study of popular hobbies. I noticed that different websites kept talking about binary options as a profitable hobby, which does not require a big investment of money, waste of time. I started “googling” what it was and immediately found myself on As it turned out, I could trade on this site, study articles and watch videos on trading. Here, by the way, is a short article on “what option trading is”:

“Option trading is an innovative and even revolutionary way to make money in the financial market. As you may know, the financial market has currencies, such as the ruble, the dollar, there are stocks, precious metals, raw materials, and cryptocurrencies. Anyone can trade such instruments and earn good money.

All you have to do is open a free account on a binary options site, deposit it, choose an amount to invest in an instrument, such as gold, and predict how its value will change in a minute, a few hours, a month, etc. Only two options are offered: up or down. That’s why options are “binary,” binary options.

Trading lasts from a minute to several hours or even longer, you can choose any duration. If your forecast is correct, the amount in your account will almost double; if the forecast is wrong, you will lose your investment. This is what option trading is all about, and a person who trades money this way is called a trader on both forex and stock markets. In fact, this is a new, modern derivative instrument, like CFD, it has been proven in the European market for a long time.

A trader can trade options whenever and wherever he wants: all he needs is a computer (or a smartphone app) and a stable Internet. Now you have seen how easy option trading is and how any beginner can master it, even a 10-year-old can understand how it works! You do not need to install any terminals on your computer, everything is done through a personal account on the broker’s online platform. You just need to specify the direction of the price movement in a certain time (the rate will go up or down) and expect the result of the transaction.

At first options seemed like a very easy way to make money, but it turned out not to be. It took me almost a year and a half to make a stable profit and earn as much as I do now. But now I have more than 100 thousand euros in my account and every month I withdraw 3,000 to 5,000 euros to my card.

As I remember now, it all started when I registered on, studied my possibilities on a demo account, because there was a virtual sum with which I could trade real financial quotes. I studied the instruments and indicators, figured out how it all works, how applications are made.

The training account had 1000$ and I started trading. If I started trading with my own money, I would spend it quickly, because I had no experience at all. Options are not the easiest way to make money, although they are profitable. If you have no experience, if you don’t work with indicators and strategies, you won’t make any money here. I quickly lost money on the demo account and somehow I forgot about the options and went on to other things. To be honest, I did not even want to admit that my idea to change something in my life just failed.

Suddenly I got a call from Vladimir, the manager of Finmax, who took me under his patronage. So I started trading on a real account. To begin with I deposited only $100 into my account, which was about a fifth of my cash reserves.

It was only then, while exploring the FINMAX website, that I went to the “Training” section. I wanted more from such a hobby. In “Training” you can read a lot of useful things about trading: strategies, vocabulary, video tutorials, even attend webinars. I started to study these materials and worked on my demo account. I also discovered the MT4 terminal and its updated version – MT5. Here you can use robots, signals, test strategies for free, even add indicators and advisors to the platform. Very useful software, I recommend it to you! I found many useful things for myself in special forums, where traders communicate actively. I also had time to work, do not forget.

Я immersed himself in learningI continued communicating with my consultant Vladimir, and I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and thank him. I started to work with my mind. I tried strategies and searched for market signals. There were failures, I did not understand something at once, made many mistakes and even began to doubt myself again. Then, by the end of the week 4 out of five trades were closed with profit. This is a good result, I was pleased with myself. No, I even earned it!

And now I no longer regretted opening a real account and putting $100 on it. Yes, trading became more scary, I was nervous, because the money was mine and I did not have much of it left. And by the end of a week of trading with my tutor I increased my account to 400$ and had already believed in myself and relaxed. Then my trading turned to be unprofitable, there were few profitable trades. This, of course, was not the broker’s fault, but mine. I had little experience, I was worried, I made mistakes, I entered the trade at the wrong time. At some point I decided to pull myself together, to concentrate and, you would not believe, it helped me!

In another two weeks the account had already 650$. I was able to bring it to this amount and decided to try to withdraw my 100$ to the card. I put the money to withdraw and waited. You may ask: was I afraid? Yes, of course I was, I thought I would be cheated. But the money came in 4 hours, my fears were unfounded. And then I got my $100 back, and on my account I still had 550$, and that was the beginning of my career as a trader. I started to trade on my winnings and I stopped being afraid to bet.

At that moment I realized that FINMAX was my thing!

So, I had 550$ left and continued trading. After 4 weeks, I had almost 800$, after 3 months I had about 1800$. Then I decided to change my account to GOLD. You know, trading became cooler: they gave you access to webinars of the best traders, a lot of analytics of good quality, free withdrawal of any amount once a month. You get more income, applications are processed faster.

Now I trade about 3 hours a day, I use different expiry times, sometimes I make quick trades, usually 15-30 minutes. Sometimes I trade mid-term options till 24 hours and sometimes I open long positions but I try not to trade more than 2 weeks. At the moment I earn about 5,000 EURO a month, that is money that I withdraw, save and spend as I have to. Anyway, I try to economize even though on my trading account now there is 120,000 euros, it is the money that is in circulation and on which I open deals.

This is how I was able to change my life, I am thinking about moving to the U.S., about traveling in Asia, additional sources of income, I want to invest in real estate. There are a lot of plans, but right now I am maximum focused on binary options – this is my thing, now I know it!

Do you want the same kind of part-time job? Waste no time and go to and promo code etobonus100 get bonus 100% on a deposit of only $100. The promo code must be told to the manager, who will call you back after registration.

By the way, such amazing stories are not uncommon today. Not so long ago there was news in the media about a young billionaire from South Africa. Kgoposto Mmutlane is a South African millionaire who made his money by trading in the Forex market. He began with binary options, and now he is one of the youngest millionaires in the Republic of South Africa.

He claims he became interested in forex trading after hearing about forex from a friend at Leolo High School. And now, after trading forex for a short time, he has founded the Forex Broker Killer Institution. What’s more, the company has a foundation that helps people in need.

What about the story of the teenager who worked at McDonald’s and became a millionaire in just three years?

This is the story of a guy named Robert, when he turned 16, he started working two jobs at once – shifts at McDonald’s and at a financial corporation, serving tea to traders. On top of that, he was also in college. So, having heard a lot about strategies and trading, Robert decided to try his forces in trading, while continuing to work. By the end of his college studies he had already earned his Bentley covered in gold.


Today the world has really changed and modern technology is taking it over at an incredible speed. For serious work it is enough just to have access to the Internet, and trading with the help of the most modern technologies is also available in the financial markets. Undoubtedly, the future is behind this, the fact that there is no need to go to work in the office, the main people’s earnings will be built on communication with the help of modern technology. Already today to be on the wave of this process – means to ensure a prosperous future. Options are one of such technologies of the future. Having opened an account with a broker, sitting at home on your favorite sofa, trading on the real financial market, monitoring world news, testing strategies, changing your life the way you want.

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  • Great!!! I, too, at one time worked in the forex market, once even got my first earnings of $ 900, but then for some reason I went into deficit, lost almost all the money and then gave up! But I invested $750, not $100. In fact I had to earn $1000, but I did not have it at that moment. But I want to, I dream to try again, but I need to save some money! Damir good for him, great willpower, and the main thing is to have a goal and go for it, despite the difficulties! I am proud of you, I am also from Kyrgyzstan! Keep it up!

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