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Online language learning academy with training programs for every level of knowledge. Opportunity to communicate with native speakers.
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Brno, Mlýnská 326/13, PSČ 602 00, Czech Republic
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Alfares s.r.o.
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[email protected]Feedback form on the siteWhatsAppViberFacebookInstagramVK
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English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Trial lesson / 91 RUB
20-week English course / From 16289 To 27209 RUB
Upper-Intermediate course / 72800 RUB
Language marathon / 1729 RUB
Classes with a tutor / 19110 RUBIn 10 lessons
Course with a native speaker / 27300 RUB
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC/MIR), UMoneu, PayPal
Buying on credit
For 2 or 4 payments, depending on the course
Categories of training programs
Learning foreign languages, Tutoring
Languages being studied
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Finnish, Japanese
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Academy for learning foreign languages for all purposes, the training is suitable for any level of knowledge
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Medium term, Long term
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Grammar course, Song course, Online tests, Books
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Employment in Germany
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At any time (you can join the course at any time)
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Mobile applications
There are mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Affiliate Program
RegistrationFrom 5 to 30% with the payment of courses referrals
Effective learning of foreign languages
Experienced teaching staff and communication with native speakers
18 foreign languages to choose from
Suitable for any purpose, regardless of the level of knowledge
Free mini-course and trial lesson
Ability to pay in installments
Free materials and applications
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Czech law
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      Brno, Mlýnská 326/13, PSČ 602 00, Czech Republic

      speakASAP is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: December 30, 2020 Updated: February 12, 2023

      speakASAP - is a school that offers courses in 18 foreign languages. Several course options are offered, depending on your goals and level of knowledge. You can also participate in a language marathon, take 7 free lessons, song and grammar courses and study the books on offer.

      On the site online schools there is feedback from students about the training and the results obtained. Most of them like the methodology of Elena Shipilova and her team, as well as the results obtained. We studied the work of the school in detail to find out if speakASAP is a scam.


      Why speakASAP

      speakASAP is an experienced school where you can learn the following languages:

      • English;
      • German;
      • Spanish;
      • Danish;
      • Italian;
      • French;
      • Czech;
      • Dutch;
      • Swedish;
      • Finnish;
      • Chinese;
      • Norwegian;
      • Polish;
      • Greek;
      • Portuguese;
      • Slovak;
      • Turkish;
      • Japanese.

      The goal of the company is to make people multi-speakers, give free tools to start learning, improve the system of teaching and remove the language barrier. The speakASAP team has developed several courses for people with different levels of knowledge, the opportunity to buy and read books by Elena Shipilova, watch videos of classes. Free of charge you can study 7 lessons and take small grammar and song courses. On the website speakasap.com There are detailed descriptions of all courses, information for students, information about participating in the affiliate program, and contact information.

      How to learn online at speakasap.com

      To start training, you need to choose a course of interest and pay for it by filling out the proposed form. In the personal office the student will have access to all lessons and homework.

      Personal account of the SpeakSAP

      By registering on the website speakasap.com or by logging in through social networks, you can access your personal account. It consists of two options: the profile and the personal account of the student. The "Profile" has the following sections:

      • Review. General information about classes, purchased courses, balance, account and participation in the marathon.
      • Certificates. List of documents received for passing the course.
      • Settings. Personal information that can be changed if necessary.
      • Notifications. Settings for notifications to be sent to email.
      • Affiliate Program. Redirects to an affiliate account with unique links, remuneration information and statistics.

      The Student Cabinet has information about marathons and courses, finances, upcoming classes, settings, and a "Help" page. It has feedback forms where you can ask questions.

      Mobile application

      The Academy of Foreign Languages has developed several mobile applications. So, one of them presents 7 free lessons. The course for beginners is built simply and structured. It includes the basic grammar, which is used most often for communication. All lessons are voiced by native speakers and teachers, there are clear explanations, which makes it possible to listen to the course on the go. Application features:

      • interactive exercises that help you check your knowledge and consolidate the material;
      • audio and video materials with explanations of classes and exercises (with a network connection);
      • A quick link to the school's website;
      • Create a support letter;

      All content (except video) is on the user's device. An Internet connection is not required.

      A "Foreign Language Library" with these features has also been developed:

      • grammar of 12 foreign languages (the first few topics are offered free of charge, the rest can be purchased);
      • a clear explanation of grammatical constructions and rules;
      • many new words;
      • Assistance in preparing for the USE, USE, professional exams;
      • the book "The Way Out Point of Language;
      • work without an internet connection;
      • auto-sync with the web version;
      • prompt technical support.


      SpeASAP courses

      The speakASAP Academy offers several language learning programs.

      20-week Skype course

      The course is suitable for beginners and those who have studied languages before. In 20 or 40 one-hour lessons on Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype you can reach the level A1, A2, B1. The course also includes:

      • 400 hours of classes;
      • 27 hours of work with teachers;
      • vocabulary - more than 3.5 thousand;
      • homework;
      • MP3 recordings of classes;
      • video and audio;
      • certificate of completion;
      • the help of a personal tutor;
      • bride visa;
      • adaptation in the country;
      • exam preparation;
      • employment.

      Class Objective:

      • to reinforce the theory;
      • learn to translate thoughts into another language;
      • increase your vocabulary;
      • be able to maintain a conversation with native speakers;
      • develop speech;
      • to remove typical mistakes.

      To determine your current level of knowledge and get a study plan, you can order a trial lesson for 91 rubles. You can also choose Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate options.

      Language marathon Pre-Intermediate

      A 29-day pre-Intermediate course with free first 3 days. Marathon offers:

      • Determining goals and level of knowledge.
      • Competition with other participants.
      • Basic grammar and popular words.
      • Listening. Video and audio materials are carefully selected for the marathon. Teachers also help solve problems with this type of work.
      • Conversations with a native speaker.

      If you complete all tasks of the marathon on time, you can get a gold certificate. A silver certificate is awarded for completing the training 1 day late. You can get a bronze certificate by spending no more than 7 extra days. The marathon includes stages of several days. At the end of each day, the participant publishes a report. Daily reports are necessary for students to study regularly and systematically for maximum effectiveness.

      Participants set the time until which they would like to perform tasks and prepare reports on them. A new task appears after the publication of the report in the period specified in the settings. Up to the 3rd stage participants are not penalized for tardiness. After the 3rd stage, the Penalty lap or Write off a day functions appear. The first gives the right to continue participation without losing prizes at the end after the first missed report publication. The second gives the right to continue participation in case of no reports with loss of prizes. After completing the marathon, you can reach Beginner and A1-A2 levels, learn 1300 words and get lifetime access to the materials.

      Mini course

      One-hour lessons with a tutor will help you prepare for the USE, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams. The course includes:

      • classes of 60 minutes each;
      • video, audio, exercises online;
      • interactive tasks;
      • MP3 recordings of classes;
      • classes at a convenient time;
      • personal manager.

      Stages of passing the training:

      • Making a training plan;
      • consistent parsing of grammar;
      • learning words and expressions;
      • error correction;
      • analysis of exam assignments.

      The theoretical part is presented simply and concisely. Also, only words and phrases popular with native speakers are offered for study. The tutor corrects mistakes and corrects your speech.

      Upper-Intermediate level

      Features of the proposal:

      • You will move up to Upper-Intermediate after 25 lessons;
      • 34 hours of communication with faculty members;
      • 400 hours of independent study;
      • video, audio, assignments online;
      • homework;
      • MP3 lesson recordings;
      • classes at a convenient time;
      • certificate of completion;
      • the help of a personal manager.

      The goal of conversation classes is to consolidate theory and vocabulary, learning to translate thoughts into a foreign language and to support conversation with a native speaker, making speech more difficult, eliminating common mistakes, using idioms and catch phrases in speech. The program includes grammar lessons with a teacher and lessons with a native speaker.

      Classes with a native speaker

      The course consists of 10 lessons with a native speaker on specially designed topics. It will help you learn to speak the language for job interviews, work or exams. The training includes:

      • 10 lessons lasting 60 minutes;
      • 200 hours of independent work;
      • video and audio online;
      • homework;
      • MP3 recordings of classes;
      • certificate of completion;
      • support of a personal manager.

      You can order a trial lesson for 91 rubles to understand your level and decide whether to buy the full course.

      Individual course

      If you wish, you can leave a request for the development of a course for individual needs. Advantages of the offer:

      • personal program;
      • individual schedule;
      • flexible price;
      • individual approach;
      • employment in Germany.

      In the application, you need to specify the language, the period by which you want to master it, information about the training you have completed, the level of knowledge. It is also necessary to write the time and days when it will be convenient to study, your name, e-mail and phone number.


      Free SpikesAP courses

      The program "Language in 7 Lessons" allows you to reach the Pre-Intermediate level on your own with a special methodology. The full version of the course is available in mobile applications. The program includes:

      • videos and class explanations;
      • exercises to reinforce the material;
      • audio materials for lessons and exercises.

      All materials, except the videos, are available without an Internet connection. As a bonus, reading and listening texts are offered.

      You can also sign up for a free trial lesson.


      Additional services spikasap.com

      Visitors to the academy's website can take advantage of additional features.


      You can also order books by Elena Shipilova.

      English. Learn it forever

      English. Learn It Forever is a self-study book by Elena Shipilova. The manual includes:

      • exercises and answers to them;
      • QR codes with voiceover;
      • study scheme;
      • tips on how to organize your studies;
      • a large vocabulary;
      • easy filing of materials.

      Exit point

      Elena Shipilova's book of 25 pages for 91 rubles, which explains why you still can't speak a foreign language properly, and helps you get rid of such problems.

      English Grammar for Life

      English Grammar for Life is a PDF collection book with topics without knowledge of which it is difficult to build a competent sentence. The work includes grammatical topics with clear explanations and examples. At the end of the book there is a discount code for 3000 rubles for the 20-week course. The book costs 900 rubles.

      A course in grammar

      The company has developed the Foreign Language Library application. It includes:

      • the book "Exit Point;
      • grammar in 12 languages (must buy);
      • a clear and detailed explanation of grammar;
      • vocabulary;
      • Synchronization with the web version of the site (if the Internet is available);
      • learning progress;
      • prompt technical support.

      The app is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. It can help you prepare for the USE, USE, and professional exams at different levels. The "Foreign Language Library" works even without an Internet connection.

      A course of songs

      A separate page offers 20 lessons on songs in a foreign language. You can study them online or download them in PDF format.


      Users who have logged in to the site speakasap.comcan take the proficiency test. It is based on artificial intelligence, so each question is selected by the system taking into account the answers to previous questions. This allows the test to reflect a clear picture of knowledge and give reliable results. Questions from level A1 to B2 have multiple answers.


      Tuition at speakasap.com

      The cost of training depends on the selected course. Language Marathon with 3 days of participation costs 1,729 rubles. One lesson with a tutor costs 1,911 rubles (you can pay for a minimum of 10 lessons). The cost of a 20-week course:

      • 91 rubles. - A trial lesson to determine the level of knowledge and make a training plan;
      • 4 payments of 16,289 rubles, 2 payments of 29,939 rubles and 53,690 rubles in case of full payment - Pre-Intermediate level;
      • 4 payments of 27,209 rubles, 2 payments of 51,779 rubles and 99,190 rubles in case of full payment - Intermediate level.

      For a course at the Upper-Intermediate level clients have to pay 38,675 rubles twice or 72,800 in a single payment. 10 lessons with a native speaker cost 27,300 rubles. To find out your level and the need for such lessons, you can buy a trial lesson for 91 rubles.


      How to pay for training on the site spikASAP

      After selecting a course, a special form is filled out. The appropriate payment option is also indicated:

      Paying for training in your personal account

      In my personal cabinet there is information about the balance, but the payment is only available on the site when selecting a course.

      Other ways to pay for online courses

      The school offers payment in installments of 2 or 4 payments, depending on the selected course.


      SpeASAP Bonuses

      The Academy offers discounts on courses and participation in an affiliate program.


      When you buy courses depending on the number of payments you can take advantage of discounts:

      • 17% - on full payment of the 20-week course;
      • 8% - if you pay 2 times for a 20-week course;
      • 6% - for full payment of the Upper-Intermediate level.

      Affiliate Program

      Users can earn by attracting new students to the school. Remuneration depends on the number of attracted clients and cooperation options. You can earn 5-30%, depending on the course. As the number of users increases, the interest increases proportionally. To participate, you need to register in an affiliate program, get a link to attract, place it on other sites, and earn money. On the page with information about the affiliate program, there is a "Participate" button. It redirects to your personal account, where a unique code is located. The link with it can be placed on any site.


      Complaints about SpeakersAP

      The school's website has testimonials from students. They talk in detail about their learning experience, which helped them learn a foreign language.

      Also on the site is a link to the feedback that students leave on the school's VKontakte page.

      Reviews on third-party sites are also mostly positive. Students like the choice of courses, the availability of free materials, and practice with teachers and native speakers.

      If there are any reviews about speakASAP online school, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Free legal advice at revieweek.com

      If you're having trouble getting a refund for your course, you can get help from a lawyer. Answer a few questions and get expert help. The lawyer will contact you with a ready solution.


      Supervisory authorities

      SHIPILOVA®, SPEAKASAP® trademarks and SPEAKASAP® logo are registered international trademarks of Alfares s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, America, EU, CIS, etc.

      Speasap.com User Agreement

      You can read the terms of use on speakasap.com.

      There is also a privacy policy and refund policy on the site.

      Customer Service

      Channels for communication with school staff:

      The school also has pages on social networks.


      The company has a valid SSL certificate which ensures confidentiality of user data. Alfares s.r.o. complies with all data protection laws and regulations, which are regulated by the Czech legislation on the protection of personal data and other regulations.


      Is speakASAP a scam?

      speakASAP - is a foreign language academy offering multiple course options, marathon participation and free study materials for more than 10 years. At the school, teachers and native speakers quickly teach 18 languages. Simple presentation, advanced teaching methodology and individual approach to each student help you quickly learn the basic rules and grammatical constructions.

      Customers like the reasonable prices with the option of paying in installments, interesting exercises and homework, free materials and applications. There are those who note that you have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn, but the result is worth the effort. Feedback from students, information on the site and materials offered make it clear that speakASAP is not a scam, but a foreign language academy with experienced teachers.



      Having studied the work of speakASAPWe can recommend it to those who want to learn a foreign language by practicing conversations with native speakers. Several courses and lesson programs allow each student to choose the right learning option. If you have studied any of the 18 languages offered at SpeCAP, leave your review of the school on this page.

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