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Published:19 December 2019 Updated:4 January 2024

How can we help you?

Dear regular and new users of our site! We work for you and are always happy to help:

to our readers:

  • publish your complaint about the project you cooperated with,
  • The specialists of our company, at your request, will investigate the activities you are interested in,
  • Also, our experts on your request will give you a list of projects with which you can cooperate and not worry about the fact that they are scammers and fraud.

company representatives:

  • We will add your company to any of the ratings on our website,
  • update information about your project if it is already on our site,
  • remove information about your project if it is not true.

To contact our team, send an email to: .

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  • I didn’t take the money for the loan! But it takes money from my card how to understand it!!! this is fraud!!!

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    • Danil 13 February 2020 at 09:07

      Good afternoon! Such complaints have become more frequent lately! The scheme of manipulation works as follows: You go to a site that helps you find a loan, you are invited to enter the data card allegedly in order to then translate to the card credit … in fact, you agree to the rules of the service, according to which you withdraw daily sum from the card, allegedly for the work of the service.

      You need to apply to your bank for a refund and block further withdrawals.

  • I did not take the money loan but my bank card withdraws money!? this is how to understand!!!!!fraud!!!

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  • Two or three days ago. I submitted the site for verification and you proved to me that the site was a shitty scam.

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