Trading on the news binary options - strategy "Oil"

Published: 21 December 2015 Updated: July 27, 2022

In which direction will the quotes move? In which direction should a trade be made in order to make a profit? Hundreds of thousands of binary options traders ponder these questions every day. And if you're an options trader, these questions are of interest to you personally. And that means, trading on the news binary options - this is exactly what you need!

Binary options trading on the news

What does the news trading strategy give us? By tracking the release of macroeconomic statistics, a trader almost certainly knows in which direction the quotes will move, and therefore can easily determine in which direction to enter into transactions and obtain a stable profit.

Trading on the news binary options - strategy "Oil"

If anyone does not know, almost all countries, without exception, publish their economic data every day, the date and time of which are known in advance. Statistics are published in the economic calendar, which can be found freely available on the Internet. To trade on the news with binary options, we recommend using our economic calendarwhich we automatically broadcast from, where macroeconomic statistics are published online with no time lag. As for the binary options company, any news trading strategy will work best on the broker's platform Binarium.

Why Binarium? Because on the specified platform transactions are concluded without price slippage, that is, you will never lose points necessary for profitable closing of the transaction! In addition, the Binarium broker gives any new client without depositing a trading account additional profitable bonuses. This is no deposit bonusWith the help of which you will be able to test the trading platform of the company and directly to this trading strategy, and all profits received under the terms of this action can be considered his and withdraw to your wallet!

Now back to binary options and trading on the news. Namely, to the strategy "Oil", with which you can profitably trade such asset as OIL (i.e. oil) on the Binarium platform.

Terms of the news trading strategy according to the "Oil" system

To begin with, OIL asset quotes are more sensitive to news releases than currency pairs. This means that the probability of making a profit by trading oil binary options on the news is very high.

News on the oil market comes out every Wednesday and Friday, namely:

1. The American Petroleum Institute weekly crude stockpile data is released at 00:35 Moscow timeframe (Wednesday).
2. Crude oil stocks in oil storage facilities - released at 18:30 Moscow time (Wednesday).
3. Baker Hughes drilling rig count - released at 21:00 Moscow time (Friday).

And in order to make a profit using the obtained macroeconomic data, it is necessary to follow the algorithm described below:

1. open economic calendar 3 to 5 minutes before the above news release.
2. Put the trading platform next to the economic calendar.
3. Immediately after the news release conclude a trade on the asset OIL as follows:

NEWS on weekly crude oil inventory data (00:35 MSK - Wednesday):

  • if the statistics came out above the forecast - deal DOWN
  • If the statistics came out below the forecast - the deal is UP

NEWS on crude oil stockpile data (6:30 p.m. MSC - Wednesday):

  • if the statistics came out above the forecast - deal DOWN
  • If the statistics came out below the forecast - the deal is UP

Baker Hughes data on the number of rigs in operation (9:00 p.m. MSC - Friday):

  • if the statistics came out above the forecast - deal DOWN
  • If the statistics came out below the forecast - the deal is UP

4. If the news comes out within the predicted values, the deal is not concluded, because the OIL quotations will not react to the news that came out.
5. The deal must be closed immediately - as soon as it is published in the economic calendar.

Yes, according to this strategy you will use oil binary options only 3 times a week, but you must agree - if the news trading strategy brings a guaranteed profit, then this game is worth the candles! Don't believe in the profitability of this trading system? Test it in the real market for free - with bonuses up to 100% of the broker Binarium (go online)!

Expiration dates

Oil binary options on the news trading strategy "Oil" work best with an expiration time of 1 hour. The specified time will be quite enough for the price of the asset to have time to run the number of points we need for a profitable closing of the transaction.

Types of binary options for the asset oil

Trade on the strategy "Oil" at the broker should be carried out on conventional binary options: these brokerage company puts the best percentage of profitability.

Trading strategy on the news - money management

In trading binary oil options use 2% of the deposit amount. The above requirement is very easy to meet even with a small deposit. At Binomo, the minimum transaction is 1 USD. Thus, you only need to deposit 50 USD to comply with the risk management rules.

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