How Much Can You Earn in BO

Published: November 1, 2022 Updated: April 20, 2023

The Internet has always made it possible to make fast money. It is worth separately mentioning binary options and their differences from Forex. There is absolutely no income limit, and even beginners can use these tools. The principle of work between Forex and binary options is slightly different. Assumes Forex trading the classic speculative principle, when the seller wants to sell the currency at a high rate, and the buyer is looking for a lower offer. The difference is called the spread, affecting the trader's income.

How much can I earn on binary options

The high popularity of binary options

If we talk about binary options, it is not a classic trading principle, but it is more like a game with bookmakersи. A trader makes a peculiar bet on whether an asset will go up or down within a certain period of time and if the forecast comes true, he receives a reward, otherwise he receives a loss. The user is required to make a serious analysis and to continuously improve his knowledge in the financial area. In general, Boo can be called a more accessible, interesting way of earning than Forex. After all, the user just needs to predict the price movement and not to open/close transactions.

Tasks of brokerage companies

The market with BOs is united by another factor - the need to attract a brokerage company to its work. For example, a company Binarium (go online) can be called a trader's main assistant and intermediary. They also provide consulting services, software, and anything else that will help you dive deeper into the financial market.

Let me start by saying that earning on binary options is possible in principle. Everything depends on the experience of the trader. Income will come to those market participants who are able to analyze and forecast the market, "feel" the market. Trading requires a serious approach, time, curiosity, in the end. If the only motivation of the trader is excitement and thirst of "fast money", then nothing, except for the deposit dumping, will work out.

Speaking about the real amounts, on average, with the right strategy, the trader can get a payout of 65-75% per trade. For example, if you buy an option for $100 with a payout of 70%, the profit amount will be from $80. And then you would have $100 and $80 invested in your account on top of that.

Viktor Viktorovich Pogodin Expert of Binarium company, Head of Financial Platform, creator of the educational program "Finance is not higher mathematics" based on the Academy. 12 years of experience in trading.

Criteria for choosing a broker to work with БО

Having figured out how to trade on binary options, the user proceeds to find a broker, factors are important here:

  • capitalization;
  • availability of a license;
  • realization of the security of cooperation;
  • financial conditions;
  • software usability.

It is necessary to study the reviews, which helps to objectively assess the reliability of the broker. Such attributes as a license, as well as a high level of capitalization are mandatory. For security, the company should definitely use the SSL certificate and other data protection technologies.

The financial aspect remains the most important when looking for a partner on the exchange. Brokers offer remuneration for their services when working with binary options. If the trader has correctly predicted the behavior of the asset, he will receive a certain percentage, it may be from 30 to 95%, depending on the BO. Sometimes you can find offers up to 300%, but this is an obvious fraud. It is also worth trying to find a broker with risk-free trades, but it is difficult to do.

The need to pay taxes on trade

Since trading binary options generates income, there is a need to pay taxes. The use of electronic payment systems will help to avoid such expenses. Working with bank cards, and even in large tranches, will interest the fiscal authorities. Therefore, to avoid potential trouble, it is better to make payments to the state treasury. Individual entrepreneurs or the self-employed can do this through their tax, the rest pay 13% at the classic rate of taxation in Russia.

Earnings for Beginners and Experienced Users on BOO

There is a lot of talk about how binary options are profitable. But it is important to understand in numbers what this activity can bring. Amounts increase with experience, often reaching impressive figures. Because beginners are advised to make transactions with minimum amounts, then the earnings are small. If you invest 5000 rubles at 5% risk, 80% reward and making 10 bets of 500 rubles, 7 of which are successful, you can earn 650 rubles literally within an hour. The main thing is not to give up in the case of failures at the first stages, continuing to go to the intended goal.

Experienced traders have much higher figures. The higher the initial capital, the higher the earnings. If you invest $1,000 a month, with a profitability level of 30%, you can get $300 in 30 days, and already the next month $390. The main thing here is not to give up in the face of setbacks. And to get to a steady advantage will help a constant study of the market, the use of trading strategies, understanding of charts, the ability to calculate the price, and many others.

In conclusion

Work with binary options attracts beginners and experienced traders. Here the principle is simple enough, a user can earn within a minute. Although, there is a risk of losing one's investment, especially it concerns beginners. And the amount of profit depends on the broker, the maximum attention is paid to its choice.

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