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Published: 11 December 2015 Updated: March 23, 2022

Live online binary options chart. Parameters

When working with today's popular "binary options", the trader often needs to clarify the situation in the markets to optimize the development of forecasts. It is required not just to view dry numerical indicators, but to see stock quotes in real time, and not only in dynamics, including the development of stock scenarios and unfolding in the past. To work with such assets as binary options, a live chart is a truly indispensable tool that allows you to competently conduct the technical analysis required by every active market participant. Of course, there is such a tool as online calendar of economic events, which gives an update on market changes, but it, again, provides the necessary information to the trader in a purely numerical form. But online charts, as the name implies, provide the user with data in a graphical, the most visual and easy to digest version.

Yes, and the schedule is configured online according to the user's priorities, which creates a significant convenience for him.

If we take short-term trading with short expirations of binary options as an example, the trader gets to choose a small time scale - from a minute to a quarter of an hour. And acquiring options that have an expiry date at the end of the day can set the time scale from 15 minutes to 4 hours. And for traders with a particularly long-term expiration, say, a month, the best choice would be the time scale from a day to a month inclusive.


Technical indicators and chart types

Of course, the user is not able to draw online charts independently, or such drawing will require so much time that the relevance of the information presented on it will be lost. However, there is enough room for maneuver and using the live online chart, the trader gets a real opportunity to use a whole line of informative technical indicators, used by trading professionals in the technical analysis of the market situation. In order to make a specific choice, it is necessary to open the appropriate window, for which the target key of the chart window, shown in Figure 1, is used.

Live chart for binary options

Specifically, how the window for selecting the desired indicators looks on the charts is shown in Figure 2.

Indicators for binary options

The important point is the correct choice of the live chart variety. When carrying out technical analysis, the so-called "live chart" can be used with equal success.Japanese candles", "bar", "lines", "kaji", "heikan aiji", "empty candles and even "tic-tac-toe".

In addition to the above, there are indicators that help the trader to detect signals for the purchase of "Call" or "Put" options. It is clear that the full list of indicators is much more extensive, there are auxiliary tools, which are used by all market participants, practicing trading online not only with options, but also in the market "Forex", as well as engaged in investments. However, there is simply not enough space for it in a short text, as well as for a detailed review of this extensive toolkit.


Accuracy of quotes

The quotations presented on the live charts fully correspond to the market realities, but, as mentioned above, give a more clear picture of the situation than the usual online stock exchange news. The liquidity provider is the well-known TredingView company, the price indicators are updated in real-time, with high accuracy up to 5 decimal places.



To summarize, we conclude that a competent and reasonable selection of trading instruments allows to obtain online charts reliably reflecting the most popular and basic assets used today in binary options work - stocks, Forex currency pairs, various commodities, etc. By using all available extensions of such charts and closely following the incoming signals from the options market, even novice traders are able to achieve very impressive results. Which in practice means impressive amounts of real money.

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