Unique No Deposit Bonus $25 from the Site "This is a Divorce" and the Company Weltrade!

Published: July 31, 2019 Updated: 22 April 2023

Website "Revieweek™" in conjunction with Welltrade forex broker start a unique promotion for visitors to the resource.

The conditions are simple and very attractive: the visitors of "This Divorce" have a unique opportunity to get a no deposit bonus of $ 25 on a real trading account!


What are the benefits of this bonus?

If you became a participant in the promotion, you have received a number of benefits. These include the following:

  • bonus amount, i.e. $25 will be credited to your real trading account;
  • To become a participant of the promotion and get a bonus, you need to go through the verification procedure;
  • participation in the promotion does not require the client to trade a fixed lot to withdraw profit;
  • If you want to withdraw your profit, the bonus amount will not be deducted, but will remain fully available for further trading.

How do I get Welcome Bonus $25?

To become the owner of Welcome Bonus, you need to make a few simple steps.

  • The first step is to pass registration on the official website Welltrade broker. In addition to entering the necessary personal information, you must also indicate your partner code 17590.
  • The second step is to go through the verification procedure
  • The third step is to open an account (Micro type).
  • The fourth step - you need to contact the online support with a request for a bonus. To do this you should write a message with the code word "eto-bonus" and your account number. After sending this information you will be credited with the promotional $25 to your real account.

Code word "eto-bonus":

  • The fourth step is after the application has been checked for full compliance with all of the specified requirements. If all the rules are met, you will receive a bonus of $25 to your cent account.

No deposit bonus $25 from the site "It's a Divorce" and the company Weltrade!

The code word is. eto-bonus


What conditions must be met to receive the $25 bonus?

Any participant of the promotion can become the owner of the bonus. However, it is very important to understand the conditions under which you will be able to freely receive a bonus of $25. So, a little bit of specifics:

  • The opportunity to receive a unique "Welcome Bonus $25" is given to each visitor of the site "THIS IS A RACE". This bonus is credited to a Micro account for MT4 or MT5 and does not require an additional deposit;
  • The right to receive "Welcome Bonus $25" is given to each NEW customer of the Company, only once! Clients of the Company who have already been registered earlier cannot participate in the promotion;
  • Please note that the Welcome Bonus-25 promotional bonus will be credited to the "Balance" field. This bonus amount is not available for withdrawal, but can be used in full to maintain the trader's available funds, as well as the margin level, including in case of account drawdown;
  • The bonus amount in $25 is credited once to a real account that has not been credited with any other bonuses from the company;
  • If you deposit your own funds into the specified bonus account, your personal funds will be spent first, and only then - bonus funds, when the account is depleted;
  • The bonus can only be obtained by using the code word "eto_bonus«.
  • If it is detected that there is manipulation of the use of credited bonus funds, the Company may write-off this bonus amount and/or the profit that will be obtained through the use of promotional bonuses.

Participate in a joint promotion of the Revieweek site and Forex Broker Weltrade and get your no deposit bonus now!

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