How FxPro Creates Successful Traders

Published:6 October 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

Would you agree with the statement that there is more risk in buying stocks than in forex trading, just on stock market Is the risk stretched over time? If you are already trading on forex, then you probably share the opinion of a webinar coach from FxPro Roman Pavelko.

The main value of webinars from FxPro is that this is the most topical webinar that exists today. To put together this course, the company analyzed the most frequent questions from traders. To the theory they added practice in the real market and tips and tricks.

“Take, for example, the analysis of the market – it’s an avalanche of books and sites, terabytes of information. You can spend months and years trying to get to the bottom of it! Who has time for that?”, they tell us at FxPro.

Unlike other forex webinars, the course is designed not only for beginners, but in general for anyone who wants to trade better.

“A successful trader is a satisfied client,” the company says.

Making traders more successful is quite a logical decision as FxPro works on NDD technology, i.e. without dealing intervention. Thanks to the innovative system of order placement and execution the client receives the best prices, and the strict European regulation allows the client to receive the highest service and a guarantee of safe custody of funds in the company.

As for execution, according to the official statistics, 39.1% market orders were executed at the stated price, while 37.4% orders were executed with positive slippage – that is, traders received even better prices. Don’t you agree that these are nice numbers?

“A lot of attention is paid by the company to the risks of working in Forex, but we also want to tell traders that they actually have great opportunities in their hands: it’s flexible risk control and loss limitation. A proper strategy is set up to find the best prices to buy assets. Knowing what to pay attention to, the trader will be able to assess the market more accurately and thus better control the risks,” – the press service says.

Register for the webinar here, and open an account to apply your knowledge – here.

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